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Can I use this for eCommerce sites?

if not, do you know of any admin template that you can recommend for eCommerce use that is as good as this.. :)

thanks, regz32


Glad to hear you like my work ;) Actually, this template is not designed for eCommerce, but you may modify it to fit you needs if you really want to.

Just remind that (as other admin templates) this is just a skin for your framework/webapp, so you need to implement its features on your own code.

About other ecommerce templates, hard to recommend you one specifically, as it depends on your project. You may check the eCommerce section, or the retail site templates ;)

Hello, I am having a problem with the Datepicker in modals. I trigger the modal and it appears, the datepicker then appears fine when clicking inside the input element,but detatched from it. In adittion, when you scroll the modal contents, the datepicker sticks its position and does not scroll with the modal contents. The Datepicker ends up being detatched from the input element. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I am sorry but I can only provide support for regular buyers. Can you just post your question using the account with which you bought the template?

Thanks! ;)


I am having trouble with the searchField function. The “Admin Pages” take advantage of the accessibleList javascript, and it presents pagination, however the pagination does not work on any other results returned from my search.php page.

Is this pagination only available to the Admin Pages?

This is my code being returned:

<h2>Activities</h2> <p class="results-count"><strong>number</strong> matched</p> <ul class="small-files-list icon-html"> <li> <a href="#" class="foo" id="bar" name="bar"><strong>title</strong><br /> <small><strong>Created:</strong> date <strong>By:</strong> person</small></a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="foo" id="bar" name="bar"><strong>title</strong><br /> <small><strong>Created:</strong> date <strong>By:</strong> person</small></a> </li> <li> <a href="#" class="foo" id="bar" name="bar"><strong>title</strong><br /> <small><strong>Created:</strong> date <strong>By:</strong> person</small></a> </li> ... ... ...etc etc ... <li> <a href="#" class="foo" id="bar" name="bar"><strong>title</strong><br /> <small><strong>Created:</strong> date <strong>By:</strong> person</small></a> </li> </ul>

Do I have to modify the javascript libraries at all? or include something else in my search.php?



I just checked, and indeed in some cases the pagination plugin does not kick in. I fixed this, just download this file, overwrite the previous one and everything should work as expected ;)

Hope this helps!


Great skin, congrats. It is possible to have a custom fixed size content block? I need inside of it a table with scroll bars (well, just vertical).

Thanks for your time.

Hello, and thanks! :)

Sure, just set a size using either inline css on the block-content element, or by creating a custom class/id – something like:

<div class="block-content" style="height:250px">

Make sure to account for padding when calculating the desired height. And for scrollbars, it’s just about CSS too:

<div class="block-content" style="height:250px; overflow: auto;">

But if you don’t want the title and other side elements to scroll, use it on a separated div instead:

<div class="block-content" style="height:250px;">
    <div style="overflow: auto;">
        <!-- Your table here -->

Hope this helps! ;)

It works like a charm, thank you. Just one more thing, to change the font-size of a table or anything else, it seems that not work when declared inside html. Any suggestions?

Thanks again.


It should work if you specify it on the table element itself:

table style="font-size:10px" 

Or you may create a special class and apply it to the table as well ;)

I love this theme but I am having the most difficult time in the world get Jquery UIs .autocomplete to work in a modal window – I can’t get the regular searchfield to work either. I have my modal as a hidden div – I even tried it with loading Ajax. Any tips on getting this to work? It’s been driving me crazy all day.

Also – I’m having a hard time having more than one advancedSearchField(options) in a single page – is this even possible?

$(”#s”).advancedSearchField() is in standard.js, but if I try and add another one for a different field it doesn’t work… i.e. $(“zip”).advancedSearchField().

Also JQueryUI’s autocomplete just doesn’t display correctly at all but I was able to get it to work in my modal window. Frustrating.


I just updated the advanced search field plugin to fix or enhance a few things, it should work fine now with several search inputs – just download the new version here.

About jQuery UI, hard to tell without seeing the actual code and implementation… Make sure the correct CSS ressources are loaded, and that no javascript error show in the console. You may also use the browser’s DOM inspector to track what styles inheritances may break the default jQuery UI style, and add the corresponding fixes in your stylesheet.

