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Hi again My work is almost finished thanks for everything. i have last question about woocommerce my question is can i add the sound notification for orders ? if u say no okey another question is can u help me about the order email notification how can i use it (i mean new order=new mail )


Yes u are right it s hard to say i want to when new order arrived i want to sound notification for example when the new order arrived, i have to hear sound notification from pc i mean if i m busy sounds like a “heyyy pizza pizza look at me” i know it s a weird question :/

It works thank you for everything buddy Design mania has great,awesome support and feedback my work is done :)

I guess for sound notification the best it will be to create email address only for new orders and if you have smart phone to make some ring tone notification when you receive email. Right now I cannot think for anything else. Thank you wish you good luck with the site :)

Hello, how do you redirect the link on the slider or delete it completely?

I am not sure that I understand you. Can you please give me more details :)

i wannna buy this theme, but i got a question, can i change the background color and the image on the chekout square, and also the images on the front page

You can do it but you have to do it manually, which will requires Photoshop and Css skills.

Just bought your theme and are using Wordpress version 3.6.1 and we are having a slider issue. We have checked off products to show up however they seem to be not putting in the correct image source path? Because of this the image seems to be broken and possibly not even centered properly?

See the below screenshots of the code source and the page result.

Not really feeling the “great support” as advertised, last response was over 8 days ago?

We ended up solving it on our end by re-writing the slider code.

Happy that you solved your problem, if you face more just send me email I will answer faster

Been using the theme for a while now and LOVE it! Why? Because the client is happier than a pig in a blanket. :) Just two small issues: 1) Contact7 stopped working with this last WP update 3.7.1 2)Social links for twitter & facebook stoppped working—perhaps for the same reason.

Good news—The cart sidebar now works LOL

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Hello! Live Preview doesn’t work! Best regards, Igor.

Hi, I just check it and it is working. Can you check again can you open it?

Hi again buddy :) I have a small question about popup, i have created a popup, it works great but if anyone looking with ipad,iphone etc.. ,it has a problem about windth and fixed, have u got a advice for me about this issue


I would hide the pop up if it is mobile device. Pop ups are very uncomfortable on mobile. If you want the pop up you can make it responsive so to fit on the device or make it in the site not to be like pop up with absolute position

Hello! I updated my wordpress to version 3.7.1. Everything works normally, the area execeto logo that does not appear sooner. I imagine this has to do with the plugin “Option Tree”. What do I do to fix this?

Hi, please download the new version 1.2.5 and try with it. I just tried it with 3.7 and the option tree options were working good. Also please remove the login details from the comments because everyone can access the site, next time you can send them by email from themeforest it is more secure.

Tks. Works now!

Dear Developer,

Pre-sales question This theme suport translation, I mean, could I translate this to portuguese.

Thanks advanced for your kind.

Best Regards,

I am sorry the theme doesn’t support translation. If you want to translate it you have to go manually through the files and change the text.

Hi, my wordpress is version 3.7.1

I’d like to change the css file directly. The file i’m looking for is called “style.css?ver=1.2.5”. If I change the css file which is in the folder : wpcontent/themes/cooker/css/style.css nothing happen.

Where is the css file to modify ?


Check do you have some caching plugin and turn it off

No I don’t. I turn all plugins off

Send me pls a link with a WP login by mail to check it.

Hi there!
1. I have problem with up-sales and cross-sales.
Product page snapshot
Cart page snapshot
Is it normal to view it in this messy layout or I miss some settings.
2. The Layered nav filter and Layered nav widgets don’t appear in the sidebar.
3. The related products widget is missing from the widgets’ list

I saw the screenshots. Those elements weren’t styled. I will try to release an update for that issue.

Thank for your soon answer. I will style them. I just wanted to know. What about 2. and 3.

