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Hi can someone please advise the best size to use for the slider on the homepage? My images are not sliding correctly, as they keep sliding, the price and image aren’t anchored to the left and they become off-centered.

I see them fine… for me it is working…. Please can you give me more details which browser do you use, when exactly is breaking stc.

Hi, I’m using Google Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116 on a Mac . It looks great in my other browsers and on my PC! In Chrome on the Mac by the time it gets to the third slide the price and image are off centered and the 3 images start sliding a little further to the right each time, so after a few rounds there a blank space develops. Hope this makes sense!

I just upgraded Chrome to Version 28.0.1500.71 and all looks good now. Thanks for your help.

Got a problem with the front slider. I’ve added products, but it does not change the product picture. I have the same picture on every single item…

May you send me WP login to check

Hi i am new to HTML how to connect email function? login and submit button are not working.


hi sir, already i purchase php shopping cart..but i am not able to do php that php coder also busy, so can you help me? can you merge this php into your html template…i donot want online swap only cash on delivery…if i get price for this case i will pay by paypal. thanks

hi sir i think if i purchase wordpress theme my problem will solved right? i will try that way. thanks

Yes the wordpress theme has shopping card and options for cash on delivery. It is using WooCommerce for shopping plugin.

Thanks for good template bro. 5 star :) Keep it up. Glws…

Hi, I have problems installing that theme on Wordpress 3.8.1. When I am trying to upload zip file, I got message that instalation failed as it lacks of “style.css.” When I copy whole folder and its contents to /wp-contents/themes/, theme is not showing up in theme list.

I do have style.css file inside /css/ folder as it is provided by default.

We tested it and everything is working. Please try downloading again the files.

I’ve downloaded it few times from different internet access, no matter if I upload .zip file or zip folder myself or unzip and upload as folder to /themes/ it doesn’t work :(

Please give us admin access so we can check what is wrong

How about let me know when the next update will wear your responsive theme for mobile and tablets, thanks

How about let me know when the next update will wear your responsive theme for mobile and tablets, thanks

The development will start in few months,

Hi, would like to know if the themes has the feature to add toppings for example to dishes, also another important feature is if i can add and set different delivery costs for different areas. Also would like to know if you provide extra costumization to the theme. I need to integrate an additional payment method which is MercadoPago really similar to paypal. I also need to integrate Clickatell platform in order to enable 2 way messaging between the restaurant and the costumers. Also i need to integrate a gprs/sms machine that will print the orders when restaurant receives them. Thanks

The theme is using WooCommerce, wordpress plugin which provides the whole functionality for the ecommerce.

About payment method you can extend the functionality of WooCoomercec with additional plugins. Something like this one http://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-mercadopago/

About the topings, here is a video how WooCommerce products are manipulated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PX8MWBOAeo

About the customization right now we are overloaded but I can recommend you to write in themeforest forum there are a lot of talented developers who can help you doing that

Good evening, I bought a few months Cooker v1.2.5 which said that an update is coming soon in responsive ago, I noticed and said to Version 1.3

Now Cooker is working also on a mobile devices. Other thing is in some IE update fixes. Changed Files: 1) css / Style.css 2) js / script.js

My question is when it will be responsive? Thanks and I hope comments

and if so what would be the procedure to update the theme? thanks

Most probably will start working on the update next month. When we finish the only think is to update again your theme if there is something more will write documentation about it.

hi theme not responsive i download again 1.3 is not responsive. where is the responsive link


you have to download again the theme from Themeforest. The current version is 2.0

Regards, DM

hi i download again but files not 1.3 how can i do ?

Hi Tasarla,

Sorry, we have misled you with the previous reply. It refers to the WP version of Cooker, although the html version which you purchased is not responsive.

Best Regards,

Hi DM, I would like to know: 1. How to replicate the Search Product form like the demo site in my wp site. The search form by default is different. 2. Using Menu Card template, I create the menu page. The second digit after decimal of the product price is cut off. The digit shows up when I resize the window. However, when I maximize the window size, the digit is still cut off. 3. The slider picture does not occupy the slider window if I use a smaller image. Please advise the ideal image size for slider.

my site: www.oldhongkong.info/station

Regards .. Ben

Hi DM, I fix (1) above. Please help with (2) and (3). Meanwhile, how could I change the favicon of the site?


Hi Ben,

It has been a while since you posted your questions and as far as I saw you managed some of them… please let me know if you still have issues with the theme, but please, do it in a single comment. Also, please note that we won’t be able to help you with debugging if you did changes to the original theme files.

As for the demo, everything you see on the live preview is provided with the demo data XML. Please make sure you have the latest versions of WP, WooCoommerce and the theme itself.


HI I have purchased HTML version but it is not responsive. In details you have said it is desktop and mobile compatible but when I see it into mobile it gets scroll in the mobile .


It’s stated in the description that there’s no mobile version, altho it still works on mobile, but looks exactly like the desktop version.

Hope that helps,

Hi I have purchased your word press theme and it is very frustating that malicious mails has been sent thorough your theme. I have check all admin settings and close all mailing system of new letter but still attack is through theme due to which my site get into suspension. I think your theme is not a valid theme or you guys are pushing. why is it so.


We are sorry to hear that your site was infected. Cooker doesn’t have any security leaks that we know of. Please check your other plugins, your previous theme and ftp accounts. I would recommend starting of with a clean WP install if that’s possible.


Hi there, the problem that I have is that the slider does not “slide”; non of them. I have gone trough everithing and nothing works. Is there anything I can check on the slide options file. I does not matter how many products I put on front slider and the daily meal slide, non of them slide. I see no more options configuration except the slide option PHP file.

Hi there,

Can’t you please login with the account you used to purchase the item and resubmit your comment.