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The child theme having some issue when I have installed the child theme

Name Description Contrast – Child Template is missing.

the template is there?

Hello thanks for contacting us. Please make sure that Contrast theme is files are also loaded in the folder. Regards


We are very interested into your template but we have few questions before buying it.

We love your horizontal grid and your horizontal gallery (been looking for it for hours !).

Is it possible to have this ? : 1 – home page with the horizontal grid (each picture is a button / access to a new gallery). Ex home page : Image-A Image-B Image-C Image-D 2 – so when you click on a picture (for example Image-B), it leads you to a new horizontal gallery – not with the pictures included on the home page (so it would be Image-B1 Image-B2 Image-B3 Image-B4). We would like to use this template for a photographer : many pictures organised in several series.

Sorry if I don’t make myself clear, I’m french and it’s sometimes hard to explain what I mean ;-)

By the way, can we have only the side menu ? Can it be placed on the left ?

And finally, can we have the horizontal galery without the “grey dynamic shadow” on every picture ?

thank you so much in advance for your reply (and sory if you repeat yourself, I had a look on the other comments but every question seems different).

Have a good day,


Hello Lauriane, thanks for contacting us. Lemme explain this way.

1- Each item can be directed only 1 URL. However small modifications can be done.

2- I’m not if I got you right. If all sets correctly and only one condition this is possible too. Each item’s grid must be feed from single category.

3- If you meant to use main navigation as side menu that might work if you’re OK site logo stays where it is. Side menu can be use as widget area as well.

4- Coloring each item on hover position is optional. If you want all of them with same color sure thing that is possible also.

Hope all works for you. Best Regards :)

Is there a way to make the home page gallery thumbnails linked directly to the portfolio page and not a pop-up image? It makes it impossible to get to the (full) portfolio info from a mobile device.


I figured it out. Thanks!

Hello Contrast Author,

I have a pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to set the home page to start with custom sliders (like revolution slider in your sliders menu) instead of the portfolio gallery on your demo?

Excellent work, btw!

Actually, I should have also directed the question to anyone who owns the theme and knows the answer… It would be much appreciated since I’m sure the author is likely very busy.

Hello, you can set any page as your homepage. Please go to settings > readings and set your Front page via admin panel.


Hi Author,

When i do installed on the host, it did not show as demo data, I import plugin or XML it’s the error message: “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.”

Please help me how to fix this error, send a reply to the email: ngoandesign@gmail.com

Thanks so much,


Hello, thanks for contacting us. This “internal error” issue isn’t quite explicative. I advice you to switch WP_DEBUG parameter as “true” and try again. Probably system resource are not enough and interrupting the process. Best Regards

Hello, am interested in buying this item, I would like to keep the site SEO settings. my question is, where the template takes place settings for the H1, H2, etc. tags, or must be placed manually, that are removed from the default template.



Theme based on WhiteBoard Framework, that means currently optimized for SEO, and things placed well.


For all those who use the extended character set. In Theme options>Typography set:

in CONTENT TYPOGRAPHY section, to see all characters like polish ?, ?, ? etc.
Hi, What I mean is that I use a lot more characters, than those provided in the basic character set. Not all fonts from google fonts have specific characters, needed to correct spelling in Polish. For example – font Raleway, (by the way, very nice) does not contain Polish characters. I had to use the font Open Sans and Slab Roboto to correctly display the contents on my blog (frameflow.pl). In addition to the weight of the font, it is also necessary to append (in the page header) character set information like latin-extended:
<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Slab:400,300,100,700&subset=latin-ext,latin' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
The solution was to add to the field “CONTENT TYPOGRAPHY”:
Then all national characters started appear correctly.

Thank you for sharing. And sorry if we have missed to express this feature as we supposed to be. Google fonts parameters could be added on Appearance > Theme Options > Typography : Content Typography as you already pointed. And parameters could be found on Google fonts selection page.

Kind regards.

Best ;)

Hi I just purchased your theme but the shortode button in the editor is not there. I use WP 3.9 Is there any solution to make the shortcode appear under 3.9 ? Do you plan to release an update of your plugin soon ? Thanks in advance

Hello, thanks for choosing our theme. I’ll be gladly helping you if you please open a ticket for us and share your admin credentials. I’d like to see things in place if possible.

Ticket support: http://freevision.ticksy.com/


Thanks ! Just opened a ticket support with my admin credentials.

Tickets responded.

I want to use one of the beautiful horizontal sliders. But I have one problem / question.

Some of the photos are cropped in this slider. The uploaded picture is correct. But to fix this picture, it’s cropped in the slider.

The same problem exists on your sample website homepage.

