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While I welcome your skills and you do make pretty nice template, But they don’t work?

No everyone on here are novice, we are beginners and don’t need to be emailing you to ask question such as these. Put it in the title that it is a layout only and it doesn’t work…

We want something that works….It is hard enough trying to make a living while other has labored to make something for us, you confuses lay people with your nice templates which don’t work….....

Artisteer did this for some time and I just got feed up with them because for lay people we don’t read the forum, FAQ….If the site is built to work than it don’t have to state it in the title, but if not than state it in the title..

Awesome template I would have purchase the first two that I seen but I don’t know how to make the correction…



Hello DiamondGuisi and thank you for your comment. I understand your concern but unfortunately I don’t agree with it. It is stated explicitly in the description AND in the faq AND in the comments what this item does and what it doesn’t (and it’s shown in the live preview). If being a lay person means that one does ONLY read the title and founds his whole decision whether or not he is going to spend money on an item only on the title and the screenshots, then this person is fully responsible for any possible misunderstandings that would have never turned up if the person would just spend 30 seconds on READING what he is buying. I understand that lay people have less knowledge and experience, but I don’t understand why they may not be able to read a short description. When I buy a car I check the specs and details even if I have no knowledge whatsoever concerning motors – I don’t buy it without a second thought just because it looks pretty! I would agree with your comment if I (at any point) would lie about this theme or be deceptive. But I ain’t! I’m totally honest. Something that unfortunately not everyone on Themforest is. This should be recognized, not criticized!

To try to make this issue even less confusing I just edited the description and changed almost every word “theme” to “template”.

Excellent Job man !!

Hello and congrats for this very great layout. I would like to integrate this template with an elegant top menu for the main navigation. Can you suggest a nice one which is appropriate for your design?

thank you


You could try Superfish:

You would have to edit the default colors of the Superfish menu though to fit the design.


Your title is misleading, fraudulent and false. You clearly state in the largest font possible this is a PETITION & ACTIVISM LANDING PAGE. No it’s not. If it were a PETITION & ACTIVISM LANDING PAGE, it would function as a Petition & Activism page. Instead, what we purchased is a glorified index file with pretty colors. That would be a more appropriate title.

This is not a petition landing page – this is a joke. I’ve probably purchased 100+ themes and templates in my day and this is the only one I have found that declares (below the fold of the screen of course):

“Please note the info paragraph at the bottom of this description before purchasing this template!”

Is there a reason you don’t want to include this at the top of the description?

It also states in your fraudulent description (well before the tiny warning of course): “It’s perfect for political, social, environmental or economic concerns where the goal is to get as many people as possible to sign a petition.”


And I continue… “Therefore ContraPet combines a petition with the simplicity and target-oriented structure of a landing page where the main focus is on conversion.”

No. that is 100% false. IT DOES NOT COMBINE A PETITION and how can the conversions be the main focus when you can’t sign it? Extremely misleading.

Slick. But at this point – I’ll never buy a theme, template or app again. Keep the $8 – you got another sucker. Sticking with from now on.

PS: I love how you curb accountability on to the customer with each complaint; like this is their fault for not seeing through your smokescreen. Way to build a name for yourself and TF.

WTF? This is something we will reconsider and change completely from scratch after the weekend!

If you are changing it this weekend – what is there to reconsider? Everything you type is a contradiction.

By implying that users misunderstood your description and need to change—you just admitted that your descriptions are misleading and the current description is false. I mean, why else would you change it unless it was wrong?

Just wondering at what point your are going to be a man, own your mistakes and admit you were wrong and stop blaming customers for your inability to communicate clearly and effectively. #pathetic

“what is there to reconsider?”, “communicate clearly and effectively” – That is what needs to be reconsidered. How to change the description to be more clearly and effectively.

The description has been updated. One of the changes is that now the very second sentence reads “It doesn’t feature any petition functionality, but is meant to act as a basic design template.” and on top of that it’s written bold.

@kalinkalika: How stupid are you? If you purchase a THEME at THEMEforest, it’s normal that it does not have any functionality except of the Design…

@weddigkeutel: Did you notice the User from Codecanyon selling a Petition Script with your layout?

Thanks for the heads-up!

Have you considered making this into a functional WP theme? It would sell REALLY REALLY well!

Any suggestion of how to make this working? which scripts to use? etc…

Hello! I just bought your nice theme, but there is a problem. When I try to upload it to Wordpress I get this message: “Broken Theme: Stylesheet is missing”. It is urgent to start working on it asap. Could you please help me with that issue? Thanks

Sorry for the late answer. This is not a Wordpress theme, neither is it in the Wordpress category. It’s a basic HTML template. Therefore trying to get it run in Wordpress will always fail.

This is a beautiful, well designed theme that I am sure will convert very well. I really love it. It’s such a shame that the petition functionality isn’t coded into the theme. However, you did make this fact very clear so I have no idea why so many people here are moaning about it. If they bought the theme expecting the petition to work then it’s their OWN fault for not paying attention.

I still may buy this template but first I am going to go and research some scripts to see if I can plug in the functionality myself. I only have limited coding skills but I’m capable of making cut and paste edits so fingers crossed I can find something suitable.

I will report back here if I do find something suitable so that other people can do the same.

Hey Weddigkeutel, a bit of friendly advice. As I said before, this is a beautiful theme but if I was you, I would seriously consider getting the petition functionality coded into this because I promise you, you will sell loads of them on Themeforest and the price will be a lot more than 8 bucks. The reason I say this is because the themeforest marketplace is seriously lacking any petition/activism/protest themes. If this theme worked fully, you would fill this gap and capitalize on a load of sales. I’m sure of it. I just spoke to a friend who writes code for a living and he said it would only cost a few hundred bucks to code the petition functionality into this theme. apparently, it’s not that hard to do. Or, so he says. He said, it would cost even less if you used a freelance site like oDesk, Guru or Elance.

Anyway, I will report back if I find a script or the code to make the petition forms work. :-)

For fucks sake! It is NOT a working theme!

you little prick…I can see that you like to blame it on people, not reading the description…well pal, I have news for you. Most of us go to the live demo, and thinks…shit this looks cool, and then we buy it. How come it even be possible to upload this shit, under the themes section. We expect full functionallity, and you give us nothing. How about changing the title it self, so that it will be clear to everyone that this i just a layout. But I’m guessing that will cost you a lot of revenue. My next petition will be against you!

are you going to make WP version?


Watch website:

Supported futur update all Members send your petitions ?

and watch each petitions and results ?

You’re able to make a website like this with the same functions?

Thanks !