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Silly me… I did not see that!! :)

Thanks for the reply. Its just what I was looking for.

One remaining question related to CKEditor. Does it come with the Image Manager? Normaly I find it when I press on the Image button, in front of the image URL there would be an button to select from uploaded images saved on server.

On your example there is no option in front of the URL. I can send you a print screen if you need for me to better explain.


Hi tolinho :),

Yes, the Image Manager Plugin is not integrated yet. We will have plans to integrate it in a future update very soon.


Hello. Okay. That would be important for me. Thanks

Hi one question

Is this theme has export PDF and Csv no the tables?

Hi cgsuarez :),

Currently PDF and CSV export is not support. But we will add this feature using in a future release very soon.



I have a question when you plan to lauch the next release with PDF, CSV support?

Hi cgsuarez :),

Sorry, we can’t confirm the timeline for the next update yet. Please know that we will do our best to release this feature and we will announce the next update timeline we the work is near to completion.


Hello awesome people ! I tried the layout on a wide screen 27” (2560×1440) and the layout goes perfectly reponsive, but too much in my test. If you open websites like github, bitbucket or stackoverflow you will see that the layout is limited in width and does not expand to the whole screen. Is there a way of doing this with conquer ?

Hi radou :),

Currently Conquer only supports fluid full width layout only. We will add more layout options(including the boxed layout option that you asked) in a future release very soon.


I’m using MVC4 but this question isn’t specific to that framework.

I want a vanilla (nothing active or expanded) side navigation menu in a master (_Layout) page and want each loaded page to programmatically open and highlight the appropriate menu item or items.

This required setting a class to “active” as well as changing the arrow icon.

I could extend an MVC Helper class but do you have a suggested jQuery option to do this?


Do you mean generate the entire menu markup server side for each page request?

If it was just the menu item itself things would be easy and a single line of code with a custom HtmlHelper could do the trick …

@Html.MenuIconLink(“MyLink”, Url.Action(“Index”, “Home”), “icon-user”, “Index”, “Home”)

The requested action and controller would determine if the item was “active”.

But with a mult-level menu I will also need to manage the active state and arrow icon of the item’s parent.

Can’t see how to do this without a server-side menu control.

Maybe I’m missing something because I’m an ASP.NET slave. How do the PHP / Python guys do this?

Hi stratdaz,

I believe the concept to generate the menu is same for .NET, PHP, etc. You will need to keep one centralized view to generate the menu so it can be reused/included for each page request. Based on requested page’s URL you can generate the menu and handle the active state for the item and its parents.

I hope the above info will point you out. Please let me know if you need any further clarification.



I’m impressed by the Google Maps router (green button). Is that feature for real?

Thanks and great work.

Hi luenib :),

Yes, that router is a real example. You can simply customize it by putting your own data.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


When do you expect Bootstrap 3 update?

Hi morrow95 :),

Currently we are working hard to release it and we will announce the ETA once the work is near to completion. Stay tuned!


Do you have any sort of timetable for Bootstrap v3 support?

Hi there :),

Sorry, we can’t confirm the release date for Bootstrap3.0 update yet. Please know we are working hard on it and we will announce the ETA once the work is near to complete. Stay tuned!


Hi, i faced one stupid problem, regarding to validation forms, it works whenever the input name is some specific names (such as category,name, .. all in the sample), but when i change the name it doesn’t work! also in your sample pages, the Occupation input doesn’t work, can you help me on that ? Thanks

Hi Nullic :),

Please note that when you change the input names you will need to check its javascript code accordingly. You can check assets/scripts/form-validation.js to configure the input names and set validation rules. Also you can check out the official documentation of the jquery validation plugin we used –

Hope the above info will be helpful. Please note if you need any further assistance.


I was wondering if the element/styles and names are getting updated with the bootstrap 3.0 version or not.. and also what options will there be for how we should update our existing theme core CSS/JS files ?

Hi markmiller717 :),

There will be some changes on HTML and CSS code as well. But the JS files will remain with slightly changes. Updating to Bootstrap 3.0 version will require you to revise your previous code and update it with the latest one(e.g: headers, sidebar menu, footer, form controls, buttons). However we will put more detailed info for the release with Boostrap 3.0 update.

Please let me know if you need further clarification.


Can I purchase the PSD files with it, and how much does it cost ?


Hi there,

Sorry, the PSD files of the theme is not available. You can purchase the theme as it is without the PSD files.

Please let me know if you need any further clarification.


Hello (again me :) )

Two in one questions :
1- How can we animate the knob, I tried to see if there is a class animated but did not find that
2- How can we add widgets in the sidebar, I tried but the widget kind f not centered to the sidebar area


Hi there :),

Good to see you again :).