Sometimes a part of peoples head is cropped and missing a part. I want to use this slider on my homepage. See www.dpix.nl

Is it possible to select the part of the picture that is cropped? Or is there another solution for this problem?


Hello Peter,

We are calling different cropped images for different thumbnail sizes. But if you prepared fine photos for it already, source file could be changed to “original” file. Please submit a ticket and share your admin credentials, so we can set it for you.


Do I need to open a new ticket? Or do you use my ticket: #210379?

Tickets are getting responded continuously, BTW CONTRAST 1.9 has been released, held tickets will be responded.

on every portfolio page i am getting this error

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/webalnem/public_html/tattavam/wp-content/themes/contrast/functions/functions.php on line 1310

Atleast one playlist ul tag with the attribute data-cat must be defined.

can you please help.


Sorry about the bug. Please submit a bug, and let us access your WP admin panel (if not submit already), so we can see things in place.


Thanks for response. i think its fixed now. it was showing because under portfolio section i didnt select any of the category for portfolio items.


Thank you for sharing, we will work on it to fix it.

Kind regards.

Can you ad padding to the logo or vertically centre it? It seems to sit right at the top of the header.


If you want to add padding to logo, use;

#header #title{padding:10px}

Use Theme Options > General > CSS, or use a proper sized image which fits to header height.

Kind regards.

VISUAL COMPOSER ERROR – There is a error with Visual Composer and your shortcode plug-in..

Ozy Essentials shortcodes plugin. Based on ZillaShortcodes. Version 1.4

when activated this plugin stops Visual Composer from saving text block edits, re-ordering, formatting, ect. Deactivate this plugin and everything goes back to normal with visual composer.


Let us test this. Because Visual Composer having issues with text block component on WordPress 3.9. We found many other reports that not even related with our themes already.


Is there no help forum where you can see issues and solutions? I feel like others must have dealt with the small issues I’m having and a support ticket for every issue feels a bit over the top.


Help forum doesn’t exists, but previously. People doubt about their privacy/security (since they also share some sensitive data and private modes doesn’t make them feel better) so we turned it into a ticketing system. But maybe we can think about public tickets, so people can search before they post.


Asalam o Alaikum, kindly let me know if i can change the background color of portfolio grid… i.e Horizontal grid have black color as default and i want it change …

is it possible ? if yes .. please say yes and tell me how :)

Best Regards saif

Hello Saif (Wa Alaikum Salaam),


Try to add it to Theme Options > General > CSS


wow .. thank you bro


Why doesn’t my portfolio show pictures. See: http://dpix.nl/galleries/vertical-masonry-gallery/portfolio-page/test/

Please check my ticket for my inlog account. Could you please answer the question in the ticket too?

Thanks a lot!


OK, we will take care of it once your ticket’s turns come.


Do I need to make a new ticket? Or do you use the ticket that is opened earlier: Ticket: #210379.. Regards, Peter.

Hello Peter,

All the tickets responded already. Please reply same ticket.


I was sent a support request to freevision.ticksy.com

Check Ticket #212021, please!

Thanks & Regards.


Your ticket will be responded sooner.


Asalam o Alaikum, Mate , that works fine the color change in Horizontal grid … but when i click on full screen it again show black as back ground .. plus if i need to change the gallery loader animation ! is it possible along with changing the icon of “show more” .. are they size specific .. any guideline for running custom icons smooth will be highly appreciated … :)

Grateful already Regards saif

Already responded your huge ticket :)


Many thanks .. it is sure great help God Bless & Regards saif :)

Cheers. Watch for Contract 1.9 updates.

hi, I also have this problem with shortcodes and visual composer ….

“VISUAL COMPOSER ERROR – There is a error with Visual Composer and your shortcode plug-in..

Ozy Essentials shortcodes plugin. Based on ZillaShortcodes. Version 1.4

when activated this plugin stops Visual Composer from saving text block edits, re-ordering, formatting, ect. Deactivate this plugin and everything goes back to normal with visual composer.”

you have a solution? ... is a big problem …

Hello, thanks for contacting us. Please open a ticket for us.


i have places few support tickets but not got any reply for it. Please look int he issues at earliest and reply we are running short on time.


Sorry about it, there are tickets held due new updated has to be released to be responded. CONTRAST 1.9 has been uploaded and waiting in approval queue.


Hello! Great work with this theme!

I’m having a problem with the mobile menu, it doesn’t show on mobile devices. It’s turned on, the widgets are showing but not the menu. Also it shows side menu there.

How can I make the mobile menu work? This is the website: www.aidagourmet.ro

i’ve figured out. Now how can I change “Side Menu” title?


Sorry about delay, I thought you had solution for both of your questions. To change “Side Menu” title you can use language files which located under “translate” folder or “functions/function.php” line 422


Tnx a lot!