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I’ve created a support ticket, but it doesn’t show when I search for it, and I can’t find some sort of ‘history’ of my tickets in My Profile either.

How can I be sure you have received it?

Hello, we respond daily all ticket requests. If you please gimme your ticket ID I can check if it’s responded for you or you can submit another one. Best Regards


I’d be happy to, but like I said, there’s now way to find a ticket after it’s been submitted, and I was never provided with a ticket ID through email or anything afterwards, so I wouldn’t know where to find the ID.

Will please try again and submit another ticket. Normally you get confirmation mail once you submitted. Thank you.

Hello, When I try to install child theme I get error, index.php cannot be found. Added index file from main theme and word press accepted the file, however, the site now gives this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ozy_page_meta_params() in /home2/danidd67/public_html/wp-content/themes/contrast-child/index.php on line 7. Any ideas on how to correct this?

Figured it out. Child theme CSS is missing “Template: contrast “

Hi there,

I have a question about mobile menu system.

When at mobile menu all web site goes to left, how is it possible to make it dropdown menu ? In low resolution (like mobile and ipads) its a bit confusing

thank you very much


Hello, that also requires major modifications which we can’t provide sorry for that.

Ok thanks but I really stuck in this situation.

How can mobile menu appear after 800px. is this controllable by style. css or which corresponding php?

Really important issue Thanks

Hello, you might try to edit style.css and search for “media queries” where you’ll find responsive queries. Regards

When will the new version come out? I’m also having an issue when viewing the horizontal gallery in full page mode, the + disappears when hovering over the images.


Hello, thanks for contacting us. Currently we’re working on some new improvements. However will you please try this for now;

Add this into Theme Options > General > CSS box

.horizontal-grid-folio-portfolio * {

That should help! Cheers


Nice Theme.

Since the last Update!? the sidebar does not work. Also the mobile version.

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards

Hello, thanks for being our client. If you please open a ticket and share your admin credentials I’ll be seeing things in place. Best Regards

The day 14/07/2014 we report a fatal error that is still not solved. We need to respond to our customer.

It is urgent, thanks, greetings.

This is truly baffling, the ticket is open and number is # 247043. This morning I have given a wrong answer … Tell me, I have to do?.

I have a customer angry about a problem with your template.

Urgent help, Regards.


-EO Purchased

We are convinced that you have a problem with your support service. We answer yesterday at 6 am (your local time), to your comments, and we still do not answer.

As we have already mentioned, is urgent and unresolved for 10 days.

A greeting.

Hello Rachel, we already responded your ticket with a solution about your case. Please do not write here unsolved issue for 10 days. I kindly explained on your ticket as well that you need more resource with your hosting.

512 Kb (Fatal error: Out of memory (Allocated 83886080) (tried to allocate 4576 bytes)

Means that requires to more resource. Please contact your hosting firm. I’m sure they’ll handle this issue. You can still contact us if the issue persist. Meanwhile we also need permission on your admin panel. We’re always ready to help you.

Best Regards

251884 Ticket…

short code button does not work … it’s only a blank window …. I have disabled all plugins from third-party … frustrating that a simple plugin does not work … what should I do?

super theme anyway…

Best regards

Baumann Jürgen

Sorry, my Ticket No. 251884

I got a ticket … 24 hours later …. still no answer …. Ticket No. 251884

best regards

I responded your ticket. Thank you.

Hi i’m so disappointed … paying always has to be fast … if you need help …. no one here …. I do not understand why I get no response …

best regards

Hello, sorry for delay. Due to local time there might be delays. I’ll take care of ticket. Thank you.

Hello! Before I’ll buy I have some questions about your theme.


I find different versions of the lightbox in the demo. Sometimes with thumbnails, sometimes with info text and a zoom button. Where or how can I choose which style will be used? #2 On the iPad the portfolio grid will only lead to the lightbox because overlay with the little arrow link to the portfolio post is not displayed. Any fix for this? #3 What about the updates of the included plugins. Can I update them from the WordPress backend or do they come only with updates of your theme?

best regards Volker

Hello Volker,

thanks for contacting us.

1 – Horizontal Grid folio has own separately styled lightbox and secondly thumbnails are available with fancybox.

