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where is demo ? :(

Hello!I am really sorry, but I don’t have a hosting account!

Sorry about that...((-:

Where do the “stay updated” emails go?? there is no documentation about this in the included PDF . Also when you enter your email and submit, it does nothing. It would be cool if it validated and the div changed to “Thanks, we’ll keep you posted”.

Hello aeso!This template will need a working PHP script to send that!The email form doesn’t have that PHP script.I created it only for a Jquery trick.When you click the form the text disappears.

But here I wrote a very basic script that can insert someone’ s email into a database.Sorry again but the template doesn’t include the PHP file.

<?php //Retrieves the email from the email form into a PHP variable $emailform=$_POST['name']; //Connect to a database $con=mysql_connect("you db server","your db user", "you db password"); $select_db=mysql_select_db("Your database"); //Insert the data from the variable in the database $insert=mysql_query("INSERT INTO databasename VALUES('$emailform')"); ?>

Again sorry for the problem, that PHP script will work but it’s only like an example(If it had it would have looked something like that) and I reccomend not used it.It only for demonstration porpuses.

+the form must have had an action(the name of the PHP file)

huh, can you maybe add it into the item? I assumed it worked when I bought it, nothing noted otherwise. Thanks!

I can’t tell you for sure, but I will try to make an update!I didn’t think about making a PHP file to the email, but you’re right.I will make a secure PHP file that will send the emails into a database.

Sorry about this, and I will try to make the update as soon as possible.

Thanks for the prompt responce!! One more Question: Where did the buttons come from, I want to add an email button that matches, Thanks again!!

The button “Stay Updated” has the design made in CSS .If you open the index.html file you will see this on the line 102: <input id="subscribe_button" value="Stay updated" type="submit" /> The id drom that links to the css file(style.css).Open style.css and you will see from the line 109 to the line 118 the style to that button.

So to make all easy:Let’s say you want to make a link(<a href=""></a>) that looks like that.Add to that link a class “button”.it will look like this(<a href="A web adress" class="button">Some text</a>), then insert this into the style.css file:

a.button { font-size: 14px; font-family:Helvetica; color: #fff; padding:8px 6px; height:30px; background-color:#28556a; border:none; }

You can add rounded corners to that button by making the style look like this(you will see in modern browsers the rounded corners but not in IE)

a.button { font-size: 14px; font-family:Helvetica; color: #fff; padding:8px 6px; height:30px; background-color:#28556a; border:none;

-webkit-border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; }

I hope this was helpfull.Thaks for the reply!

Sorry, I didn’t make it clear, I was wondering where the icon’s came from? The face book, Twitter and I wanted one that looks like an email icon. Thanks

Aha, I get it!Simply search on google “Social Icon pack” and you will find thousand of results!You will find on different sizes but loook only(after you download) at 32×32.Chose only the icon you want put and put in the images folder.The image must be .png(not jpeg, or gif)

any progress on the update? Thanks!

Hello aeso and thaks for the reply!I’ve updated this construction page with a new PHP script!When someone enters his email it will be sent o your email(a mail).It could be in your spam folder.

Thaks a lot and sorry for the delay!


I can not get the mail script working. You can see my test site here

Noting happens when you press the “opdateret” bottom. Can you help me?

Hello…sorry for the incoviniece!When i updated the file I forgotten a thing!It will be changed after it’s approved!

Can you tell me what to change so I can do it my self now :)?

Find this in the index.html file:

$(’#subscribe_form’).bind(‘submit’, function() { return false; });

Line 45 and delete it

Super, it works.

But how can I do so users can see that they registered. Now it just go to a white page, but I get the mail

If you open the PHP file you will see :header(“index.html”);

That means if the form it’s not filled it will redirect the user to index.html.If you a have custom page like that you must add under the mail(...) part something like this:


If that page is a “Thank you for registering” than is very easy!

just a quick note – when I view your preview I get an AVG message telling me threats have been blocked. please check your site for spyware/malware

Many Many thanks for telling me.I downloaded the entire folder and I removed all the threats from the JS files(they were only there – it was a JS Agent).Now it’s everything perfect.