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Wow that is beautiful!

Wow, it’s a touch heavy on the browser with all that JS but it’s stunning. Amazing work!


It’s a bit heavy because all plugins are activated and some page have a lot of elements, it’s much faster on smaller pages. Firefox 3.6 is also a bit slow on this, it’s much better with 4.0 beta!

Waaau man! It must have been a lot of work, extraordinary! Im sorry to say it, but interface is very slow on my computer – because of all those jquery animations and scripts. (iMac 3.06 Ghz 2GB Ram)


It’s a bit heavy because all plugins are activated and some page have a lot of elements, it’s much faster on smaller pages. Firefox 3.6 is also a bit slow on this, it’s much better with 4.0 beta!

I agree with Chris, but that’s only really if you are loading the kitchen sink. I’m sure it could go through some optimization, but it doesn’t seem that bad.

Absolutely beautiful .. blows most of the other admin skins out of the water. Great work here!

I’m considering getting this and teasing the IE6 users.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry if this sounds silly, but what are some scenarios of why I would use this? Maybe some examples of when this is needed?

There’s a wide range of possible uses for this skin: CMS , intranet/extranet, backends… and so on!

Excellent theme, you’ve obviously spent a lot of time working on this I hope you sell well.

Yep, it took a really long time!


Hi, I just want to say: great work!!! I’ll buy it right now.

Thanks a lot!

Where can I see the dark background version?

You can see it here:

Aside from changing background color, the dark style customizes some elements styles (lists, icons, shortcuts…) to fit on a dark background: white text, icon changes…

The blue color is the default one, you can change it to whatever you like – there’s just on line to change for the whole template (including mobile version).

Congrats matey!

Very beautiful, wide scope of possible uses, yet a bit slow… An admin template for the time (and browsers) to come :)

Good luck with your sale!

Thanks a lot!

Well done! I can see lots and lots of work put into this, it’s good to see authors are still willing to put that extra effort into their products. Have fun! :)

That’s really out of the box! Great work with all this shiny blingbling :P I wish you thousand sales!

Wow! Very impressive! I’m sure I’ll be buying this really soon.

Wow. This is an amazing admin theme. I see you have put in alot of work on this theme. And you have also brought the admin theme design to a NEW level. If others want to compete, they are going to have to step up there game!

Excellent work! I have bookmarked this so that I may purchase this weekend!

Thanks a lot!

I’m wondering if there’s a way to implement jquery layout using the constellation theme. I’ve just bought this beautiful skin, and I’ll be trying to find a way to put it in there.

Something like this:

.. is what I would need, mostly just the east and west panes. Any suggestion where I could start?

Looks like a great idea!

Here are my first suggestions on the fly:

- You’ll probably won’t need the grid system, so just remove all CSS related files

- You can use the <article /> element as the central panel:
<article class="ui-layout-center">

- Just add two additional DIVs outside of it, with ui-layout-east and ui-layout-west classes

- If you wish to use the content-block style, add these DIV ’s inside of them:
<div class="block-border"><div class="block-content">
- You can also use extra CSS styling to remove external border/padding on side blocks:
/* Not tested, just on the fly */
.ui-layout-west .block-border,
.ui-layout-west .block-content {
    border-left: 0;
    .ui-layout-west .block-border {
        padding-left: 0;
.ui-layout-east .block-border,
.ui-layout-east .block-content {
    border-right: 0;
    .ui-layout-east .block-border {
        padding-right: 0;

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll let you know how it works :)

So, I’ve tried this out a bit .. two issues:

1) You mentioned that I wouldn’t need the, but I do .. since everything else uses it on the page (container_12, etc) That’s fine through, it doesn’t mess with jquery layout

2) I’ve put the jquery layout as the child of an article, but I’m having trouble with the height. I’ve added something like html, body, form, article#innerlayout { height: 100%; }

That works, mostly, except that the innerlayout is too tall .. looks like it’s height is the page, but offset by the size of the header, nav, etc.

Any suggestions? I know you are busy with an update ..

If anyone else is wondering, I’ve been using this template with ASP .NET.

simply stunning

Impressive on every level, congrats

Great work! I guess it took you several weeks to finish this. Wish you an endless sales!

Wow! Your theme is beyond awesome.

Thanks a lot!

Amazing file, great job. By far the best admin theme I have seen.

great effort! excellent work!

holy sh$&! that is bad asss looking!!! Can’t wait till I need this one. soon real soon.

Great! Glad you like it!