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Great landing page. Very easy to modify. What files need to be changed to update script?

Hi Pretoria , Thank you for your purchase .

The 1.2.1 release include a new contact form , you should update the mailer script and the main js file , also don’t forget to update the contact form section in the main css file ..

Please if you need any help , contact us at we will be happy to assist you .

Sigh. Ok, I’m about to ask ThemeForest for my money back on this one, but hopefully you guys can make the necessary changes.

As of now, this template is not responsive. This is something I should have noticed before purchasing, but if you are using iOS (unsure of other systems) and you turn your device to landscape view (horizontal position), you will see the problem with this template. The CSS is not correct, leaving gaps and other problems.

In my case, I purchased this template to use for a client project so now I have to either hope for a quick fix or find another template.

Hi ChaseBillow !

Convertix landing page is responsive , please if you find any issue just notice us via comments board and we will fix it the same day and update the files .

I understand your frustration and I invite you to contact us via support , we will fix all the issues you may have in minutes .

We try to give our customers the best products and support , we learn from every comment or feedback , everyday we try to make better items and better updates for our existant products .

We help our clients via support to fix all the issues they may have using our products within few hours.

We’re investigating the issue you are having right now and we will update the files ASAP . Please contact us via email at and we will help you in everything.

Thanks for the fast response Atlaspix. I’ll go ahead and send an email as well.

Thank you ChaseBillow .

We are waiting impatiently for your email to try to help you with everything .

Just FYI to the theme developers. Though the design is beautiful, the HTML/CSS/JS has problems:

  1. Twitter Bootstrap CSS and JS should be combined and loaded from a CDN (suggest using:
  2. JavaScript should be placed right before the close body tag, not in the <head>
  3. Properly indent the code, use tabs to indent the code (not spaces)
  4. Delete extraneous spaces (e.g. there doesn’t need to be a space preceeding the /> when closing tags)
  5. Having inside is semantically incorrect
  6. Though this does use Twitter Bootstrap, it doesn’t take full advantage of its power. For example:
    • div.logo probably should have been in a div.span*
    • .container, .row, .container-fluid, .row-fluid could have been used more often instead of implemnting their own containers
  7. Very strange that there are often empty spaces right after opening tags and right befor closing tags. Waste of bytes.
  8. Class naming convention not consistent with Twitter Bootstrap (e.g. uses underscores instead of hyphens)
  9. Has inline CSS
  10. Uses br tag
  11. Doesn’t use proper tags to quote for testimonials. Uses p tag instead
  12. Mark up horribly un-semantic for the pricing table. Perhpas use a list (possibly even a table).
  13. Using an image with text for the “Buy it now” button makes this harder to customize. Also, less SEO friendly
  14. Uses tables to layout the email form. Very un-semantic. Such as shame since Twitter Bootstrap has done an amazing job on forms
  15. Hides important content in smaller resolutions. Not proper way to use @media (content shouldn’t become hidden)
  16. Inconsistent handling of hiding content: sometimes it uses Twitter Bootstrap, sometimes it doesnt. Doesn’t fully utilize Twitter Bootstrap
  17. The skins CSS contains layout styles, which it shouldn’t. It should stick to just defining colors, images, etc.
  18. The email icon in the header uses an id of #youtube
  19. Lighbox script doesn’t work

Wow , what a great feedback sKIPper76 , Thank you so much for your comment .. Convertix was our first item , and we’ve learned a lot from our customers comments and feeback ..

Really we thank you so much for all and we are considering your feeback seriously .

Just to notice all our customers that we are developping a very Heavy Update to this item , it will be available for download this week , so if you have any suggestion , let us know .

Please if you have any question or you need help feel free to contact us , we are here to learn and to develop better items and releases for our customers.

Thank you again !

Will I have access to this update as an existing customer? By the way, I’m happy to help you guys out if you need some assistance with the markup, quality, etc.

Thank you so much Skipper !

Yes , once you purchase a item , you have full acess to all the releases of this product ..

in the next release we will consider every word you have wrote in your comment ..

plese email us at so we can notice you when the release is out and you can try it and give us feedback .

Thank you again Skipper , Have a nice day !

Great theme, can you port it to wordpress? I would definitely buy it then.

Thank you we will consider your feedback .

I love this simple but very effective landing page.

My question is this, how simple is this to install and set up?

Finally, how good is the installation/ support documentation?

Thanks in advance.

Well done, keep up the great work.

I have a problem with social links, if i insert the link in the A tag it does not work. What does i have to do ?

Please contact us at and we will assist you in this one

Thank you .

Hey, guys, responsive is not working very well. Hide important blocks of info. Could you fix this?

The item work perfectly on all devices … it’s just hide some blocks .. and this is a bad practice .. so we will solve it making those blocks responsive too ..

the update will be available this week .. Thank you

Oh, rigth, im gonna make every site in the world responsive: if width>=300px {display:none;}


The update will be available this week . Thank you

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get help with an issue after importing this page to WordPress… my emails to your support line may still be getting caught by spam filters? I’ve set up FTP access to the site like you requested. Please help!

Sorry for the late reply .. we have reply to your email .. please note that this is not a wordpress theme is only a plain html template .. the price indicate it .. you must install it and customize it manually .

the wp version will be here in few weeks . hope it help you :)

I appreciate you guys trying to help.

Unfortunately, the Carousel doesn’t work at all now and I haven’t received any emails from you with more information. I understand this is an HTML template that I’m jamming into WP, but you should have simply told me to figure it out on my own a week and a half ago when I first contacted you rather than stringing me along.

I like the theme, and I’m sure you guys are busy, but not terribly thrilled with the support here.

Yes we understand your frustration … we are checking your email to send you a solution .. sorry for the late reply .

The page is great and what I’m looking for. However, it is very SEO-unfriendly. There are h1 tags everywhere (there shouldn’t be more than one on a page) and there doesn’t seem to be any hierarchical order to the tags. I want to buy the page but it will take me an hour or two just to correct all the header tags and change the CSS.

There are 16 h1 tags, 11 h2 tags, and 7 h3 tags and they are horribly misused. It’s a shame because this is a beautiful lander.

Is there an update to this page coming any time soon? I wouldn’t want to run the risk of having my domain slapped with a Panda penalty from Google.

I noticed that on my iPhone that the landing page does not show the phone number. Also it doesn’t show the x button to get away from the contact form.

Very nice layout – I would love to know if you have a way to fix these two issues.

Hi HarryWatson00 .. don’t worry for that because we are updating our items .. in the next few days . we will notice you via email .

Thank you and sorry for the late reply ( holidays ).

Will you be updating this to Bootstrap 3?


we are already updating it , in few days the update will be available . Thanks

You said this already last week. It is always a few more days. My own coders could have had this done by now. Do I need to log a format complaint?

Is update ready yet? Are you still supporting your template?

Is this theme ‘dead’? The live preview is not as I expected…