1) To change the know value(e.g: from 0 to 75) with animation you can use below code:

   $({value: 0}).animate({value: 75}, {
       duration: 1000,
       step: function() 

2) First you will need to put a DIV container and adjust it margins so its centered in the sidebar. Then you can put your widget in the DIV container. However you will need a little CSS to achieve that.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Hi, Nice Template. Can we use other colors instead of using your color preset in themer?

Hi prkayy :),

Currently the theme supports 4 theme colors. But you can create your own theme color just reusing the default theme css file from assets/css/themes/. So in the CSS file you simply change the colors and create your own theme color.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.


Hi, I liked your another template “Metronics”. I’ll buy it within 2 days. Thanks

Thanks in advance for your purchase, prkayy :)

hello. if i select the menu to be colapsed, and refresh the page, the menu will show expanded and after the page loads completly, it will colapse. can we make it show always colapsed? it doesn’t look ok as it is. thanks

Hi Adyyda :),

But default the sidebar collapsed state is not permanent. Ideally the collapsed state should be stored in server side(depends on the backend language used) using user session. So when user expands/collapses the sidebar, you can send a AJAX request to server side script to store the last sidebar state in user session and when you generate the page your will collapse/expand the sidebar based on user’s preference.

Please let me know if you need further clarification.


Can we make it colapsed by default via menu and not ajax/sesion/server?

Yes, it can be possible via cookies. My i know which theme are you referring with this feature(keen sidebar state) ? I saw your other comments on Metronic theme with the purchased badge, but here you are posting under Conquer theme. Could you please clarify it before we proceed with the advise.


Hi, I’m trying to add sub-menu items to a sub-menu item but am having difficulty. I’d like it to look like this:

     —Submit Support Ticket
     —View Tickets

Can you tell me how I can do this?

Thanks for the great template!

Hi robertfah,

Please note the sidebar menu supports only 2 level of nesting. The multi level submenu support will be added in the next update very soon. Stay tuned! In the main time you can check our Metronic template which supports multi level submenu:

Please let me know if you need more clarification.


Thanks for the prompt reply…ironically, I have that template as well and that’s where I got the idea, lol. Looking forward to the next release! Keep up the great work!

Yeah :), we will do our best to release it soon. Stay tuned!

Editable Tables not working properly when we add new row to it…

hope you fix it soon…

Hi Shujaatali101 :),

Please note, when you add a new column you will also need to modify the editable table js code accordingly in assets/scripts/table-editable.js. Please refer the code and just enable the options for the new added columns. The code is quite clear so you can extend it easily. If you need our further assistance please let us know.


Hey, great theme! I just wanted to ask how to completely disable responsiveness. Using sample_blank.html i removed all sections that pertained to responsiveness but it seems the left_menu doesn’t display properly without style-responsive.css.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi b33f :),

Thanks for the comment.

At the moment Conquer does support the non responsive layouts. It requires some work to enable it. However we have plans to implement it in the future. We are planning the next massive update by end of this month. Stay tuned and follow us on



I own both templates and one feature that I’d really like is the Multiple Select just like on the Metronic template (

Is this planned for the next version?

Thanks and great job!

Hi Nuagique :),

Yes, we will implement it. We are planning a massive update(Bootstrap 3.0 support and lots of new features) for the Conquer theme by end of this month. Stay tuned and follow us on


Sorry been waiting for months..Any update – - i mean a definitive sure update on a timeline or final submission here for v1.5… WHY did metronic get preference to be released first hmm ? :)

Hi chaichai21 :),

Thanks for the feedback.

It was our internal decision to release Metronic first but now we are working on BS3 version of Conquer and hopefully we will release it early next month(or even earlier). Stay tuned.


thanks a lot bro …. looking forward to the update

You are most welcome! Stay tuned! :)

Hi, How I can change the language of calendar. I want to change to pt-br Thanks and great job.

Hi gbalista,

Please note, the FullCalendar plugin does not support i18n so you need to translate it manually from scratch by referring to the official documentation – You can also check out below similar discussion

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.



Where can I change the colors of the flot charts and the small charts at the top? Tried to figure it out but i couldn’t :(

Thanks for any help.

Very nice item.

Hi :),

To change the statistic block color you will need to change some css code in assets/css/style.css under ”/* dashboard stats */” comment. Please refer .stats-overview class codes.

To customize the colors of the flot charts, you will need to check its official documentation from Also you can check below related discussion for customizing the flot charts:

I hope the above info will be helpful. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


Thanks for the quick answer.

Solved it. I was changing the default flot colors but it didn’t work. In the end I found them defined again in index.js.

Again great item. Thanks!

Hi :),

Thanks for the comment and glad that you managed to solve it.