2 – For sure I’ll investigate this issue and if requires any fix will be done by next update. Thanks for feedback.

3 – If you have bundled plugins you can update them manually otherwise latest versions comes with the theme. We oftenly update plugins.

Best Regards

Hello, thanks for contacting us. I’m sure there s a way to do what you’re asking but first please close top bar and give me exact URl so ? can help you that way. Best Regards


is it normal that I have to wait 24 hours on each response? I have big problems with this theme … Revolution Slider does not appear in Panal right … always wants to update – it is the latest version …. shortcode button does not work … I still have not received a response … time shift or not …. It’s three days passed and no one helps …

Best regards

Jürgen Baumann

Hello Jürgen,

We were investigating your issue which takes time to provide a solid solution. We’ve responded your ticket already. Please be patient and let us help you. Seems there is something wrong with configuration of your host. Best Regards

Hi, is it possible to link each tile/image in the grid/masonry layout to another page or sub-site in a Multi-site set up?


With some minimal changes, posts could be directed to absolute URLs. If you can share more details with us by simply submitting a ticket to http://freevision.ticksy.com we believe we can help you further.

Kind regards.


I’m very interested by your theme.

1/ Is it possible to have a permanent audio player with the left menu (to listen music during shoping or have a look on pages without interruption)

2/ Is it possible to have different background on different pages ?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for your answers. Regards

Thanks for your answer.

You are most welcome! :)


Great theme!

I’m trying to create a video gallery with videos from youtube. Isn’t the theme supposed to generate thumbnails automatically from youtube?

Do I have to manually set thumbnail image for each video?

Thanks, Jonathan

Another question:

the animation when hovering over video gallery items looks very buggy- can you please look at this page and tell me what’s going wrong?


Thanks! Jonathan

Hello, Jonathan thanks for contacting us. If you please open a ticket and share your admin credentials we’ll be gladly helping you.

For your info; the video gallery does not generate preview images automatically from youtube. Sorry for that.

Thanks I will open an issue on your support site shortly using my clients username (She purchased the theme).


Warning, this theme doesn’t work on Surface Tablet!!!!

Button for side slide menu doesn’t work on Surface Tablet!!!!!

I check theme demo 1.7 on http://contrast.freevision.me/ is ok

But after buy your theme and install, it doesn’t work on Surface Tablet!!!!! not work on 1.9 not work on 2.0

Please, can you resolve this problem quickly?


Hi, Ticket submitted. Regards

Hi, please could you send me theme version 1.7?? Regards

Hello, we have a fix for this issue. Please open another ticket and let’s try to fix it. Best Regards

“Ticket: #258271 – Footer Sidebar is NOT working” – I am facing a weird issue in the Contrast Theme.. All of my sidebars are working, but ?the FOOTER SIDEBAR is not working. I have tried posting various widgets in to the Footer Sidebar, but none of them are showing up.. I am sure there is some CSS that needs to be fixed, can you please tell me how to fix this ASAP?

2 days later, my ticket is still unanswered.. not a good experience !

Hello, tickets are responding daily. However due to weekend response might delay. Sorry for that. We’ll handle your issue. Best Regards

Hi there, a hint: in comments.php there is missing the parameter ”,’vp_textdomain’” after several translation strings. Because of that the translations from a .po file could not be found. Example: before/wrong: __(‘Allowed HTML tags:’) after/works: __(‘Allowed HTML tags:’,’vp_textdomain’)

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We’ll handle it by the future update. Regards

btw: please make line 15 in comments.php translateable with the next update.I expect, when buying an expensive theme, that claims itself as one of the best, all terms to be translateable. Line 15 is: <h3><?php comments_number('No comments', 'One comment', '% comments'); ?></h3>

Hello, thanks for contacting us. We’ll handle it by the future update. Regards

Do I need to redownload and reinstall your theme every time there is a new theme version? I take it this is the only way to ensure to run the latest version of the theme and plugins? As the plugins like Revslider are asking for a purchase cod which I do not have, only the theme purchase which does not work obviously.

OK answered my own question, downloaded theme from here, renamed existing theme folder, uploaded contrast.zip and activated the new theme and got updated plugin version…