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First off, great landing page. I also love the simple video of how to use the html page with wordpress, really helped.

I am using it with wordpress and have had no problems, I followed your video tutorial and I added

<?php get_header(); ?>

<?php get_footer(); ?>

to the page because I want the header and navigation to look like the rest of the pages. My problem is that I want to cutoff the very top of the landing page, the part that has the “Conversion” logo and the social icons and the telephone number. How could I do that?

Hi there,

What exactly do you mean by cutoff? You wanna get rid of it?


Will there ne an responsive Version of this theme or ar least a iPhone optimized One?

Thanks for your response. Its a matter of time or of money?

It’s a matter of time really, I have my hands full with other projects at the moment.

oh i see. well hopefully you will get it dont – we use it very often.

This is beautiful. Does this work with opencart? I would love to use this for my About Us ( ) page as well as some featured product category pages.

Hmm, this is an HTML template so it doesn’t have any integration with OpenCart. However, I think it’s possible to adapt it.

Hello AdiPurdila,

Are you planning to make it responsive?


Unfortunately no.

Is it possible to add additional fields to the trial form without affecting the page layout?

For example, lets say I would like to add another field called company name. Can that be done on my end without breaking the style and layout?

It depends on the scripts you’re using. If you implemented MailChimp or CampaignMonitor these have validation built in. If not, you can either use a JavaScript approach ( or a PHP approach. The PHP approach is safer and there are lots of solutions for that—either google “php form validation” or buy an existing script (

Hope this helps :)

Perfect. Thank you Adi for the amazing support.

You’re welcome :)

I just purchased your theme. It won’t install to Wordpress. I tried directly through the wp-admin, and I also extracted the file into FTP. It tells me it’s a broken Theme, stylesheet is missing. Please help, or refund my money.

Thank you for the purchase. This is not a WordPress theme, but a simple HTML landing page.

Personally, I cannot refund your money but you can make a support ticket directly to Envato, they might be able to assist you.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

How do you make the whole page, or template smaller so that it can all fit nicely in a 600px as oppose to 960 (which is currently full page)?

I would appreciate that a lot.

Do you have an email?

email sent!

Adi – Very nice clean landing page indeed. Can you tell me how to link the social icons? When I click on them nothing happens.

Thanks a million!

Well, you need to change this href attribute for every link. So, instead of: href=”#”, you’ll need href=”” for example.

And thank you for the purchase :)

Thanks Adi. I figured it out – sorry (rookie) but you make it much easier. I am browsing your other offerings as we type.

This is very well done and Adi has gone to a great deal of effort to include very clear and concise video to help people use it. Unlike some other purchases I have made that are far too complex for me to understand and implement well, this one has been a delight.

As an amateur and somewhat older than I would like to be, I find the fabulous instructions very useful. :bigsmile

I am very pleased by this purchase

Thank you for the kind words Mary :)

Is there any way to set up a page like this on wordpress or would that be impossible?

It’s possible to create a page template for WordPress, but not a WordPress theme.

Bought and got it fully set up. Money well spent,and got it setup as wordpress.

Great to hear :) Thank you for the purchase!

Hi Adi,

Just purchased and my link from the payment processor was either lost or broken so I have nothing available from you in my download area.

I can provide payment details etc, ..can you help?

Looking forward,

Dean H

Hi Dean,

I’d love to help, but this is usually a task for the support team. So if you have the payment details go ahead and open a ticket with them ( ), I’m sure they can verify the purchase somehow and help you download the item.

Thanks :)


how to upload it for the wordpress? could you send me a wordpress conversion?

if not, could you refund the money to me? thanks

waiting for your early reply

if you can help me to cover the theme to wordpress, then i no need to refund the money, can’t you?

Well, if you want a WordPress theme there’s a lot of work involved and I cannot help you. However, if you do have a WordPress blog and would like to use Conversion as a page inside that blog you can do so by watching this video:

This video is also posted on the item description.

This is as far as you can go with this template regarding WordPress.

I hope this helps :)

i saw it but i am an such idot at that programs. sorry, i need to contact someone to refund money to me

I cannot figure out how to get this installed. Do you have a service to instal for a fee? I watched the video but it is too complex for me.

Is a Responsive Version of this Conversion Landing Page template available?

Thank you


Unfortunately there is not responsive version available.

Thank you.