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Hi mustachethemes! I really love your html template and want to use it to present my company on the internet. However there is one question, where I am submit on your Support Forum where I still waiting for your feedback/assistant.

Thanks for help.

We sw your question.

How to make it support IE8?

We do not offer support for IE8.


Can you please help me to add a two level menu on this theme!? Something like Projects > Windows > Doors


It is possible to add a second level menu. You have to add a bit of css styles. Could you please add this question at the forum? We will help you there.

Hi guys I’m having issues viewing it on mobile devices kindly assist?

Could i have an email address for support?

Hello @TKZee007, we see mobile devices well. Once you buy Constructors – Architects & Engineers Theme will have access to exclusive support service for buyers. Thanks!

Great site. Love working with it. Can’t get through on your support link though. Is it possible to put a second owl-carousel on the page? It has a div id which I can’t seem to find and just copying/pasting the carousel doesn’t do anything.

email sent

Hi Guys Would it be possible to help me out with the above problem? I’ve tried registering on your support but doesn’t seem to work

We sent you an email.

Hi. I’ve tried to get registered on your support forum but nothing happens. I’ve also emailed you through the contact pane on here.

Hi @davidktd, Answered

Hi, got your email but nothing further in regards to a solution. Your wp support doesn’t work

I’m impressed, so neat & beautiful…. Good luck mate!


We use this theme but mobile version have some errors. Continue pages are lightbox.. And opening big like normal browser window. Is any chance to responsive for mobile devices?

Could you help us about this?


What kind of mobile? we can make a test and fix it.

iphone 5 safari browser. For example: www.pinarlibahce.com/v1

ok, we are looking at it.

Hello, Mustache, I have posted some questions to the forum but received no reply, that’s why I am trying this. I’d appreciate your prompt assistance. Thanks in anticipation of your kind support.



when someone purchases this theme, do the images come along with the purchase?

In the recent projects on click of the thumbnails if someone wants to provide more details like text description there is no provision currently. currently only the thumbnail is shown in the popup in a bigger size. this is not ideal.

No, images are just for the demo.

Does this theme have a sticky header option? I’m interested in it, but want to make sure during the scrolling experience people can still have the main menu available.

Thank you, SullTV

No, but thanks for the idea, we will take this into consideration for the next update. Thanks!

Please explaiin me where are the placeholder of <!- Fav and touch icons ->; i don’t see any ..assets folder! Thanks

Hi @reisier, please add this question at our forum and the support team will give you an answer.

main menu make flyout?

What do you mean?

When page scroll down always show main menu

Fixed menu? Is possible but it will take a bit of customization work.

Hi I think your theme would suit my Landscape Construction company perfectly before I purchase can you confirm two things for me please:

1. Can I use a “captcha” plugin for the contacts form? 2. Can iI use a Facebook widget (FB Jquery from Envato) in the news section rather than, presumably, posts. My client regualrly posts to his facebook timelin and I would like to use his FB posts in the news section.

Hi @PJH8RN, it is possible to include it. Simply you must change the elements you want. Regards

hi… this is very beautiful theme, im newbie in web design. if i want to make the slider auto play, which code should i change ?


Hi arisuu9, please add this question at our forum and the support team will give you an answer.

MustacheThemes Team

Does this play well with WordPress? I bought the theme and tried to install it, but I keep getting the same error message, even when I use the documentation.

Hi jordankate, this is a html template, is in that category. The wordpress version will be released soon.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

Hi, i would like to know if the contact form works. I’ll be interested to buy your template

Hello @Morescoweb, Yes the contact form is working!

Regards, MustacheThemes Team