Control - PrestaShop Theme Responsive + Included Blog

Control - PrestaShop Theme Responsive + Included Blog

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Control is multi-purpose, fully responsive, clean and elegant PrestaShop theme. It’s our first time, we want to provide you fresh ideas and solutions, we waiting for Your feedback and We promise make the “Control” one of the best themes on marketplace in PrestaShop category.

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Version 2.6.0 - September 2, 2015
[*] IMPROVEMENT: New version of mega menu for 1.6.1+
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Compatibility check for 1.6.1
Version 2.5.0 - 21.04.2015
[+] NEW: "Welcome, Customer Name" in header for better usability

[*] IMPROVEMENT: few design improvements on mobile devices
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Shipping costs in blockcart visible after address selection
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Updated Slider Revolution
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Optimization for product page, quicker animations, few design improvements

[-] BUGFIX: Solved few problems with blocklayered
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with notice warning in crossselling module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved few problems and improve design in productcomments
Version 2.4.1 - 09.03.2015
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with weird reduction in shopping-cart-product-line.tpl
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with left column on blockwishlist
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with product sorting without enabled blocklayered module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with productscategory grid
Version 2.4.0 - 03.03.2015
[+] NEW: ph_html_home

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Few improvements in twitter widget, better "how to use" guide
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Many improvements and bugfixes for the mobile version of the theme
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Updated modernizr library
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Design improvements for order-carrier, order-payment, shopping-cart
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Product features displayed in styled table instead of bullet list

[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with bad redirect after log-in
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with thumbs carousel on mobile devices
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with customized products in shopping-cart
[-] BUGFIX: Many bugfixes for mobile version
Version 2.3.0 - 13.01.2015
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Compatbility with PrestaShop
[*] IMPROVEMENT: New, better version of Slider Revolution

[-] BUGFIX: Few small bugfixes
Version 2.2.0 - 05.01.2015
[+] NEW: Second image on hover on product list

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Few new options in Theme Options related to colors and module configuration
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Mega Menu Mega Categories for mobile improved
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Added description to the attachment list on product page

[-] BUGFIX: Wrong total amount of order on Order Payment step
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with custom colors for Mega Menu
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with misplaced Mega Products in Mega Menu on mobile devices
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with overrided Send to a friend style by PayPal module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with design of the Reviews Carousel module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with customized datas in blockcart
Version - 25.11.2014
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problems with Mega Menu
Version 2.1.9 - 24.11.2014
[+] NEW: Possibility to hide top bar

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Theme is now fast as Bolt!
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Show all button for products list on homepage is back

[-] BUGFIX: Management of mega menu and mobile menu colors now works properly 
Version 2.1.8 - 31.10.2014
[+] NEW: BxSlider is back as alternative to Slider Revolution

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Big update for PrestaHome Mega Menu
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Overall better security

[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with store locator
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with customized datas in blockcart
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with full width Blog layout
Version 2.1.7 - 23.10.2014
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Few small design improvements

[-] BUGFIX: Solved few problems with Store Locator
[-] BUGFIX: Solved few problems with custom colors
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with javascript error on checkout
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problems with blog grid layout
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with overlapped sticky menu
Version 2.1.6 - 09.10.2014
[+] NEW: Compatibility with Google+ and Facebook login module by MyPresta
[+] NEW: Compatibility with Przelewy24 module from Addons PrestaShop

[*] IMPROVEMENT: owlCarousel instead of carouFredSel
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better mobile menu
[*] IMPROVEMENT: New version of PrestaHome Mega Menu

[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with socialsharing module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with product reference on product page
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with BlockLayered module
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with product thumbnails on product page
[-] BUGFIX: Solved problem with crossselling module
Version 2.1.5 - 29.08.2014
[+] NEW: ph_html_column module - custom html in columns
[+] NEW: ph_reviewscarousel ($17 worth)
[+] NEW: import/export Theme Options

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better compatibility with EU Legal Module
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Changes related to PrestaShop
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Do not show out of stock promotions on homepage
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Few mobile menu improvements
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better support for multi-store settings in Theme Options
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Over 10+ Theme Options improvements
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better displaying of "Product packs" 

[-] BUGFIX: fixed problem with textarea field translations in Theme Options in some cases
[-] BUGFIX: fixed problem with custom image background (shop in subfolder and enabled CCC)
[-] BUGFIX: fixed problem with special mobile view on product lists
[-] BUGFIX: fixed few problems related to EU Legal Module
[-] BUGFIX: fixed overlapped list in "Products from the same category" 
[-] BUGFIX: fixed displaying of PayPal module on product page
Version 2.1.4 - 29.07.2014
[+] NEW: ph_html_footer module - custom html in footer

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Compatibility for EU Legal module

[-] BUGFIX: few issues on Authentication/Checkout page
[-] BUGFIX: bad image size with enabled jqZoom
[-] BUGFIX: bad z-index for jqZoom wrapper, overlapped navigation bug
[-] BUGFIX: Unvisible backorder text now is visible and few alignment issues are fixed
[-] BUGFIX: bad size of MegaCategories columns
Version 2.1.3 - 20.07.2014
[-] BUGFIX: bad version of the theme in Theme Options
[-] BUGFIX: improved wishlist design and fixed few problems
Version 2.1.2 - 18.07.2014
[-] BUGFIX: we cannot disable module from Theme Options
[-] BUGFIX: Few problems on address.tpl
[-] BUGFIX: Not available => Sold out
[-] BUGFIX: Bad size of thumbnails on product page
Version 2.1.1 - 13.07.2014
[+] NEW: Check if the new version of theme is available
[+] NEW: Theme check - we check if all hooks are properly assigned in our theme

