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It looks great, i wish you good sales.

I’ll try the demo a few days and hope to buy this template. Good luck with sales!

Thank you, if you’ll have any questions, just ask.

this one is awesoome. good job!

Thank you!

You made my millennium!
Is so going to be buying this very shortly
Thank You from the bottom of my wee epicurean heart!

That’s what I call enthusiastic reaction :) I hope you’ll be happy with CookingPress ;) Thanks!

Awesome work! Very clean and exciting to browse through the site. I’ll add this to my library soon.

I’m glad you like it :) Cheers

Hello beautiful theme congratulations. I wonder whether the menu supports more than one level beyond that shown in the statement. I wanted to build a structure like this: INCOME > Pasta> Pasta – spaghetti – Pizza etc.. Supports?

Hi thanks! and yes, you can add more levels to menu.

I noticed a couple of oops using Safari Version 5.1.2 (6534.52.7) on an iMac. The search bar icon is pushed down and shortlink box is cut off. Here is a screen shot. http://tinypic.com/r/qn2rtu/5

I can definitely see using this theme in the future. Can the front page be used with text rather than as a blog?




I don’t have Mac so couldn’t test it on it, but these bugs will be easy to fix. Thanks for sharing it! And yes, you can set standard page for front page instead of latests posts.


Too bad this theme only support post recipe from back end. If this theme allow users to post recipe from front/contribute post, i will buy it right away.

That’s nice idea! I haven’t though about it, I was thinking of it rather as a personal blog, but that won’t be hard to do! I’ll definitely add it in next update. If you have any other ideas/requests for recipe theme, feel free to share it :)



new update with “front-end Add Recipe form” is ready to download. Take a look at the demo

Best regards

First buyer!

Really excited to try this one out. Thanks alot. I’ll send feedback as I go.

Thank you! Your feedback would be really appreciated :) I hope you won’t run into any problems, but if it will happen, I’ll try to help ASAP .

So far so good. It’s a great theme.

One quick question though – is there any way to increase the nutrional facts to show more than just calories and grams of fat?

Do you have a support forum for your themes?

I’m glad to read it :) No, I don’t have support forum. I provide support via email or here in Comments section. What other nutrition facts would be usefull in your opinion? I can add more in future update.

Well in my country we don’t use calories as much as we use kilojoules which is a different form of energy measurement as an example. The following would be nice:

- energy (in kilojoules or in calories) - protein amount (in grams) - carbohydrate (in grams) - Total dietary Fiber (in grams) - Sodium (in milligrams)

I’m sure there are alot more as well. if there was a way of making a custom list of nutritional facts that would be awesome.

That is good idea, I’ll add configurable list of nutrition facts in next update.


Please update your theme, new version is ready to download, I’ve also added configurable list of nutrition facts, please check it in Options Panel and documentation.

Yeah, i already has existing recipe community. If this theme allows content sharing by allowing frontend submission its really really great. The best is make it Buddypress compatible as well. (please invite me to do the beta test :p).

Demo? I saw a demo was available in a post above. Where would I get this demo?

I don’t like how the homepage looks when viewing in the iPad. Is there anyway to resize the recipe boxes in the right side so they fit in two columns like when viewing on my desktop?

Be sure to open it from direct link http://www.demo.purethemes.net/cookingpress/ Now it opens in iframe, which might brake layout on mobile devices. I’ve tested it for mobile devices and it should look ok. There are also 3 two alternatives for home page view: http://www.demo.purethemes.net/cookingpress/home-excerpt-mode/ and http://www.demo.purethemes.net/cookingpress/home-full-mode/

Would it be possible for you to check Live Preview without iframe, and send me a screenshot how it looks on your iPad?


It looks delicious and tasty! more sales :)

+1 on dzulfriday’s proposal to allow users posting recipes… I’ll buy the theme if you add the feature! Good work anyway.

hi, i would buy the theme twice if i can set a fullscreen picture in the background for each page? is that possible?

Hi, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t have option for fullscreen picture in background, and I’m not planing to add it. It wouldn’t look good in that design.


hi, i would buy the theme twice if i can set a fullscreen picture in the background for each page? is that possible?

RE: Demo
LOL , sometimes I am just such a clutz, I thought he meant a limited trial very small dl to have a go with. No worries, I have only ever seen that offered one other time here. Is definitely purchasing this as soon as I can. Has been playing with demo everyday. I am in love with it.

Nice looking theme! The shortlink box is cut off in Chrome: http://i42.tinypic.com/2625cfs.png

Thanks! It’s fixed now