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Such a beautiful layout and design, cudos!

Thanks :)

Is there a WordPress version coming?

I think yes, but I don’t know execly when. Cheers. Tom.

When it does let me know.

sure thing :)

Pierwsza klasa – brawo :) First class job – bravo :)

Dzi?ki ;]

Looks nice but with no HTML what are we supposed to do with them?

Nice desing. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Quick question. On the preview image you have “Including photos!” and then in the description you wrote that “pictures are from shutterstock and they are not icluded” So which one is it? Are they or are they not included?

pictures of food are mine. rest (only woman) is from shutterstock

Awesome job on the design!

Will you be releasing a HTML or WordPress version of this in the near future? Have a date planned?

Hello. I’ve got nothing in plans for now, so I can’t tell You that. Cheers

You should go to microlancer for a theme conversion. They take your PSD and convert it into HTML and WordPress. It would definitely be a best seller and you’d get a ton of sales.

I’ve been creating HTML pages since 2000. Never really got into PSD only sites; just got my head straight about Word Press.

Am I to understand that the sub pages are created with HTML or are they also PSD. This site is perfect for my cookbook fundraiser!

I’m a very good Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements creative, would this involve any slicing because I don’t think Elements has slicing process. Thanks…anyone?

Yes, there is homepage and subpages in separate psd files.

Would someone please respond to my comment. I’m holding my breath for this template BUT need an answer regarding using this before a purchase is made.

Sure, You need to wait. In my time is middle of night :)

Are considering WordPress conversion?

not in nearest future

I purchased under the impression that it has htmls…..With these images now what…:(

is that wordpress template ? or which one ?