ContraPet - Petition and Activism Landing Page

ContraPet - Petition and Activism Landing Page

ContraPet - Petition and Activism Landing Page - 1

About the template

ContraPet is an HTML5 & CSS3 activism landing page template. It doesn’t feature any petition functionality, but is meant to act as a basic design template. It would be perfect for political, social, environmental or economic concerns where the goal is to get as many people as possible to sign a petition – which needs to be coded or obtained otherwise by the purchaser of this template. Therefore ContraPet combines the look and layout of a petition with the simplicity and target-oriented structure of a landing page where the main focus is on conversion.

The template features a jQuery powered slider where you can put any HTML content in – i.e. your agenda or a video about your concern. It also features a character limit indicator in a comment textfield. Note: The comment form is not functional, it’s also just meant to act as a design template. The theme is based on the 960 Grid system for easy and quick layout customization. It’s completely tableless and sports a well organized and layered Photoshop PSD that contains the whole layout, making it easy to alter the design.

This description was updated on June 26th 2013.


  • HTML5 & CSS3 template
  • W3C valid HTML5 code
  • Based on 960 Grid
  • Tableless layout
  • jQuery slider
  • Textfield character limit indicator
  • Smooth scrolling anchor
  • Well organized & layered PSD included

Third party assets used


October 10 2012 - I am not familiar with any petition scripts, therefore I can’t tell wich would be good to use with this template.

March 12 2012 - This is a template – not a functional website. The petition and/or the comment form functions need to be programmed/coded by the purchaser. The theme is only meant to act as a design template.

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