I was playing with the widgets, and I didn’t manage to display them, I tried using other theme and stopping the theme template overwriting but no result. You can try to go to cooker (theme folder) and rename folder WOOCOMMERCE to WOCOMMERCE2 like this it will use the original woocommerce template files. If the widget are display in that case it means that Cooker has some bug. Let me know if you find something

Hi I am thinking of buying the theme, but some questions

1. Customer wants to be payed in cash, no online Can the theme be configured to only notify with the requested food and the total amount , and not to be payed online?

2 Can all the food categories menu, cake pizza shake desserts and salad be modified, i mean change, quit or add some other?

3 Can I add another item in the upper menu?

4. I will need to translate some fields, like, CART, ADDRESS OR SO, can I do this manually?



1) Woocommerce have option cash on delivery. You can check for more information woocommerce payment methods. I am sending you YouTube tutorial

2) Yes you can change the menu, you can use wordpress custom menu widget. The only restrictoin is that you can have only one sub-menu.

3) Can you give me more details. What do you want to add there?

4) Unfortunately you will have to translate some of the things manually which means that you have to find the file and translate the string.


Hello, Do you have a plan to make it responsive?

Yes I do, but it will not be in close future. Probably in some time after new year.

How do you add the Newsletter for the footer? I do not see the newsletter widget in my list of widgets!

I am sorry but for the WordPress version the newsletter widgets is not added yet.


I just bought and installed the theme for WP and I seem to cannot configure the menu. First of all, I am told in Appearance->Menus->Manage locations that the theme only supports 1 menu. I would like to use one top navigation for the food menu and one menu for general interest information. Second of all, for I cannot configure the menu with the categories added in the WooCommerce section, because when I want to add categories to the menu, the categories added in WooCommerce are not visible.

I would really appreciate your help! Many thanks, Andreea

To configure the top menu go to Appearance > Menus / create a menu and place it to be the top menu. For the big menu which you configure from the widget page; the reason categories not to be displayed is probably because the categories are empty.

Check will it work if you add the menu and some products and let me know.

Hi, Thank you for your help! I managed to manually add the categories in the menu by adding the link and name of each category.


Hello . I need add a option to the template, I need add a custom backgrounds. Please its very important. Answerme. Thanks

Hello. What exactly do you have to do. You want to change the current backgrounds on the home page or on the entire site. In both ways you will need a Photoshop and a bit knowledge of CSS

I want add a option in the backend (dashboard), for upload a custom background.

This will not be easy. The backgrounds on the theme are very custom. If you want a backend option you should think how to redo the backgrounds and you will have to change the HTML and the CSS

Hello, this is a presale question. The theme is responsive? I really love it, but i should to know if this is responsive.

Hi, the theme is not responsive but is optimized for mobile. Should work like desktop. Probably in future will develop it responsive but it will be after new year.

I get this error:

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘woocommerce_product_description_panel’ not found or invalid function name in /home/labacani/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘woocommerce_product_attributes_panel’ not found or invalid function name in /home/labacani/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘woocommerce_product_reviews_panel’ not found or invalid function name in /home/labacani/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

Please give me access to your wordpress admin so I can see what is the problem. Can you tell me more details how did you receive the error. Did you update some plugin or it is from the moment you install the theme


I am almost done with setting up the theme. I have several questions, and I would really appreciate your help. 1. The Search widget does not work – when I try to search anything, it takes me to the 404 error page. 2. I am trying to translate the ‘Featured Products’ title. I would like to do it manually but I cannot find where anywhere in Editor. Could you help me by telling me where it is located? 3. In the case of integration with WooCommerce, where do I have to change the code in order to eliminate de Postal Code field, or at least make it not compulsory?

Many thanks, Andreea

MAnaged to solve 2. as well. So the Search is the only problem left!

Can you send me WP login(by mail) so I can try to find what is the problem

Thank you. What is your e-mail address, please? there anyway of adding options to the menu items..example..if its a pizza/dish..whether you / medium / lite in terms of spicyness

You can add Tag or Category to each product. And to add the the link of the Tag or Category page which is for example VERY SPICY.