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Great Job, Good luck with sales :D

Thanks! :)

Welcome to the Forest :)

Thanks Bedros! :)

Thanks mate! :)

Great work but drag and drop function is not working properly…

Please try to reload the calendar.html page with CTRL+F5

i was talking about this page..


This is a default drag and drop behavior from jQuery UI plugin integrated with bootstrap fluid grids. The drag and drop functionality works, but for sure it can be improvement in next releases.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi friend.

Sorry for asking, but do not understand much. This template to work properly I have to buy a management system? Or he works as an I simply edit the pages in html? I have a company and want to manage it throughout its tool for this. Thank you and congratulations for the work, is very presentable.


Hi Samarone,

This is a HTML template build with bootstrap framework created mainly for admin and backend applications. To use this template you will need to buy or develop a management system and integrate this template.

For more info on developing admin and CMS please visit following links:

If you need more info, feel free to ask me.



Version 1.1 released.

- some minor bugs fixed.

Thanks for using Conquer!

Amazing work! I really like this template

Thanks Varyag! :)

Hi. Do you know how easy it would be to plugin Google Analytics data into the charts you have created on index.html? I tried taking those out and replacing them but the drop down menu in the left sidebar then fails for some reason. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi Nickmoomoo,

I suggest you to use Google Chart Tools to visualize your Google Analytics data. Please follow this article on implementation:

The reason the drop down menu in the left sidebar fails could be due to:

1) Any javascript error after adding new code or modifying the existing code. 2) Broken or invalid HTML/CSS code after modifying existing code. 3) I suggest to debug your javascript code through Firebug in firefox browser.

If you need further help, please send me a message from my profile with more details(link to see your page, os and browser version)


If I buy the theme am I able to use it for an opensource project?

Hi Adamias,

For re-distribution as an open source or commercial product, this template must be purchased with the extended license.

Please feel free to ask if you need more details.


Hi All,

Version 1.2 just released:

  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added jQuery Knob based Statistic Widgets in dashboard page(index.html).
  • Added Bootstrap File Upload Plugin(forms.html).
  • Added Google Map sample page(maps_google.html).
  • Added UI Tabs and Accordions sample page(ui_elements_tabs_accordions.html).

Thanks for purchasing and using Conquer!

Hello, How could I install the Conquer – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template in Wordpress? Can anybody help me? TIA


Sorry, but currently wordpress admin version of Conquer is not available. However the design concept of the Conquer template can be applied to wordpress admin theme. But Conquer itself does not provide such feature.

Thanks for your feedback.

Where I should upload the Order via FTP ?


Could you please clarify your question and provide more details ?


Conquer looks great, i have working in a Django projecto with bootstrap admin page, do u know about any impletation in Django before?



Hi Carlos,

Yes, Conquer can be integrated for Django as admin theme with knowledge of Django framework.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, I love your product, but I was wondering if it could be possible to have the layered PSD files as mentioned in the template description?



Hi Jim,

Thanks for purchasing and using Conquer. Sorry for confusing you. The PSD file of this template is not available. With the template only PSD file of the logo is provided. I corrected the template description.



Love the template! However I can’t get my forms to submit at all? I tried using data-ajax=”false” in the form tag but that didn’t help either. Is there anything special I need to do to get forms to post properly?


Hi Bstojceski,

To submut the forms you will need to modify the form html code accordingly.

To submit the forms you will need to modify the form html code. This article would be helpful

To submit the forms via AJAX, i suggest you to use the most popular jQuery Ajax form plugin


I feel like such a doofus. I found the problem, I was using a button type of “button” instead of “submit”. Doi!! Thanks.

Glad you fixed it :)

Hello, I would like to know what versions of IE does your theme support? Thanks.

Hi Angelazou,

Conquer supports IE8, IE9 and IE10.

Please feel free to ask if you need more details.


“Admin-template can be configured to show the fields in accordance with the privileges of user. for example: Subscriber, Publisher, developer, administrator, etc.” in Can be used to wordpress

Thanks for your comment Edsoncruz

Any chance at a Fixed layout version of this theme in a future update?

Hi Enyc,

Yes, I will consider this. It would be a nice feature to implement in future releases.

Thanks for your feedback

Hi. Great work you got here!

Are you planning a flag language selector and ajax login box?

I’m planing to use it as frontend, not backend. Will the regular license do?

Hi Programad,

Thanks for your comment!

Noted on language selector and ajax login box. Nice features to have in next releases.

Yes, you can use Conquer as frontend with regular license.



The data are on XML, MySql, Sql Server….?

I work only with ASP.NET -Visual Studio – and I’m look for a template like this, but I don’t know if is compatible.

Great work. Thanks


Thanks for your feedback

Conquer is HTML template. It is not a standalone web application. The template content and data is static and for demo purpose only.

Conquer can be used for any web based admin applications. You can also use it for ASP.NET admin projects using.


Thanks, keenthemes