Hope this helps! ;)


I recently updated to jquery-ui-1.9.1 and jquery-1.8.2.js and now the tabs aren’t working anymore. If I click on them, the data isn’t shown. Is this a know issue and do you have a fix for this?

Regards, Brucken


I also updated my local copy to jQuery 1.8.2, and everything seems to work fine…

Do you have errors showing in the browser’s developer console? Also, do you use jQuery UI’s tabs, or the template built-in ones?

How can ? use this theme? When I buy this theme I will need code but I dont have enough code information. Can I find any ready code for admin panel to use with this theme?


This skin is for developers building their own CMS or framework, or willing to implement it on an existing one. There is no ready-to-use code for this kind of templates because each admin/webapp is unique and will require specific coding.

There are many available frameworks out there that you can use to build your admin panel, but you still need to implement the skin yourself. If you are looking for a developer to do this, you may post a message on the forum, there are many great ones there ;)

I’m amazed from the style! must buy!!!

Thanks a lot! :)

Good Day,

Can i ask how can i duplicate the form “Complex Form”, i put this module inside the modal but it broke., and it seems that the problem comes to common.js

Hoping for your reply here’s my email just in case.


Good Day,

Thanks for your quick reply, lastly can you help me sir determine how to duplicate the same form “Complex Form” actually i need two “Complex Form” in the same page here’s the link , i think the source of problem is on the common.js

Hoping for your quick response



You just have a duplicate ID issue: both forms use the same IDs for content-blocks, which is not valid HTML . Just set different IDs for one of the form (both in the tabs links and on the content-blocks), and everything should work fine ;)

Tell me if you need more details!


actually i want to use it on Modal, and i want to loop the “Complex Form” every time i open the “Modal”, thanks for your advise and if you can give me more details much better.,

Thanks a Lot, A+

cyrusdb – Is the problem you have that you see the tab fields repeated below one another on the right hand side.? If that’s the case then I have had the same problem with tabs. I was able to fudge things to work by setting heights and selecting a certain tab after setup. I really like this template code and the only thing I had problems with is the tabs repeating in certain browsers. I have a feeling something is not quite 100% with the code as the problem frustrated me for days before I came up with something that works 90%. Hope displayinline can come up with a fix for the next release which I believe is due soon :-)


Sorry to hear you had issues with the tabs :-s Did you find a satisfying solution yet? If not, just tell me if you have an online demo I may check, I will try to help ;)

Most of the time, this kind of issues occur because an error in a script somewhere prevents the tabs setup to run – which is why it works if you trigger it elsewhere afterwards.

Good Day,

i found some problem on the modal when i put a lot of content., it will overlapped on my screen, i try to put 100% and auto but it doesn’t work here’s my screencast for this problem

hope you would help me.


Hi again!

When using modals with very long content, you may want to define the maxHeight option when opening them to prevent this.

You may even set it dynamically to fit in the viewport:

    maxHeight: $(window).height()-120

Hope this helps! ;)

Hi display, how can make relational path to ‘cross-circle’ image, from modal window ? I use a php framework and the image is in .js file !! thanks


I guess the easiest option is to set an absolute path in the plugin: change this line:

icon:    'images/icons/fugue/cross-circle.png',

To this, with a path relative to your domain:

icon:    '/images/icons/fugue/cross-circle.png',

Or you could add a custom option to the plugin’s defaults at the bottom of the file:

 * Path to icons
 * @var string
iconPath: '/images/icons/fugue/'

And then just use this value in the line above:

icon:    settings.iconPath+'cross-circle.png',

This also make custom tabs declaration shorter.

But the best option would be to drop the inline file, and use a class instead: change the icon:... line to this:

icon:    'close',

Add this in standard.css

/* Tabs icons */
.action-tabs-icon {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 16px;
    height: 16px;
    .icon-close { background: url(../images/icons/fugue/cross-circle.png); }

And change this code:

// Create buttons
$.each(settings.rightButtons, function(i)
    var button = this;
  • button.title’”>button.icon’” width=”16” height=”16” />
  • ‘) .appendTo(actionTabs) .children(‘a’).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); button.action.apply(this); }); });

    To this:

    // Create buttons
    $.each(settings.rightButtons, function(i)
        var button = this,
            img = button.icon.match(/\.(png|jpe?g|gif)$/) ?
                '<img src="'+button.icon+'" width="16" height="16" />' :
                '<span class="action-tabs-icon icon-'+button.icon+'" />';
  • button.title’”>‘img
  • ‘) .appendTo(actionTabs) .children(‘a’).click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); button.action.apply(this); }); });

    It will allow the use of icon classes along with regular file paths, just add your own classes with the icons you need.

