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Superb Design :) Good luck with best sales ;)

I really love the idea but the overall fulfillment just looks really bad. Horizontal slider would’ve helped a lot while browsing because my laptop screen height is only 768px and I couldn’t see the navigation buttons.

Does this experience the same problem? Testing in chrome for a 768px resolution seems okay to me, although the scrollers cause width issues on containers –

it looks good in the link

I also changed it so the scrollbar doesn’t mess the width of the content it contains. Thanks for pointing it out.

Great idea! Only while watching it with my laptop, I can’t all 100% of content (height), horizontally it works great! ;)


I didn’t include the vertical scroll on all content but if you add that it should be fine for height.

WOW! Excellent work!


lmt Purchased

Hello, Good work! Thank you! I have a small question, how do we remove the dark on the background image please? thank you!

If you still have a problem with this let me know.

How do I make it so it wont scroll to that 75% point? I want it to just load and stay on the very left.

Probably nearly 6 months ago, it doesn’t seem to say dates of my purchases for me. I am just now getting around to using it. Background is still broken though, could you point me into the correct direction, it looks like .overlay-image applies the background, ever since removing the loader it’s broken

Thanks, just checking if it was within last week. Can you email me with a link to your edited version online?

it’s not uploaded yet, but when I get around to that I’ll link you


Nice work !

My question is : I saw that in the countdown we have to put how many times left.

But if i wanna know the time left between now and a date (for example 01/12/2014) is it possible ?

You can calculate the time left by time at date – time right now. Is this what you mean?

Yes, this is what i wanna know ! Sorry i let my english at home sometimes ! :-)

Well yes, the countdown can be edited so it is like that.

Hi, I’m interested in this theme, but I have some questions, I will not use it to announce my website launch, but to show a company’s timeline through it’s 60 years experience, can I show as many posts as I want? Can I hide the countdown? Thanks!