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Hello, OkTemplates. Please re-check the test link again. I’ve made some fixes to the CSS stylesheet and this template is rendering all right now.

Love the idea of the admin panel, but this would be of little use to most people without ability to automatically feed newsletter sign ups into apps like Mail Chimp, preferably with the features of us being able to collect more info for people other than an email address.

Back to the drawing board for you matey boy ;-)

Thank you for your constructive criticism and your suggestions on how to improve this template.

Pretty cool under construction template. I like it!

Just having a couple of issues with backslashes in messages, etc.

Can I send an email to support@webdesignpla.net for some support?

Thanks a lot

Hello! Thank you for making the purchase. You’re welcome to send an email if you are having any problems with the template.

Thanks for fixing the issues I had with messages/php, etc.

I’ve noticed that you’ve fixed some CSS , however when I test your preview page on iPhone or iPad the layout is breaking.

Will there be a fix for this?



I checked the preview test link, and everything appears to be OK via the responsive design testing site, however, when you actually view the page on an iPhone or iPad the layout breaks up.

I have taken some screenshots to show you:


Is there a way to fix this please?

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for letting me know about that. I’ll be doing some more test after the weekend and hopefully get the template to display properly on mobile devices.

PRE -PURCHASE QUESTION : Is it easy to turn OFF the responsive part of this layout? I actually DON ’T want the layout to be responsive.

Yes. It’s simply a matter of removing the last section of /css/constructive.css file, which is labeled “Responsive Layouts”.

Hello ! I am planning on buying it, thanks to the video.

But unfortunately, the effect on socialize icons doesn’t work at all as in the video (i am using IE9 )).

Does the problem with iPhones has been corrected ?

All the best!

EDIT : I checked with my iPhone and I only can see a blue background page. Nothing more. :/

Hello matvej. Internet Explorer does not render all CSS3 transitions correctly. I would advice to switch to FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. The iPhone issue you mentioned is being inspected and i will let you know once it’s fixed.

Hi, I’ve tested the template on my iphone and looks bad. Also, How can we change language of “Days, Hours, Minutes”?


Same problem with iPhone here…

Could you please send me a private message using my profile page?

Hello, nice work :) I have some issues when i’m trying to save my settings. Should I change the write permissions on some files ?

edit: I solved the issue by changing permission of /admin/settings.php. Btw, you should place some addslashes() in your writesettings.php to avoid the die() of php when you try to put a <<’>> in the text

Thank you for purchasing the template! I’m glad that you found a solution. Good find with addslashes too, i’ll include it in the next update.

Hi, just wanted to say absolutely fantastic little application. Simply BRILLIANT !!! Really impressed. Well done!

Thank you, totalpeople! It’s very motivating to read a comment like that from time to time. It makes me want to deliver even better items. I would appreciate if you could rate this template, if you think it deserves it. Have a great weekend! :)

Hello, The template works, the only thing is I get this error: Warning: Division by zero in /hermes/bosweb/web112/b1120/ipg.athleticdevelopmentn/constructive/index.php on line 5

What does this mean?

Thanks, René

Hello. Could you please send me a private message using my profile page? We’ll take it from there.


Thank you for a very nice theme, it is just what I am after.

I have purchased and downloaded it. I have set it up on our web server and it is not responsive when testing on an iPhone4s. I do not have any other mobile devices. We have made no changes to your theme.

When we test your live demo it is responsive.

When I replace the constructive.css that comes with the theme download with the constructive.css that you are using with the demo theme then your theme on our server is responsive on the iphone4s. But your demo theme css says v1.0 while your theme download css says v1.2.

Can you please look into this.

Also there seems to an extra bracket in constructive.css on line 684?


Hello. Thank you for purchasing this item. Please download version 1.3 of http://showcase.webdesignpla.net/constructive/css/constructive.css file and replace your constructive.css with it. An updated version of this template is being reviewed and should be available to download from ThemeForest soon.


Just bought this a few hours ago. Downloaded and installed as described according to your installation guide. It’s not responsive at all when i resized my browser nor when i tested it on my iphone 4. I even deleted all the files and reinstalled it again in case I have missed something, but same results. Please let me know how to make it work as your demo.

Thanks. S

Hey thanks! It’s mostly working. Loading is a little slow on iphone4. It may just be my network even though it’s 3G. Few other issues: - Additional Content does not adjust to fit the screen. - I tried manually adding
tags to separate the lines so they will fit in the iphone screen, but with the tages the text size increased to the same size as the H1 Headline. Very strange. - On iphone Latest Tweets will not load. It just stuck on the eternal ‘loading tweets…’ Other than those, the rest seems fine.

I really like this theme, it’s easy to set up, basically in minutes. Just a few minor kinks need to be fixed and then it will be fabulous.

Thanks. S

Hi, I just updated to version 1.3 earlier today. Now the theme is not responsive at all on iphone. So I recopied the css you gave me the day before, but still cannot fix the problem. Can you tell me how to make it responsive on iphone again? Thanks. S

Can you please try downloading the file from the location above one more time? Let me know if that fixed the problem.

Also, you can use the contact form on my profile page to send me a message and continue the conversation via email (which should be faster than this comments section).

Does this template works on joomla, and do you provide instructions. Thanks

Constructive is a standalone PHP template and it doesn’t require any preinstalled CMS to work. You will have to move your Joomla installation to a sub-directory on your server and put this template in your root directory.

Thanks, the new css: http://showcase.webdesignpla.net/constructive/css/constructive.css solved the responsive issues.

having an issue uploading the theme to wordpress, says it is missing the stylesheet.. I know this is a common problem, and I have looked up how to fix it, but for some reason cannot manage to, I even tried changing the new CSS sheet from 1.3 to 1.4. ideas?

Dear bottletalk. Thank you for purchasing Constructive. This template is not WordPress compatible – it is a standalone PHP version and doesn’t require any kind of preinstalled CMS to work. Please go through the documentation to find more information how to install and use it. In case you have any problems, send me a message using the form on my profile page.

Please help URGENT !!! Company website launching this next month! Need to get this online ASAP

Responsive is still not working (Chrome & Safari) Firefox is ok

I’ve just tested CSS v1.5 using http://screenqueri.es . Could you please check if the demo version ( http://showcase.webdesignpla.net/constructive/ ) is working fine in FireFox/Safari/Chrome?

Thanksy, it’s funny, because the download has still the 1.4. It works now with the 1.5

The system sends welcome email even when I set it as NO in newsletter settings. Please fix.

Thanks for spotting the bug. Looking into that now.