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Really good work!!

Thank you :)

Just nice, very useful project :) Good luck !

Thank you :)

Good job, Friend :)

Thank you friend :)

Great work,.

Good luck with sales


Thank you :)

Nice graphic-design work, congrats :)

Thank you :)

Looks tasty! Good luck ;)

Thank you :)

Nice work! If you do an HTML version, I’ll buy it :P

Things said, things done! I just bought!

Hello! If I buy the theme – Can the slider do use without $ pricing on it? I want to use it without the cart features.

Yes It is possible… When you buy it write me and will tell u what to change :P

I already bought the “HTML Version”. Is it possible to pay the difference to get the Wordpress Version?

I don’t know for such options in TF. If you write to the support and they allow you…

I’m looking for a good ecommerce platform for a client and this look is spot on. The theme can edit color?

There is no option in the admin to edit colors… you can do this manually in the CSS file. There are PSD so you can change also the element colors but you have to do it manually.

Aww. Now for $55 insted of $40 ? :-/ during 1 day …


I’d like to buy your theme for a client of mine but it will require some customization, are you available ? what are you rates?

FYI, my client would like the cart to work in 3 steps: step 1- add the list of items in the basket (including the ones with options) 2- for those who have options you can view them on the 2nd step (instead of going back and forth between the main list and the option list) preferably via radio buttons instead of the dropdown with size and subsize (for example: option 1: french fries option 2: rice, option 3: noodles…) 3- the list of items that were selected

I look forward to hearing from you, Cheers RVP

HI, unfortunately I don’t have possibility to do it but I spoke to one developer with whom I work and he said that he can do it. His rate is 53$/h. If you are interested I can give you his contact details.

Hi, thanks for your reply, I’m checking internally if someone can do it otherwise I’ll revert to you. thanks.RVP

Really amazing theme, congratulations. Good luck on sales ;)

Thank you :)

Hi, I am wondering if the menu is limited to only 2 tiers? Example: Pizza: other pizza, vegetarian pizza.

Can I create a sub menu item under vegetarian pizza: organic, non-organic?

The Second Menu where the categories are listed it has only one level submenu. The first menu is unlimited. Ofcourse you can alter the menu function if you touch a bit the CSS and the JS.

hi ? already buy the template but ? want ask about the slider part. is there any easy way to do it witohut woocommerce.

Now I am making update 1.1 version and it will have easy way of adding and removing pictures just with click. I don’t know when i will release it because I am very busy… If I have time I hope it will be this week…

Hi, Thanks for the great theme , one small request can i add multiple pictures per item or post??

Yes, you can.

Excellent theme. Thanks for the great work. Would this work with Marketpress ( I’d like to setup multi-site (WPMU) with this theme. Is that possible?

Thank you. Could you also please clarify whether this would work with a WPMU?

Never test it but it should run without a problem. in the FAQS is said that mostly all themes should work without a problem.

thanks again