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PRE-PURCHASE QUESTIONS: Is this template WooCommerce compatible? Is it also SSL-compliant?


no it doesn’t have WooCommerce support, SSL should work

After updating the theme all the recipes are gone??? Where are they stored? Category pages and thumbnnails are still there, but the single recipe pages are blank… Maybe you can help or point me in the right direction?


Make sure you have FoodiePress plugin installed and activated, and if you haven’t use shortcode for recipes before, in Settings -> FoodiePress, enable option “Force recipe shortcode”

Thanx so much for the quick answer! And the “force recipe shortcode” did the trick… I was starting to get desperate!

Hi, I have WordPress 3.4.2 and I need to upgrade to the latest version (4.4.2). I am worried that the CookingPress will not work well with the latest version of wordpress, I have CookingPress Version 1.3 currently so I’m thinking that updating CookingPress would also be a good idea… How would you recommend that I proceed? I hope that all my recipes and all my settings wont be lost… Obviously I will make a complete backup before proceeding, but, I’d like to know how to proceed? What to expect? Do I update wordpress first? Will I have to redo all my recipe instructions/ingredients ? etc…


no, you won’t loose any recipe data. Just make all backups possible, update your WordPress and then update theme (remove the old one and upload new one)

Ciao, I’m actually using Cooking Press theme version 1.3 and I updated my blog to WordPress 4.5 recently. Is the theme update from 1.3 to 2.1 painless? Is the latest version fully compatible with WordPress 4.5 and the latest version of the jquery library? Thank you in advance. Barbara


no one reported any issue with WP 4.5 and I don’t see also any. The update from 1.3 might require additional work as the theme was changed quite much. You need to run CP Tag Converter after update, it’s a plugin included with the theme

Was this theme abandoned by the author?

No, I didn’t abandoned it but it has less of my focus as it naturally got old ;)

Where does the recipes added through the page of “submit recipes” are sent to for aproval? Couldnt find it anywhere.

They are send to Posts as Drafts


Is possible to remove the link of the image of the recipe?

I want the image to continue showing in the recipe, but it’s not clickable, I want the person not be directed to another page with the large photo. thanks

Hi there… at the submit recipe page I got the following bug. If a user is set as author, he cannot add an image to the recipe, onl if he/she is set as admin. Since I use this theme as a family recipe site, and most of my family dont know shit about codes, sites, wordpress or whatever, and they have a tendency to somehow screw things over, I didnt want to set them as admins. Is there a way to allow “authors” to add images?

How to setup theme same as demo. I have installed as per doc but still not installed as per demo. slider are too missing.

You need to configure sliders on your own. If you need help contact me via http://purethemes.net/support/ with admin access to your WordPress, I’ll do it for you

My site uses CookingPress and I am probably going to use a different theme and recipe plugin. Not sure which one yet, but if I switch to a different theme, how do I make sure I don’t lose the recipes already created using CookingPress?


you don’t have “Purchased” badge on your comment, please verify your purchase first

I purchased Chow last night and the recipes are working now. Thank you for getting back to me!


I tried to get support through your website, but the link is not working…I have a problem with my purchased template. I entered a recipe, but it doesn’t show on the website. Thank you for getting back to me.


to display recipe you need to use shortcode [foodiepress] or enable option in Settings -> FoodiePress -> Force Recipe shortcode

Hi, the Force recipe shortcode was already selected. I tried with the schortcode and end up with an error. (This also without the force shortcode enabled after) Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0

Now, I did run themes who had some heavy load on this server, but this is a first. Thanks

weird, are you sure this doesn’t work for you http://purethemes.net/support/ ?

Is there a way to add a recipe author, that is not a registered member and then be able to search by that author.


no, there’s no option for that, authors must be registered users


endemo Purchased

Hi PureThemes, I’d need to upgrade the blog with multi-language functions. Do you have any plugin or something to recommend? Any recent test with WPML?

Thank you, Kind regards, Fabrizio


I don’t have unfortunately.

Hi, I want to buy this theme but want to be sure that it supports WP 4.7. Could you confirm that pls.?


yes it does.

Ok. Thanks.

Create new page, name it Submit recipe, choose page template “Add Recipe”, publish page, go to Appearance – Menus and Add it to your menu. That’s all ;)

This is one of your response. Can you guide me where can i see the choose page template then “add recipe”?

I clicked the template in the right side and choose Add recipe by registered user but nothing happened



you need to choose that template for you page that you want to use for submitting recipes, http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2338881/f39c3d8a86db4b2d0414f1ea2fdb480b and Save/update

Thanks so much. I also have another favor. Please show me where should I go to edit my slider post? Right now I only have 2 post. I want to add more. Thanks.

thank you. Can you also help me. My mobile view is not showing.

thank you. Can you also help me. My mobile view is not showing.

What’s address of your website?

HI please help me! how do i remove login/registering on each post so I can add the facebook comment instead.

Please Help me. My mobile view is not showing. What should I do?

What’s address of your website?

Hi! it is me again. sorry for bugging you so much. I have an error on my public_html under wp-blog-header.php on line 16. But when I checked my public_html on line 15 it said // Set up the WordPress query. and line 16 is only wp(); and I dont know what the problem is. my website is asiancooking101.com. please help


when does that error shows? I see you’re using default WordPress theme now


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Is this theme compatible with MySQL 5.6?


it’s a WordPress theme and WordPress requires MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater so yes, it is.