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I have a problem with my pics. They are not centerer whereas a few weeks ago they were centered. Why this happened ?



Hi, I’ve checked your blog but I don’t see anything wrong, can you send me some screenshot of that problem?

And I have a new problem now, the captions are out the frame … :/ http://www.recette-gateau.com/tarte-aux-pommes/


I’m having a problem with the tooltip photo not displaying when the link is hovered over.

For example, in the cookingpress demo theme, http://themes.purethemes.net/?theme=cookingpress

The salt tag link displays the tooltip photo linking to http://www.demo.purethemes.net/cookingpress/tag/salt/

Thanks in advance, KL

Hi, did you add the photo and description to the tag? It also needs to be enabled in options. If you did both things, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

I have a problem with the social widget. in the homepage it shows wrong URL in the short URL box. As you can see in my site http://www.taimeod.co.il/ (Although the Hebrew-language site you can see the widget on the bottom right)

Can you check it? In any other internal page – the widget works properly. Thank you!


I’m trying to use other fonts in the Articles titles as well as the body of the articles (must say I don’t like Serif ones). I checked with Firebug, but it’s pretty difficult for me to figure out if the fonts are defined in Style.css, less.css or another file as Firebug shows Inherited from…. Can you help please? Thank you.


I have a new problem, the captions of my pictures are out the frame … :/ http://www.recette-gateau.com/tarte-aux-pommes/


I have a problem with the website. When an other user tries to upload a foto’s it gives an error. When I do it myself it works.

Please email me with the solution: gjvandewal@gmail.com


thanks for your beautiful theme, it’s impressive. The only problem I have is with the blog. It’s not possible to set up one or several pages as a blog. For instance, I need to have a page dedicated to the ingredients to buy, I would make it as a blog where each post is an ingredient that I describe (for instance, a special kind of tomato sauce, or a special beer). Can I do it?

Thank you, best regards.

Hello, I have the intention to buy this theme for my site but first I need some information. The site I plan to use these theme for is supposed to be multilinguage. Is your theme compatible for a multilanguage blog? If not, what would you advise me to do in order to get this theme working for a multilanguage blog. Thanks a lot.


I’ve some issue with the embedding youtube videos on the blog posts. Tried using couple of shortcodes, still the result stays the same…even after changing the dimensions of video. Nothing happens.



PS. I’ve submitted couple of tickets on Ticksy, it’s been more than month and still no answer.

Hi 1. In the Polish language version – Recipe configuratoin -> Choose font for Recipe? Satisfy – no Polish fonts. Only Atomic CS loock good in my Firefox. 2. Word “In” in slidebar on Homepage is not translate. I see for instance “In Ciasta i desery”. How remove or change it?

Thanks for good theme

No assistance at all. Thanks, good purchase…

Hi, I just buyed this theme and I only see the design in grey scale, how I can solve this??All that I upload videos, pictures, all … and the design are in grey scale!


Grey scale? That’s really strange, could you show me URL to your site?

Your theme is beautiful. One thing: tooltips are not working in my case. I have the tooltips option active and the ingredient has all the required fields filled. Any suggestions?

Hi, be sure you’re using hRecipe, tooltips are not compatible with schema.org – they will not validate correctly with this microdata format

Hello! What languages are supported? I’m interested in Russian?

As you can check example pages, there’s Greek site based on CoookingPress so it won’t have problems with cyrillic, but there’s no ready Russian translation, so you will need to translate it by yourself using PoEdit


Do you know any program like windows live writer, that work with your theme? I tried some, but the purecipe don’t work.

The tooltips is not working also (actived and with photo on description).


Hi, Unfortunately there’s nothing like this for CookingPress, as it’s custom functionality

Hello !

I would like to purchased this theme have anyone a french translation pls ? That would be a BIG HELP !

Thx !

I was wondering if you could recommend a good mobile viewer plugin that is compatible with your theme. Every one I have tried either omits the recipe of doesn’t scale the pictures correctly. Could you help me with this? Thanks.

Sorry, but as a recipe is custom functionality of this theme, there’s no mobile viewer that is compatible with this

Hi Kherty, I translated the theme in french if you like, drop me a mail “laubean (at) gmail.com”

hi, how can i change the language of torn paper 2 for recipes ?? thank you HELP MEEEEEEEE

I want to buy this theme, but can you have an option to do it like: www.punchfork.com or pinterest.com?

grid layout 3 to 4 columns?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not an option for this theme

well man even eBay went for that, you can double your sales