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OK, I want to buy this theme, looks great from the demo, but I don’t know how good it is, first of all, what requirement do I need? after install, load the demo data, will I get exactly the same look as on adv., then I can change the photo, add food and menu, setup the payment… then ready to use, is it something like that?? I bought the quickfood theme 2 weeks, insatll it, doesn’t look lke on the adv., load with the demo data, there’re six other restuarants there, look like my site would become the slave of their site, I wonder how that may work? Will that happen with yours?? I really want it, but I want to make sure what I’m going to buy. For the last seller, I don’t have any reply from him, always ask me to email to him, never get back to me. What I want is just a theme, I can use to build my website.

I bought this theme, install it, how can I add menu and food there? I watch the youtube video, nothing like this one… what are the menu, is it the food menu or menu bar at the top…. why so hard to use this theme? does it work?

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do you have email so that I can send to you, don’t want to show here

Done the demo data has beed imported. Some of the images couldn’t upload so that is why some products are without

OK, you load the demo data and seems to work… BUT, it sometimes, links to your website?? Another question, can I change the front page, as I don’t sell pizza… we’re chinese. and how can I edit the product, and can the product (food or drink) can do without the photo?? I don’t need them. very quick response, thanks for that.

about the products: you have to delete all imported one and to create new. About the pictures on home page: you have to do it manually. In the zip you download from TF there are PSD files with which help you can generate new picture for them

OK, now I try to understand how it works. I added a rice dishes (categories) and special fried rice, it shows at the end menu, but it’s not on the main bar (all / drink / meal /... menu), not there, what did I do wrong?

You have to go to APEARANCE >> MENU and edit the main navigation

very quick response… excellent, I’ll try… how to change the map, on contact us… I’m still trying to do so, any hints??

trouble again, the top menu disappear, don’t know why? how can I remove the meal of the day? how can change the contact info and map? we’re not in German. Thanks

I want to change the contact page, as it shows other place, and phone number

also how I can add delivery charge? or discount coupon?

finally how restaurant know there’s an order, via email??

OK, I still got no reply from you. How can I change the information on the “about us” page? The information there can’t be changed, If it can’t be changed, this page is rather useless, finally is this theme really responsive? why not works on mobile device, finally the front background photo be changed? I need reply soon.