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where I see the list of other icons? i class=”fa fa-suitcase”

Love the template! I am pretty novice on the web building side of things and am having trouble changing the basic colors of the template. It seems they are all within the bootstrap css but some seem to take affect while I can’t find the correct tag for others. I want to change the header, top nav and bottom nav colors, to start. Also, where is the tag to change the color for the fa icons and media icons on the header?

Thanks! Diane

hi Diane and thanks for purchasing Convertible.

you don’t need to edit the bootstrap.css to change the colors. You can change all the colors in ‘style.css’.

All you have to do is: find this hexcode #0077f9 and replace it with your desired one. if u are not familiar with this we can do it for you


Again, probably a silly question, but how do I add in the social media links to the fa buttons, is this in js somewhere?

Thanks, Diane

hey Diane, ur question is very good.

here u have a list of all icons u can use in convertible:

What alternative settings are possible with the navigation header? I see yours is set to ‘navbar-fixed-top’ on every page so there are obviously other settings, but there isn’t a word on this setting or how to alter it (or to what) in the documentation.

By the way, when you update the files, as I see you did in again Jan, you ought to say what you changed and when, so that people know whether to update or not.

hi Brian. there aren’t any ready-made header variations for Convertible.

as for the update changelog, we’ll make sure to do this in our future updates.


Hi mackmax,

Awesome theme and happy to have purchased it.

Was wondering if you can also provide me with the original images from the theme.

Thanks for the help.

Sanjay B.

hi Sanjay, plz email us directly or leave your e-mail here

Thanks for the kind words :)

Hi, nice Theme but…the site failed with IE9.

Please review.


hi Jazc, are u sure u are using IE9 ? looks perfect on my side


Jazc, i see u are using IEtester. please test it on real IE8 Browser, as i said, it works perfect on my side.


thanks Jazc, we’ll check once again and fix it in our next updates.

Dear all,

Would appreciate some words of wisdom related to the following.

First: using the Revolution Slider option, I want to stop the slider after the 6th. image (txt fast loading) and Second: stop the slider as above and start over again as when loading.

Thank you in advance, Jan.

hi eurobras and thanks for purchasing our work.

unfortunately current slider settings doesnt support such a thing. that’s not impossible to do but it surely needs some work which we can’t do cuz we are too busy with our new projects and can’t take any custom work.

Kind regards

Hi how do I change the map location? Thanks

hi LegacyGM, and thanks for purchasing our work.

1. go to “js” folder and open the “script.js” with any text editor and find this line of code :
    /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    /*    Contact Map
    /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    var contact = {"lat":"51.51152", "lon":"-0.104198"}; //Change a map coordinate here!

then change the lattitude and longtitude with ur own map location.

you can use some lat-long- generators like this one maybe :


I’m trying to work out how to change the set up of the main page slider – the rev slider. There should be a way to change how the images appear, for example, stuff like that. It’s a basic feature which I know is easy to change….except I can’t see how or where in this theme. There’s only minimised js and nothing in the css or html pages which would facilitate the changes.

There’s absolutely zero help in the documentation and people shouldn’t need to ask such basic questions – that’s what “full documentation” is supposed to be. Help files.

hi Brian, please open a support ticket in our forum so we can send u the full documentation on how to use the slider.

please always use our dedicated support forum for future requests u might have, instead of writing here..


Dear all,

I would like to add a background picture in “boxed” version to replace the ffffff color left and right from the content.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance, Jan.

Hi Jan and thanks for purchasing our work

you have to open style.css file and find this lines of code

body { background: #e9e9e9; }

just replace the bacground hexcode with url of image example

background: url(’../upload/background-image.jpg’);

i hope this helps :)

I really like the template! However, I need to have the slider not close-up on smartphone browsers.

Please see link and let me know how I can stop the slider from closing-up and not displaying on small mobile devices.

Thanks so much!


hi Metrail.

please send your website files to this e-mail : so we can fix it for your but please clarify the slider issue a bit cuz that’s not that clear to us.


Greetigns, I love this Convertible html BT3 template. I have one issue I’m trying to solve:

On mobile devices, when the nav menu collapses to the bars. If you click on the bars, it expands the menu, but when you select a menu option, it doesn’t automatically retract the menu, instead leaving it open.

I have other templates like this where the menu retrarcts automatically. Can you help me figure out how to make that happen in Convertible?

Thanks, Stephen Cary, NC USA

Greetings, just realized this only happens on the single page version. It occurs on your sample here on themeforest also.

Hi. I love this template’s preview and thinking of purchasing it. However, I need a Woocommerce support. The preview shows a “shop” page, but the product details does not suggest woocommerce support.

So – will Convertible support Woocommerce, and if not – do you have any template of alike that can support Woocommerce?

Thanks. Amit.

hello Amit aand thanks for showing interest in our work.

We have a Theme which is similar to Convertible :

it’s a fully customizable wordpress theme and it has the WooCommerce feature as well.

Thanks Faton

Thanks for the reply. Which would you say is a richer, more versatile, & responsive template between the following two: Orbit7 / Universfolio ?

Thanks. Amit.

Orbit7 is more richer cuz it was designed with our new framework plus it comes with Visual Composer ( Page Builder )..

Thanks :D

Hi Dear, I’m wondering if is possible to place a drop box option underneath the picture of the product via css ou html 5?

Kind regards,

Anderson Moreira

Hi dear, you’re welcome!!

Definitely, I’m interesting in your template and I won’t use as a shop store. I’d like to use to display my products and The customers will order it by email quote. Could I use that way your template?

Many thanks

i see, yes Anderson, you can use it that way for sure.

Hi. I want know how I can change the high of the revolution-slider. I want 100% of width per 300px of high.

Hello, please contact our dev at to get support for your issue :)


Hi. I want know how I can change the high of the revolution-slider. I want 100% of width per 300px of high. And I need stop the slider inthe slide three.

Hello, please contact our dev at to get support for your issue :)


I already send the mail, but do not respond.

Hi, I need help on making the Contact Us function work, I already edit the email on where the message will be sent, but when I tried testing it, it doesn’t seem to be working. It doesn’t say the message were sent or I dont receive any testing message. Please help this is the only function I can’t make work.

Hello, please contact our dev directly at to get support for your issue


Great theme. Only wish is a mega menu for multi-column drop-down.

hi jisaac, thanks for purchasing our work.

unfortunately we haven’t made a megamenu for the html version.

it will be on WP version only which will be released within a month, hopefully.


This maybe a dumb question, can you tell me what version of php is best to use for this template? I am still having issue with my contact us page. I am using php5.4.12. The developer asked me if json is enabled and it is. Still I cant make it run. I am hoping for an immediate reply my website need to be up this weekend. Thank you!

Hello, please contact our dev at to get support for your issue :)