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Got it … but these are no sidebars .. these are additional Footers. :(

Hello Bero-Jonna, In this theme you have only footer sidebar area.

...mistyped, don’t know how to delete.

hello. Im trying to meke that posts in home just show a short part of the post but cannot make it happen and it turns out showing the entire post on home… can you help me ? thanks mana

I am sorry… can you be more specific? Is it sth I need to edit in each post? I just want the home to show the summary and not the full post. thanks!

got it! but isnt there an automatic way to do it in the home page?

Please email us, we will help you to configure it.

How can i remove the comment name and line “Website” that people have to fill in when they want to place a comment?

How can i remove the comment name and line “Website” that people have to fill in when they want to place a comment?

Hello, you need to add this function in function.php file

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'url_filtered');
function url_filtered($fields){
  return $fields;


I emailed you but thought I would try and ask my question here as well. I really need help as I am building a client site and am running out of time.

The sidebar is not showing up for me. I am selecting default as that is where I have put my widgets but when I save, nothing is showing up. I have NO CLUE what I am possibly doing wrong. Can you please help?

Beautiful theme BTW, my client loves it.


Please check your email. Thanks.

Hi guys, /conzert/includes/shortcodes/social.php We see the name buttons {#insert} and {#cancel} (I think this is bad…) however they doesn’t works…however doesn’t works, we’re going wrong?

Hello, please contact me via email

Hello! How I can update theme?

Hello, you need to download latest theme main file from ThemeForest, then replace the content of theme folder to /wp-content/themes/conzert folder of your website.

I made some changes with files of theme folder. Do you have detailed changelog of update?

We changed footer.php, style.css, files from translation folder and updated optiontree folder.

Can you change the “(more…)” button to expand the text in each post? Move it centered below the text and make it a little more decorative

Yes, in next update ;-)

Quick question, do the posts support soundcloud players?

Hello, I like the simplicity of your theme, looks great. One quick question before buying, though. Is there an option to have a sidebar?

I added the “ThemeRain: Recent Tweets” widget and all it does is say “loading tweets” and nothing actually happens. I put in a twitter username, there really is no other customization other than the number of tweets to display. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I installed the Contact Form 7 plug-in and the contact form works, but one of the fields doesn’t have the same formatting at the other fields. Not sure why it’s doing that, or how to fix it.

Beautiful theme! I bought it for your attention to typography and readability.

I’m considering converting an old site with a lot of text content to Conzert. Is there a way to automatically insert the Read More code into every post? I’d like to display just the first 50-100 words of each post on the main blog listing and on the Category and Tag pages.

Thanks, Darren

HELP The theme doesn’t work…. I’ve installed it by ftp and tried with automatic import .zip file function of WP, but when I try the “Preview” the screen is empty :-(

And if I try to activate the theme, the website doesn’t work: only a black screen…

Hello, please contact me via email I will help you.

HELP! I’m disappointed! The theme doesn’t support the Quote post type which is listed as being supported on the item details page. Support for the the quote post type was one of the main reasons I purchased this theme. Please either add quote support as a post type or help me add it.

Hello, to add a quote just select “Status” post format and you will see additional input “Status Text” bellow text editor.

Hi, that works thanks!

Same problem here than @twistngo with the contact-form-7. The email field is not with the style of other fields.

Have you a fix ?


Hi, thanks for purchasing Conzert. Please contact me via profile page contact form. Thank you.

Where can I change the footer information?

Found it ;)