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hi i purchased this template a while back and like it alot. Is it possible to add my own social media icon? I would like to add one for model mayhem or any other site i use. If so could you tell me the coding to do so or where to do it?

Hello, we’re using webfont for social icons which requires to edit font file.

hi there, i am working on this template for a client. But when i call the source for showbiz pictures from the featured image section, i was wondering how you got to show the price like here…http://contrast.freevision.me/sliders/showcase-style/ when you click the small – button?

I can’t edit the slides as they are calling the product post. I know it has something to do with the custom fields but this isn’t working when i add any value. Please advise…...

and please change the default small size of the custom css and js input box sizes in the general settings, very restricting…

Also can we have a sidebar on the shop page but NOT on the product page? The more i get into this theme the more i find myself having to write custom css to fix things. The idea of your site is amazing and the overall presentation is good.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. For further info Showbiz documentation file can be found in the package (recomended plugins folder) To display those price labels simply edit each item and see Showbiz Options on page options.

To add sidebar on shop page please see Theme options > Layout > Content / page / post : woocommerce


Hi, Did you manage to look at the problems in safari?

The major problem is the “about” page. There seems to be a major glitch when scrolling down the page. The menu doesent stay at the top??

There seems to be small lines under the title of each thumbnail (example attached).

Also my gif animations are not working in the thumbnails..


Can you help please?


Sorry for the delay, we already responded your tickets days ago, with what we found about your questions. If we had a return already, about to response it now.

Kind regards.

Hi, great Theme !!!

it is possible to have audio background ? tx

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Well there are a few useful audio player plugins you might wanna try. But we haven’t tested any of them. Regards


Is it safe to upgrade WordPress installation to 3.9 without breaking Contrast Theme or do you recommend waiting for the next Contrast update before upgrading WordPress?

Thank you

Hello, it’s compatible with v3.9. However please don’t forget to backup your files against any complication. Regards

how come we can’t update the revolution slider? I keep getting the notice, there is a new version of the revolution slider, i go to update, then it all says updated but the notice is still there…...?

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Revolution Slider comes with the package which can only be updated by us. Please wait next update. Thank you.

Hi, any idea?

:( Warning template doesn't work :  in editor window shortcode is empty?


Hello, please submit a ticket. Thank you.

ticket Posted 2 days ago and no answer … :(

ticket Posted 3 days ago and no answer … :(

Do we wait to next update for WP 3.9? Or can we do it on v 1.7


Hello, you can update to WP 3.9. Please make sure you backup your files first. Thank you.

I have an error trying to update WPBakery Visual Composer (1/1)

Updating Visual Composer plugin WPBakery (1/1) There was an error updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update Package is not available.

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Visual Composer comes with the package which can only be updated by us. Please wait next update. Thank you.

Is there any way to turn off the “heart” like button on the portfolio pictures?

Hello, please submit a ticket. Thank you.


Where is shortcode button in editor ?

Hello, please open a ticket if you face any issue. We tested our theme on version 3.9. Regards

Can you confirm when you test theme on WP 3.9 you see Button shortcode in post/page editor??

hello! i opened a ticket 2 days ago, but you havent even reakt yet…..

Same problem: shortcode button disappeared. tickets already opened. no response.

Hello, we’ll release an update for this matter. Please wait till then. Regards


Update has been released, waiting in approval queue.

Warning : shortcode button doesn’t work if you change name WP-CONTENT folder with custom name. Regards


I buy your great theme, very powerfull, design and creative !

I have just two question :

1- I must create 4 Portfolio Horizontal with own filter category, example : Page 1 – Fruit with orange, pineapple, lemon category Page 2 – Meat with ham,beef,chicken category …... For that i must do a Custom Post Type Portfoilio i presume but i don’t know i can proceed. I must also use the fools from portfolio ” Use Custom Thumbnail Coloring ,Checking this will show custom ”.

2. Can i change the animation of porftolio actually it’s a slide from the mouse direction by simply a fade ,is it with a custom css ?

Thanks you again for your beautiful theme.

Sorry i forget few things my own page could have the same category but not the same items that’s why i can’t just said : Page 1 have Categorie 1 and 2 Page 2 have Categorie 3 and 4

Because i have case where i must have same category name on page 1 and page 2 but need different item inside like :

Page 1 Categorie 1 and 2 Page 2 Categorie 1 and 2 but not same content

Thanks by advance

love the theme any chance there will be a facebook feed added?...thanks

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Currently no plan for facebook feed. Regards

Hey, mate visual composer have some issue !!! is that because of word press upgrade … when we can have updated VC ..! i mean 4.2

Hello, we’ll release an update this week. Please wait till then. Best Regards

Oh great, Thanks … Best Regards :)

Hello again,

Can you submit a ticket please? Let us see your problem in place. Because, 1.8 update including latest Visual Composer component, which works well within WordPress 3.9.


Hi, I have this plugin update messege, but I can´t update. Any help? Thx

WPBakery Visual Composer Drag and drop page builder for WordPress. Take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required.

Versión 4.0.4 | Hay una nueva versión de WPBakery Visual Composer disponible. Ver detalles de la versión 4.1.2. Download new version from CodeCanyon.


Visual Composer 4.1.2 bundled with Contrast 1.8, please update. All update plugins are also available in “recommended-plugins” folder for manual installation.


hey hey I once again. after the last Update, is there something wrong with the footer is not more. the loan are to the left and the social icons are gone.


Please share more details, submit a ticket, let us see it in place.


I purchased the theme some days ago. I installed the theme including the demo site. Now I have one question.

I can’t see the menu on the iphone. How can I solve this?

My website: www.dpix.nl



Hello Peter,

Appearance > Widgets > Mobile Side Menu, add a custom menu and any widget to there.