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Review: 0 (Zero Stars) Theme Quality: Poor Support: Nonexistent Documentation: Barely adequate

Since I can’t seem to be able to provide an official review (I wonder why!) I am providing one here. I think it is reasonable to expect with a professionally developed theme that it actually work in the basic features advertised, that some minimal level of support is provided, and that the documentation is more than barely adequate. None of these are true with the Converge theme I purchased.

The piecemaker slider does not work. The code provided in the documentation refers to directories that do not exist. My best guess is that the author did not use this slider much and that it did not get ported fully to Drupal 7.

When I made an effort to obtain support I was initially hopeful, because I got a response indicating a willingness to help by a request for logon details. Since then I have received no response. I have made repeated attempts and I think I provided as much detail in my questions to have my questions answered on that basis alone. I am disappointed.

The documentation seems to be written as an afterthought. Although probably adequate it is not the level I expect from a professional Drupal themer.

@homebrook: – Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Sorry for inconvenience faced, Please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page so that I can help you better.

I have always helped all my theme buyers and would love to help you out too and will try to make sure that you are happy!!

I get lot of emails daily and I guess your email went into archive, but not to worry, I am always there to help my theme buyers.

Once again sorry for inconvenience.

Many thanks themesmania

Although you are actively using the Fusion Accelerator module there doesn’t seem to be any tablet/mobile provision (that I can see). Are you planning to add this to a future release?

The developer seems to have abandoned supporting his/her themes (again). I have tried via the contact page but after a week there is no response. Pity as we bought pretty much all of his/her themes and used the D6 versions quite successfully, however with no support available I doubt we are going to upgrade any time soon.

@t_v: – Hello Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

I am actively supporting all my themes. What you requested in your last comment is a separate “feature request” and I have no plans as if for now of making it responsive.

Many thanks themesmania

Thanks for the response, however with the proliferation of smartphones/tablets a non responsive theme is not useful.

It is not IMHO opinion a feature request but a downright necessity, bearing in mind that the majority of users now access the web via a mobile device.

Considering between the Converge and the Clean Design them you created for our Drupal 6 site. Do you still support the Drupal 6 version of these themes? is there any modules required to be installed for these in order to get the same functions/effects we see from the demos?

@coolren: – Thanks for your interest in purchasing the theme.

All themes are duly supported.

All modules are already included in the package, It comes with installation profile which will setup theme on your server exactly how it looks on demo in seconds. (You don’t need to download any module separately)

After purchasing the theme, if you face any problem related to theme, please let me know I will surely help you out.

Many thanks themesmania

Nice Job ! Good luck for sales;

@GrafAS: – Thanks you so much.

Many thanks themesmania

Hi, we just purchased this theme and tried to set it up the same as your demo site to start with in Drupal 6. We found out that the colors doesn’t show up on the IE 8 browser. What to do to fix this issue?

@coolren: – Hello, Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Try enabling css optimization/compression from performance page, it should help.

Let me know.

Many thanks themesmania

where to find block settings page? theme for Drupal 7. But even here there is a screenshot of these settings: /content/block-settings-glance#overlay-context=content/block-settings-glance and how to open them?

@ufayan: – Hello, thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Its using Fusion Accelerator module (

When you hover any block click on settings gear icon it will show a drop down there click on “skin” link, You can tweak block settings from there.

Let me know if that helps.

Many thanks themesmania

after upgrade Drupal Core and modules – nothing works, a lot of mistakes!!! :-(

@ufayan: – Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

Try Clearing Cache, this should fix all alignment issues :)

Let me know.

Many thanks themesmania

Thanks for a great theme and excellent support when upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. I can recommend those guys. :-D

@dastro: – Thanks for purchasing the theme and for your kind comments :).

Many thanks themesmania

Hi,Is RTL supported?

@hoosoohoo: – Hello, Thanks for your interest.

This theme is based on fusion theme ( and fusion does support rtl.

Many thanks themesmania

Great theme, very flexible. But most important, great support!

@flohub: – Thanks for purchasing the theme :).

You are welcome :).

Many thanks themesmania