    Hope this helps! ;)

    Hi displayinline, I need to add a horizontal scroll (did that, no problem)... but the problem is that the “header” don´t resize… can you help me? Thx in advance


    Actually, your large content does not resize the whole page, it just overflows from the body element, which is why the header does not resize: it sticks to the size of body.

    To fix this, you should rather add your scrollbar on the content main wrapping div, or inside the content block itself, with something like this:

    overflow-x : auto;

    Hope this helps! ;)

    Hello Displayinline,

    You mentioned a few months ago that you were working on a new version and you were hoping to release it soon. The current version of your skin is one of the best out there, however I need to make some changes and I’ve been waiting for the new version before I start the changes. In particular I am wanting to add some new theme colors and a skin changer. Can you let me know if you will be adding anything like this because if you are then I will hold off with my work. Also can give an update as to how the new version work is going.

    Hope we can get the chance to see a new version on Christmas Day. Thanks


    I keep on working on the update, but it is taking much more time than planned… Way too much work going on at the same time, as always.

    And I do not plan to include a skin changer, so you may go on and make your own system. Tell me if you need help setting it up, I will do my best to help ;)

    Olá comprei o módulo e gostaria de saber quais os procedimentos para realizar a instalação deste módulo – Constellation Complete Admin Skin.

    Eu não encontrei nenhum tutorial no website que atendesse minha dúvida. Você poderia me ajudar com um passo-a-passo? Obrigado.

    Hello bought the module and would like to know what procedures to perform the installation of this module – Constellation Complete Admin Skin.

    I did not find any tutorial on the website that met my doubt. Could you help me with a step-by-step? Thank you.


    This template is a skin for developers building their own system, it is not functional by itself: you need to implement in on top of an existing CMS or framework.

    If you misunderstood the item’s description, you may contact support to request a refund.

    Displayinline – Thanks for the information about the next update not including a skin changer. Sorry to bother you but can you tell me if your next version will have any new color styles or if you will add to the dark theme for buttons and other objects. I have already gone ahead and created a dark style with different color buttons and menu areas for my site. However this is nowhere near as good as the color themes you create. Should I try to improve on what I have or should I hold off until the next version to see something that you added?

    Hi again :)

    Actually, I can not give any ETA for next version yet, so I would encourage you to go on and improve your own theme. Keep in mind that you can use this tool to easily build and modify your gradients, and if you ever need advice, feel free to ask ;)

    Hi, This is a really great template, and one of the most feature rich on here. If you are doing an update though there are 3 things I’d love to see.

    Firstly, a more subtle colour scheme, which would make it a bit more “corporate” friendly. The colour scheme of you Developr one would be ideal.

    Secondly, reduce the amount of “header” space that’s used for the main menu and submenu, maybe reduce the amount of whitespace above the menu icons. It would be nice to be able to put the “Logged as: Admin <icon> <icon> Logout” where you have the “SERVER: APACHE (UNKNOWN)” etc.. which would mean I could not use the breadcrumbs bar saving more header space.

    Thirdly, It would be nice if the sub-menu options changed as you moved the mouse over the main-menu icons, that way, someone can more quickly find the sub-menu item they are looking for.

    Thanks again!


    Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions! I keep gathering as many of them as I can while working on the next update :)

    On your third suggestion, this is already possible: edit common.js, and look for a commented block with the title Main nav – hover style. Just uncomment it, and remove the code block above, and your main menu will use hover instead of click ;)

    Also, it would be good if it worked on Safari on the iPad.

    Actually, it work generally quite fine – aside a few undesired hover effects. What kind of issue do you have with the iPad? Maybe I can help ;)