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hello, there was open in front page in feature product “Add to Cart” , Now its gone … Please let me know how to fix it. thank you.

Can you please send me a screenshot. I don’t understand exactly what is the issue.

sorry typo error … There was an option* ... ...

Ok. I see can you give me a link and maybe WP login so I can check

Hi.This theme works on version 3.5.1 of WP? Thanks.

Yes It works on 3.5

Hi How do i remove the default order drop down menu from the products page?

You can add this line in the CSS file and it will hide it. .woocommerce .woocommerce-ordering, .woocommerce-page .woocommerce-ordering {display: none}


Can you turn off the menu button hover animation?

You can remove the Javascript responsible for the animation. But you have to do it manually.


I am using this theme for a client whom would like to change the color to orange instead of red. You provide a master PSD file, but would you be able to provide the PSD files for the header, slider, and footer images similar to the provided “clean” folder?

Thank you, Brad


Everything what you need you can find in the provided PSDs. When you are slicing you have to be careful with the slider part this is the most hard part. The backgrounds are sliced from those PSDs. Let me know if you need help.

Thank you. I will need to send it off to be altered. I have a few more questions listed below though.

(1) How large do the Front Slider Images need to be and is there a way to add images to them without creating new product?

(2) My Widget areas aren’t appearing on the home page even though I set products as featured and added 2 products to the meals of the day sidebar. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Thanks. I just e-mailed you!

The widgets doesn’t appear because there is selected a static home page. To change this option you can go to themes > customize > Static front Page

Hello, dose the responsive Version will come soon?

Can i speed up the process (Special Order)

We are quite busy with other projects at the moment, but if you need custom freelance services for your site (like modifying it to become responsive), please drop us a line via our Profile Page’s contact form.

hi sir i try to install theme…it is showing some error…. Warning: require_once(/home/pflowme7/public_html/ [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/pflowme7/public_html/ on line 441

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/pflowme7/public_html/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php53/pear’) in /home/pflowme7/public_html/ on line 441

wooo plug also having error….Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

hi sir I need one more option….home page front slider having word of shop now…how to change shop now to order now.?

It should be in Index.php or in header.php. Just open the files with some editor and directly edit the file.

thanks you …

Hi again!

Is there possible to place a Text Widget instead of the Cart near the Featured Products widget on the Front Page Sidebar? When I try to do this it displays it under Featured Products section, and I would like to have it near it, so I can fill the empty space where the Cart is normally placed.

Thanks, Andreea

Still, when I use the code as told by you, I have a problem with the footer elements. Before, the newsletter was the first aligned, on the same line with the other 3 elements, and now it is thrown away on the 2nd line:

I see the problem. You have to edit again the style.css; AND REPLACE // .home .content .widget_text { // WITH // .home .content .widget_text { //

Perfect! Many thanks!

Hiii… I installed this theme with wp 3.8. when i activated the themes there was no themes option link on the menu. please help. thx…

Please provide me WP login to check

do you have email? thx

You can use the Envato mail form. View my profile and there should be the mail form.


Not sure if this has been covered, I’ve tried searching for the answer on here but cant seem to find anything.

Is it possible to add a grid view or a toggle option to the product pages? As I have some pages with a lot of items that I want my customers to see easier rather than going to the next page.



Thanks 4 the reply. Your theme is super cool but I feel it misses such small additions and that you should update this with extra features.

Hope you do so :)



Could you possibly recommend to me any such features you may know of on CODECANYON pls

Maybe you can check Visual Composer . But I cannot guarantee you how good it will fit to cooker. Probably in future I will update it but right now there are other priorities which have to finish


Today i’ve upgraded the optiontree plugin and i got an error

Warning: include_once(html/wp-content/themes/cooker/home/content/12/12116712/html/wp-content/plugins/option-tree/includes/ot-functions-deprecated.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/12/12116712/html/wp-content/plugins/option-tree/ot-loader.php on line 475

How can i fix that?

Do you have the latest version of the theme. If no please download the latest one deactivate option three and install the latest and check how are the things. If you still have problems please write me again

how do you get the featured products on the home page? I have ticked the box which says featured product but it does not appear on the main page

If you mean the featured products next to the shopping card on the home page. You have to add them as widget, to do that pleas fallow the documentation. If you have some troubles let me know.


What page should be selected for static page to make it look like in the demo? When I don’t select anything for the static page, the sliders appear, but they are broken and moved around.

What are the image settings for the Front slider and the Meal of the day slider?

Thank you, JK

Answer on email

Hello Have imported the demo data xml, which is the static page that I choose to stay the same statement?

I still don’t understand what is the problem?

What page should be selected for static page to make it look like in the demo? When I don’t select anything for the static page, the sliders appear, but they are broken and moved around.

What are the image settings for the Front slider and the Meal of the day slider?

Please provide me WP login by mail and I will check what is the issue.

I can’t get the featured products to display on the home page

I have 5 products loaded.

Right now I see that they are 3. I guess you find out how to do it.

Hello, I need to translate “proceed to checkout” button to Portuguese (Brazil), can you help me?

Ok, 2 options. First is to put Woocommerce to be in Portuguese. If this doesn’t fix it, you have to go to the theme folder (cooker)/woocommerce there are all templates which are used for cooker; search the folder files and check where you have to change it.

Hello, Woocommerce is already in Portuguese, but did not translate everything. Some I found and realized the translation, just missing this “Proceed to Checkout” I did not find the correct file.

cooker/woocommerce/cart/cart.php line 127

i have updated different plugins, and i have OptionTree Version 2.2.3, and Woocommerce Version 2.0.20, i cant see different pages on woocommerce front end. They are showing as a blank page, for instance the product categories page :( the url is

When i change to another template it works, but when i use Cooker is shows blank ?

Do you have the latest version of the theme, similar issue was fixed in one of the updates.

Hello We are trying to display the sub-categories in 3 columns per row, currently it is one per row, We would like some help on how and where to change the default.

Thank you :)

You have to edit css/style.css. You have to find the selectors for the sub menu, there to define the WIDTH of the dropdown and to put LI stylings to be { width: 33.333%; float: left; ......}

The theme does not work correctly with the latest WooCommerce version, should update it.

Yes I do.. There has been a new woocommerce released 24 hours ago, it’s not working with that version

I will start investigating the problem. If you can rollback to previous version of woocommerce till we find what is the issue.

There is an update, and you can download it right away. Please If you find some issues let us know.