[-] BUGFIX: Product comparison, ratings and wishlist on product-lists
[-] BUGIFIX: Subsets for default fonts
Version 2.1 - 11.07.2014
[+] NEW: Added support for subsets in Google Fonts
[+] NEW: From this version Control is compatible only with PrestaShop 1.6

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Complete new Theme Options design based on Bootstrap 3
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better product list navigation on mobile devices
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better and nicer social icons on product page
[*] IMPROVEMENT: New version of ph_bgbox module

[-] BUGFIX: Style for Referral Program
[-] BUGFIX: Product page - price depend on attribute
[-] BUGFIX: Product comparison
[-] BUGFIX: Quantity check after adding to cart
[-] BUGFIX: Few non-translatable phrases
[-] BUGFIX: No more problems with custom hooks
[-] BUGFIX: Cannot show slider on small-mobile
[-] BUGFIX: Star-rating on product page now visible on 1.6
[-] BUGFIX: Few other small issues already fixed
Version 2.0 - 30.06.2014
[+] NEW: New mobile menu

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Many improvements for PrestaHome Mega Menu
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Update for Simple Blog

[-] BUGFIX: Problems with mega menu
[-] BUGFIX: Problems with blocklayered on Firefox
[-] BUGFIX: Few phrases could not be translated
[-] BUGFIX: Over 10 other bugfixes
Version 1.9 - 02.06.2014
[+] NEW: PrestaHome MegaMenu
[+] NEW: Custom text in top bar

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Optimization of css and js
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Ability to display Show all" button for specials, new and bestseller products on home page
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Slider Revolution updated to version 4.2.4
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Remove "truncate" from product name in some modules
[*] IMPROVEMENT: FontAwesome updated from 4.0.3 to 4.1.0
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Better autocomplete in blocksearch, faster and mobile-friendly

[-] BUGFIX: Unvisible breadcrumbs on blog category page
[-] BUGFIX: Problems with blocklayered on Firefox
[-] BUGFIX: Unnecessary "strip_tag" on suppliers page
[-] BUGFIX: Fix "Template not found for module blocklayered" 
[-] BUGFIX: Few phrases could not be translated
Version 1.8 - 14.05.2014
[+] NEW: Revolution Slider - Save $19
[+] NEW: Bestsellers carousel on homepage

[*] IMPROVEMENT: SimpleBlog updated to
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Ability to view prices before discount on the list of products
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Ability to display "No available" info if product is no longer available for order
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Action buttons in productscategory module are now visible

[-] BUGFIX: few minor bugfixes reported by buyers on support system
[-] BUGFIX: few javascript issues
[-] BUGFIX: Unnecessary "strip_tag" in favoriteproducts
Version 1.7 - 01.05.2014

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Mobile views improvements

[-] BUGFIX: Fix for image slider in Firefox
[-] BUGFIX: Fix for few small issues reported by buyers in support
Version 1.6 - 19.04.2014

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Change background of submenu (without hover)

[-] BUGFIX: Fix price display on version
[-] BUGFIX: Problems with ph_bgbox
[-] BUGFIX: SSL issues with javascript on footer
[-] BUGFIX: BlockCMS on PrestaShop 1.6 compatibility
Version 1.5 - 08.04.2014
[+] NEW: Quick View
[+] NEW: Parallax background block
[+] NEW: Sticky header
[+] NEW: Sticky menu
[+] NEW: Back 2 top button
[+] NEW: Possibility to enable left column on homepage

[*] IMPROVEMENT: Update SimpleBlog to new version

[-] BUGFIX: Few issues reported by users are now fixed, thank you for your co-operation
Version 1.3 - 20.03.2014
[+] NEW: ControlTheme is fully compatible with PrestaShop 1.6!

[*] IMPROVEMENT: SimpleBlog updated to version
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Custom JS and CSS are now saved in file instead of output them inline in code
[*] IMPROVEMENT: Many improvements and new things in ThemeOptions
[*] IMPROVEMENT: After adding the product to compare or wishlist user will see the success message or an warning message
[*] IMPROVEMENT: A new method of saving the settings of ThemeEditor. 

[-] BUGFIX: Few issues with jqZoom
[-] BUGFIX: We removed about 10 other errors
Version 1.2 - 15.03.2014
[+] NEW: Magnificent, huge and unique ThemeEditor!
[+] NEW: Dynamic, better responsive footer
[+] NEW: Many improvements and new things in ThemeOptions

[-] BUGFIX: We're done almost 20 bugfixes
Version 1.1 - 09.03.2014
[+] NEW: Custom JS and Custom CSS
[+] NEW: Custom background color/image with repeat/size/positions options
[+] NEW: Custom payment/delivery logo in footer

[*] IMPROVEMENT: many Theme Options improvements - more options, better designed

[-] BUGFIX: Few bugfixes
Version 1.0 - 06.03.2014
[+] first release

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