Discussion on Convertio - Conversion Optimized Landing Page Theme

Discussion on Convertio - Conversion Optimized Landing Page Theme

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Is it possible to integrate a live chat feature on your landing page? I also wanted to add a Synthesia Ai style avatar to the landing page…is that possible too?

Hello, sure, most live chat services offer a code snipped to integrate to any type of website. As for Synthesia AI, they already have a WordPress integration: https://www.synthesia.io/integration/wordpress

Good day, I hope that all is well. When opting to send the confirmation email to those who complete my form via MetForm (Form Settings > Confirmation) the site throws an error upon submission- “Something went wrong”. Subsequently, the confirmation email goes out but I don’t receive the contents of the form. Can I get some assistance please?

Hi, please check that the form fields have unique ID. If there’s a duplicate ID, it will return that error. If that’s no the case, please set up temporary admin access for our team to check at https://support.uicore.co/

Hi, is there a way to add section or block to the portfolio page?

Hello, you can either use a theme hook to add an Elementor block before content: https://support.uicore.co/help-center/articles/14/13/42/hooks-and-filters or you can use Theme Builder to create a custom portfolio page.

¨Thank you for the worlds best wordpress theme! I have never experienced a better coded theme then this. You guys are amazing!

Hi Chris, thank you for taking the time to share your experience, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback in the future.

Hello. Today I’ve seen few new templates while working with elementor. Seems that this templates from your new theme Lumi. And I already installed few block to my Convertio theme. But now this new blocks not visible while editing the page. Is there any fixes coming up? Thanks

Hi, please update your theme to the latest version, the go to Elementor – Tools – Regenerate CSS. If that doesn’t fix the issue, please set up temporary admin access for us at hello@uicore.co

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Hi Guys,

Is your API down or having trouble? I’m having problems importing blocks and sections from within Elementor. I’ve opened a ticket but not had a response yet although its not been long. Sorry just have a deadline for today to get this finished :-/ !


Hello, the issue is now fixed. You can follow up on our support system.

J2O Purchased

Sorry, still having problems. Have replied.

Hi, what happened to the book and form landing demo? I don’t see it in the demo at the moment: https://subeimg.growuz.com/ib/FpmjhuH91N

Hi, try going to Theme Options – System – Refresh UiCore Data, then back again in Demo Import. If that doesn’t work, please send temporary admin access at hello@uicore.co

I will try, thank you

Hi, I really like the drawings like in the sales-letter demo. I would need to change these images, but in this style. Is there any tool to generate such images? How did you create those images? well thank you

Hi, I think we all wish there was a tool to generate these amazing illustrations, but until then, we must rely on talented artists to create them for us.

For this particular demo, we used the Looney pack from Icons8: https://icons8.com/illustrations/style--looney

question, does this theme provide full support and is there a ticketing website to get support or do i have email for support.

Hello, of course, you can always reach us at https://support.uicore.co/

I need to create a call to action button, but on the mobile phone it appears only inside the menu I need it to appear beside the header logo as I am not planning to create a header menu at all.

Hello, If you don’t have a menu set than on mobile it sold place your CTA outside (in the header not in the menu) Get in touch with us via email and we will assist you with that – suport@uicore.co

I am trying to install the demo but I get Errors occurred during import. See Error Log. but in error log there are no errors “Hurrrrray, no errors logged!”

Hi, please send temporary admin access to hello@uicore.co and we’ll check. Thanks

Sent, Thanks in advance :)

Thanks to ebst support ever, they solved this issue in a few minutes despite my support is expired

Hello, would this theme work with Elementor Cloud Website Builder?

Hello, yes, we already have many users on Elementor Cloud and it works without problems.

Can I add Tag descritpions before list of posts?

Hi, sorry for getting back so late. You can add any custom content before the post list, using hooks.

1. Create your custom content with Elementor, and save it as a template. Go to Saved Templates, and hover over your template to get the ID: https://uicore.d.pr/gHneFS

2. Go to Theme Options – System – Install and Activate Child Theme.

3. Go to Appearance – Theme File Editor and edit functions.php

4. Add this code: https://uicore.d.pr/3hKqLM

5. Replace 11320 with your own template ID (make sure you do it in both places).

I know this is just a workaround, but we’re planning on adding Theme Builder support for Archive and Single this fall :)


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HI I have Problem For responsive footer in mobile Can you help me Thank you

Hi, go to Elementor – Settings – Experiments and disable Improved Asset Loading + Improved CSS Loading.


joudev Purchased

I have problem for the send email or receive the email example for contact us form i don’t know haw I do configuration that when i receive the email

Hi, if you’re using Simple Contact Form widget, you can configure the email address in WP Dashboard – Element Pack Pro – API Settings.

I WANT TO UPLOAD A helvetica rounded TYPEFACE but it does not update on my website, i add this in global font – customfont

Hi, first, make sure you upload all required formats, for maximum compatibility. You can use this tool to convert your font: https://transfonter.org/

If that doesn’t work, please set up temporary admin access for us and we’ll check: https://support.uicore.co/

Want to purchase this in 29USD but now its 39USD, When the price goes to 29USD, will definitely buy it.

I want to buy in intro price as seen in live view, but the add cart now your add cart price is 39

Sorry, but the pricing on cover hasn’t been updated yet. Current price is $39.

Okay, Wan’t to buy in 29

Your demo is still not working

Should be working fine now.

Hi, I would like to buy the theme thats single product, but right now I see that template broken on chrome, but its working on mobile ( I can send pictures through email if needed).. Also I have a question if the theme allows for an affiliate implementation?

Hi, yes, WEBP support is required for both demo import and template library. It should work after enabling it on your server.

Hi, the host provider is not supporting webp at this moment. I will be searching for a new one. Is there an issue with licence code activation after reinstalling the theme on a new server?

Hi, you can use the same key on the new server. It will say it’s already registered, but there’s an option to register the new url, which will automatically de-register the old one. If you’re looking to switch hosting, we recommend SiteGround: https://www.siteground.com/go/uicore-wp

That’s what we’re using and it works really well.

I can’t import the demo as your website is down, Please fix this ASAP.

The website still not working even after changing the browser and clearing the canche. When I try to import the demo after refreshing the UiCore Data it give that message “Demo list is updating” and it keep loading forever

support.uicore.co not working uicore.coo is working, so the issue exists is support subdomain

Hi, it should work fine now, just tested from different locations.


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