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Hello.I have a problem with a form of feedback, it is not displayed correctly.

you got a username to log in WP? And when version WP+woocommerce you recommended?I want to do is because you have a demo template, could you help me do this? I am so it will be easier then to understand.

Hello. I have a problem. Why can not I translate a template? I use “Codestyling Localization”.

The site is not supporting different languages. You can try the language support provided from woocommerce it should work. Some of the things are hard-coded so you have to edit the files.


very nice template. I have one question – I want to make a site with several restaurants and their menus for ordering – do you think that this is possible with your template?

ps. sorry for my bad english

Thanks is adnavce

Hi, I guess it will be possible. Please tell me how do you Imagine that the site will look. Does all the restaurants offer the same menu or they are completely different.

Hi, All the restaurant will have different menus. May be only the home page will need some changes – like more meals of the day and somehow to includes some sort of listing with the restaurants? And the header I thing must be smaller… I was thinking that we can do the different restaurants by using categories (every restaurant is a new category) and for the menus by using subcategories but I`m just starting working with woocomerce so if you have a better idea I will be very thankful.


You can try it without buying the theme. Install WP and WooCommerce and try it with some of the default themes. Other option is to make every restaurant with sub domain. it will be

How to change the rating(onion) icons to star or any other icons. Please help, Thanks

Also, is it possible to always show the cart widget even if it is empty?

You have to edit images/sprite.png (this is for the onion). About the card if you install one version earlier of woocommerce it will be visible when there is nothing

that’s great… thanks a lot :)

Hello.Why can not I search the site?

assistance is no longer needed, I’ve found a reason.

Why do you have so many mistakes in the template? I’m sorry I bought this template.Incorrectly shows the main page. Search is not working properly.Button “Description Reviews (0)” have the wrong style. When I copy a table and insert it in the description, it does not appear markup table borders. why in the demo template themeforest, everything works fine ? Help! photos for you to understand: good; bad; bad; good; good; bad

In some future updates but not right now, recently I am very busy.

why, then, he is working in the demo template?

Do you use the same widgets like on the demo. If you use exactly the same things should look exactly the same

Hello! I’m struggling to put the shopping cart in the sidebar of the site, I followed the documentation and could not appear, can you tell me what could be wrong? is the domain … sorry for my english.

Sorry, wasn’t available recently. Do you still need my help or you solve the problems?

yes, data access is wordpress in your email, thanks :)

I added the widget on the home page, now the cart is there, is there something more which I can do?

Can i change the header images which are static arround the slider and how much this wordpress site is secure? As you know WordPress can easily hack. Is there any option of Reporting? Like order reports, register person record etc.

Please reply me.

Yes you can change the header images. You can do it with the PSDs. There are also a clean images in the zip package. You will need Photoshop and HTML&CSS a bit to manage to change the images…. About all question you can check the functionality of WOOCOMMERCE and you will have very clear idea what can you do. Maybe the fastes way will be to watch few clips in youtube about woocommerce. Next week I will not be available but if you have more questions just write me and will answer you in some time.

How can i change currency of product from admin panel…?

Hi! I have a problem with the sliders options, i cant see anything cause the Sliders Options in the menú is Blank. I use WP 3.5.2.


Just add items in the slider. On the bottom of the product item there is a check box

How can i check order list from any customer…. I need order list in CSV format. I think this is better option for any food website.

HI the drop down menus not working After updating the Wordpress can you please suggest me the fix for this you can refer to my website:

I just check it it is working. The only thing which I notice is that you have 3d level menu and this menu accept only 2nd level menu. I think if you fix that the menu should look OK

Hi, I’ve the following problem: When I set my home page I view (under) the header the following test: HOME>Sample page (as yu can see in this link

Can you help me to solve this problem? Thanks

I am sorry I am not able to see the screenshot. Did you setup the widgets correctly, it is possible this to be the reason.

I desiare ti know why when I load your template in my wordpress platform it isn’t responsive while your preview is it.


I am sorry the preview is not responsive and is written in the description that it is not.

Hello, Very interesting theme you have here, for sure. However, i have a little bit of an issue. Is it possible if the woocommerce catalog setting is set to display categories, to display categories 2 in a row instead of a full down list ?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Right now cannot open your site I see only the under construction page

Hey, i have just disabled the under construction page. The website is available.

sorrz, missed the time

Hi I have question, i want to add checkbox(I dont know what exactly name is). for example, i m a customer and i choosed the small size pizza but i want to add extra things like Sweetcorn,Pineapple,olives,tuna,tomato so how can i add checkbox?

Actually i want to tickbox is product add ons plugin adequate for me?

If you check the documentation the plugin it has option for checkboxes . Personally I’ve never used it. You can search around for similar plugins maybe there is cheaper

Hello, great theme. I have a couple questions/issues regarding my page. I am having problems entering the Meals of the Day and featured products widgets. I’ve read all the previous comments regarding these issues and just cant seem to figure out why they’re not showing up on the page.

I also wish to switch the flying food with my client’s logos, and am confused how to upload the adjusted .psd file. From I’ve read and understand I have to go into the CSS but am rather confused how to do this/where to start. Found below is a link to the page to see what we were doing wrong. Thank you!

HI, about the featured products you have to go to WIDGETS and to put the widget of the product there; for meals of the day you have to go to edit the product and on the bottom there is a checkbox for the slider.

About the flying food on the background, you will find a folder name Clean Images in the zip package. They are without any food. You can add the food which you want on them and replace them with the current one.

If you have more problems will help you, just let me know.

So where do I replace the zip package? That’s where I’m having issues, I’ve customized it the way I want but I don’t know how to change it without messing the current layout up.

How to change currency from admin panel ?

done… I found…

Hello, I have two questions for you.

1. After changing the flying food homepage in Photoshop, where do i upload it again to the wordpress? I’m not sure if there’s a tool, through the css or what.

2. Also, how do I add a sidebar stating the hours of operation on the side?


OK. so now you have to open your site through FTP the images are in folder wp-content/cooker/images and there you have to replace them.

2) There are plugins for that. Go to Admin >>> add new plugin and search for under-construction and see which one will suit you

hello. Why is my home page is not displayed correctly? I will send you access to the site to email.

Hello, i have two Qus. 1-i have the theme Ver1, the products appear in one column, i realize that now the menu is two column, is that a woo feature or i should upgrade to Ver 1.3 to get that.

2-is the new version copatibale with wordpress 3.61


Hi, in ver 1 the menu can also fall on 2 rows if you speak about the main navigation.

The change between 1 and 1.3 is very big. The reason is woocommerce. If you upgrade woccomerce to 2 and above you will need to upgrade also the theme to the latest version otherwise it will not work.

I wish this was better mobile optimized.