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Excellent work boss. Good Luck :)

Thanks a lot. Appreciated! :)

Best one in themeforest, congrulate!

Thank you mate. I’m honoured! :)

Congratulations, awesome work. Wish you the best with sales :)

Thanks a lot. Appreciated! :)

Hey, Its really Cool and i like all the pages… I love it GLWS :):bigsmile:

Hey, glad you liked it. Appreciated! :)

What a wonderful and planned work, it is an awesome creation with rich features and appreciative functions.

Woww! I’m really honoured, thanks for the compliment! :)

Thank you.

GLWS….nice looking theme. Will keep this in mind!

Thank you! we’re here in case you’d need help!

Finally, has a photographer, I am seeing a theme that could be what I have been looking for to show my Fine Art Photography. Great work my friend and I wish you the best in sales.

Thanks a lot my friend. I’m glad if you liked it. We worked so hard to bring something special especially creative people and artists like you. Hope you keep that in mind. Best Regards

Holy COW! This is f.cking great! But the only one thing that deters me from buying – 67 Errors, 3 warning(s) according to validator.w3.org :( Oh man, thats so pity.

OK, I understand. But photography is a tough business and when the theme is not HTML valid google you will move backwards in the search. Envanto standards are useless in this case. I hope you understand? Make it valid and I am going to buy immediately ;) Wish you good sale.

The other thing is for some of Envato Rules cause error flags on WC3 which is permanent. we can’t change that. But for sure we’ll try to reduce those issues as much as we can. No problem.

Hello, we’ve fixed those TAG issues which caused by settings menu for demo. I think you’ll be pleased now. Thank you.

Love this theme! Question, I see that you have the eCommerce plugin running on the demo, however I don’t see a page where you can add something to the cart. For example, if a client wants to buy a photo from the portfolio or one of their own… how would they do that? Do you have a page setup showing the add to cart process and does it support digital download after successful checkout?

By far the best Photography/Photographer theme on Themeforest in a LONG LONG time! Well done @FreeVision.

Hello there is cart button on each item at. Please click to button there you’ll see added item in to the cart. Thank you :) Appreciated your valuable compliments :)

i am bought nearly 100+ theme and i am bored same theme style….. Hundered theme like each other….

Freevision team create always uniqe and elite design…

Another fresh them & fresh idea from Freevision….


Thank you my friend for your kind compliments. We love creating useful and functional digital stuff. :)

Interesting indeed, but menu isn’t functioning on iPhone5. Will check back

We’re investigating what caused that issue. Will be fixed right away. No problem :)

Beautiful work freevision. Congratulations!

Thank you Bilbo. :)

Superb theme!!!Wish you good sales :)

Thanks mate!!! Appreciated. :)

The sexist images and stereotypes used throughout the demo sites, i. e. the constant objectification of women, are incredibly disrespectful and discriminatory.

If you think you need to market your theme by showing half-naked individuals and semi-pornographic posing, treat men and women equally!

Hello, we used different categorized images taken by professional artists. This is a creative styled theme which showcasing realistic artworks. We don’t see it that way and no intent to impress anyone like that. Sorry if that hurt your feelings.


Hi there,

How flexible is the portfolio grid style? Does it support fixed size thumbnails (no masonry)? If so, can the user pick how many columns?

Can the royalslider on this page be set to the full width of the page? http://contrast.freevision.me/blog/portfolio/incredible-realism/ (like “full-slideshow” but with content under it)

Can the portfolio detail pages have any content added to them (ie. not using the custom fields layout?

Can we build our own homepage with a full width slider, blog metro section, custom content etc?

Is it compatible with gravity forms?


Hello, If you mean vertical portfolio grid style please have a look from the video tutorial. It shows you how to manage blog wall but its the same for portfolio as well. There are 16 grid layout and 7 animation type to use. Hope that works for you.


- Fullscreen Slider: http://contrast.freevision.me/blog/portfolio/lado-avesso/

- For sure you can create your own homepage with many features. Contrast is loaded lot’s of cool features.

- You can install any kind of plugin. Should work.

Best Regards

Give or take 1 to 2 weeks and we can expect to see this theme in the Weekly Features. Awesome job guys.

Thank you so much mate. Appreciated :)

Hello, I have some pre-sale questions: 1) Can you have different image or video backgrounds for specific posts or pages? 2) Can you have different sidebars for specific posts or pages? 3) Can you have 100% width content for posts or pages? Thanks!

Hello, some of your feedback can be done nicely , some not :)

4- Changing position of search bar affects entire structure which we can’t do it in short notice. Lemme think what we can do about it.

5- This feature is already buit-in where you can adjust from Page options > Use Custom Style > Background Color. It supports RGBA which allows you to set transparency of your color as you wish.

6- To be frankly I didn’t get it what exactly you meant by that. Please be more specific.

7- We designed single blog post in a way showing fixed mode but we’ll consider your feedback for the future updates.

Best Regards.

4) this would make it more search friendly to the user. 6) what I meant was if you can set another layer on top of the background image for the page so half of the content be a certain color while the other half is visible (transparent) to the see the background image for that particular page or post? 7) this would make the layout consistent between pages and posts, since pages has this option already (100% full-width) would be nice to have it on single posts too. More questions: 8) Can you showcase the “featured image” for “pages” with excerpts just like the “wall style” for posts? 9) When you use the “wall style” for the blog, can it be set to scroll horizontally? Thanks!

Hello, currently we’re focus on some other new features. If you are intent to use our theme I believe you can customize it with a few modifications. Thanks for your positive feedback. Appreciate it. :)

Unique, elegant work. Congrats.
Kind Regards,

Thanks mate, glad you like it :)

Hello, this theme is beautiful! Can you tell me whether I can have audio tracks playing in individual gallery or portfolio pages?


Hello, thanks for contacting us. I believe with a proper audio player plugin you can achieve this. Basically you can add a shortcode into the page you required. Regards