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On the homepage I have added a self hosted video, It is not working in Google Chrome,

It does work in Safari, Firefox etc etc, can you explain why and help me out please

Thanx in advance,

We are back to normal days ago, tickets are responding regularly.



with firefox v30.0, hover effect looks so unstable, too.



Adding following rules to Theme Options > General > CSS

.horizontal-grid-folio-portfolio * {

Will fix your issues.


Thank you

i installed wpml and from then on no page is visible in any language anymore in your describtion it says the theme is working with wpml???? help please as i need a multilanguage site

please help i really need wpml opened a ticket 2 days ago

Hello, deeply sorry for delay. We got some technical issues. Tickets will be process in a few hours.

Slider Navigation Not working.

PHP 5.3 is active and running. Widget import/export activated.

Menu created and in sidebar for slider.

but it doesn’t work.


Problem Solved…

Why are images getting resized in horrible dimensions?


seems nothing wants to work with my installation.


Accordian slider gallery not loading….

Customer service anyone?

I am having NUMEROUS issues with setup. I have followed instruction videos and guides but the issues i am having do not seem to be setup related. I must get support asap please!

Problem Solved…

Megafolio Doesnt wortk….

Problem Solved…

dear All

anyone knows how to hack CONTRAST’s code so that the Regular BLOG posts don’t get that dumb fancybox when featured images are clicked, instead of linking directly to the blog item?

It should be within page-regular-blog.php at line 80. Tried to change it to:

echo '<div class="featured-thumbnail"><a href="' . get_permalink() . '" title="' . get_the_title() . '" class="a-page-title" rel="bookmark">'; the_post_thumbnail('blog'); echo '</a></div>';

but it seems like that code never gets recalled.

If you can help guys, I’d really appreciate it. Unfortunately, support is not being provided since 16 Jun roughly… :(

Thanks Marco

Solved it myself.

Should anyone need it, edit index.php and replace echo '<div class="featured-thumbnail"><a href="'. $src[0] .'" class="fancybox"><span class="fa fa-plus" /></a>'; the_post_thumbnail('blog'); echo '</div>';


echo '<div class="featured-thumbnail"><a href="' . get_permalink() . '" title="' . get_the_title() . '" class="a-page-title" rel="bookmark"><span class="fa fa-plus" /></a>'; the_post_thumbnail('blog'); echo '</div>';

hope this helps someone :)

Hello Marco, We got some technical issues. Tickets will be process in a few hours. Sorry for delay.

dear all

anyone knows how to have the CONTINUE READING working when opening a “BLOG Regular” Page?


Solved it myself. Should anyone need it, edit index.php and replace the_excerpt with the_content('<p>' . __('Continue Reading ?') . '</p>');

hope this helps someone :)

Thank you for sharing, Cheers.

if you guys responded to support tickets you wouldn’t get support spam on your comments.. not a good look for you for future buyers if PURCHASED users are having this kind of difficulty with getting someone to support their install issues…


Sorry late message respond, we already responded all the tickets days ago. Thank you for understanding.



i’m very interested in your beautiful theme, only I see one problem. The full screen background video isn’t working on Chrome in your Demo. Is this problem known to you? Is it resolved? Can I see a working demo of the full screen background video on Chrome? It seems to be working on all other browsers. Thanx in advance for the reply.



We aware of the situation and a fix already applied on development environment, watch for upcoming updates.


thanx for the reply,

video background isn’t working on mobile or ipad either. Are you fixing that too in the next update? Thanx in advance for the reply


HTML5 Video elements are not playing automatically on mobile devices or we can’t push it, because mobile devices has limited resources (as processing power and network limit), playing videos without user’s permission will just generate false visitor experience. Instead of it, we are pushing fallback background images.


Hi, great theme! I would like to integrate the “Online Hotel Booking System (WordPress Plugin)” in CONTRAST. it will work? Have you already had experiences in this regard? thanks

Hello, sorry we had no chance to test such a plugin. You can try if you have it already.

dear all

anyone has problems with the Contact Form 7 together with this theme or am I the only one with this problem?

It always fails returning “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

My server sends messages correctly, either via PHP mail or using the WP SMTP plugin.


anyone can help?

thanks Marco

Hello Marco,

Are you having same issue with any official theme? Because we don’t have any code that may affect Contact Form 7 plugin.


Horizontal Gird Folio Doesn’t work.

Spits this in web console: TypeError: b.curPlayListData_ar[b.countLoadedThumbs] is undefined


Can you submit a ticket and share more details? We will try our best to produce a solution for you.



I am looking for a photography theme. Your theme is interesting. But unfortunately, in the slides the user MUST select exactly the next or back arrows to go further. Today, people do not like it.. That is my main “Problem” with your theme…

Regards Mustafa

Primary top menu and side menu left – right options are available.

Hi ! I did not so left/right menu possibility in demo. Anyway. I will be in Holiday for 10 days. After it, I will see again the theme. Thanks. Mustafa


I have a question. Does your theme visual composer come with the parallax option included? Which allow me to create a one page multi purpose webpage if I want to?

Thanks in advance.

Well actually our latest theme waiting in approval queue, please follow us on Theme Forest to don’t miss it, this is what you are just asking for. We have modified Visual Composer to enable parallax and many other cool effects within.


Great, is there any place where I can sign to wait for the new release?

Hi, Pre purchase question, is it easy to modify the code of the theme to make the logo appear on the right side instead of the left. thanks

Got a question that bother me really much. And I think it is not a problem of theme itself – that’s why I don’t wont post as ticket.


I have a 2 PC’s – One at work, one at home. Both have a same version of chrome, same settings, same plugins, ... Both have a same version of Windows 7 – updated.

In chrome at home, I’m not able to use side panel in my site with Contrast theme active – menu doesn’t slide out.. like if you have a javascript disabled (it’s not). If I use FF or IE the menu works, it doesn’t work just in chrome..

In chrome at work or elsewere, side panel works fine and will slide out.

This is a really mystery for me, does anyone have idea what it could be?


Can you please tell more details about Windows 7 machine? Because on our Virtual Windows 7 machine we can’t generate same issue like yours.

Kind regards.

Well, I naver had such a problem before.

And I know, it’s not your fault, but I don’t know what should I do (except the format of HDD).

I tried to download chromium – and stil, I can’t open the sidebar (panel) when I use your theme. I did a clean install of Chrome – nothing.

But when I tried to download older version of chromium/chrome it works. That’s the werdest part about it. All javascripts works, except the sidemenu. If I want to slide out the menu, I have to go to developers tools and set – simulate touch screen – then I’m able to click on the sidebar (panel) and will pop up.

ad. I’m not a BFU – I’m working in IT industry so I know things, but this one. It totally mess my brain.

ad2 If I express myself badly, I can do “gif” or video of the problem.

ad3. in my work, site works fine and if I click on “side menu” icon with holding a shift key it doesn’t open new window, just pull out the menu (i things this is how it should be)

in my home where site doesnt work fine if I click on “side menu” with holding a shift key, it open a new window with my site (different behaviour).

Maybe it will help.

Hello, I kindly ask you to open a ticket for any kind of technical issues. We’re not able to provide support via market board. Thank you.


I have quick question, i wanted to use verdana font in my whole site but while i am using ( choosing) verdana, geneva, sans-serif it uses sans serif. how can i choose only verdana.


From ticket you mean http://freevision.ticksy.com/ site right?

Hello, yes you can submit a ticket via http://freevision.ticksy.com/


Yes i did, waiting for your help there !!