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I have asked twice for help with a few problems I am having. Please reply. 1. When I select the right sidebar, there is a blank area that appears a the top of the sidebar. 2. My featured images are sized to 770×460, but they don’t display correctly in the slider. 3. How do I get the archive page to have two columns like the demo site? 4. Is there a way to customize the color used with the elegant color scheme? 5. Is there a way to change the recipe theme for the “Add Recipe” page? 6. Is there a way to add the menu bar that exists in the wooden board color scheme to the light color scheme?

Wonderful theme. Love the user submitted recipes, although mine didn’t display properly when saved. I wanted to ask if you plan to expand your theme to work with BuddyPress? Thank you!

You said you are re-writing the whole theme and hopefully it will fix the issues some people have with the responsive theme. Is it possible to get an estimated date of availability for the new version? I’d rather wait for the new version, but if it doesn’t come soon I will need to hire a developer to fix my issues. Many thanks

Hi, template working fine but…Responsive does not work! I hope new release will fix it. But I have bigger problem. I set up manual home page slider and now after few days I needed to change some things. But theme is now responding but giving error page with content: Not Found Apologies, but no results were found for the requested archive. Perhaps you’d like to go to home page? ? I cannot disable it, change any slide, change type of slide…I tried many things, disabling plug-ins…nothing working. please help.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RESPONSIVE THEME THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I purchased this theme and was very pleased with the overall look but was saddened to learn that despite being labeled “responsive,” the theme looks like garbage on mobile devices, nothing like they do in the documentation. The theme creator’s only suggestion was to disable the responsive aspect of the sight (a key selling point) until a future update would fix the issue. Thankfully Theme Forest gave me a refund. Buyer Beware!

Hi I am using cookingpress for over a year and I like it. You can see my website here: fratello-sorella.nl I am using the coda slider on my home page and I would also like to put some recepy posts under it on the same page. Somehow I cannot find the right way to do that. On the page that you use as an example: http://www.glutenfreibacken.com/ I have seen that it is possible. Could you please explain to me how to put posts on my codaslider page? Thank you.

Great theme, thank you. Could you please explain, how the Post Date can be deleted at Start page, category pages and in the posts itself? Thank you!

Depends which layout version you’re using, but generaly you’re looking for line
<?php printf( '<a href="%1$s" class="published-time" title="%2$s" rel="bookmark"><span class="entry-date">%3$s</span></a>',get_permalink(),esc_attr( get_the_time() ),get_the_date()); ?>
in files loop-full.php and single.php, from category it can be swithced off in theme options

Great support! Thank you!

Hy, i just bought the theme but i have a problem with my logo ! I want to shift it a little on the left, how can i do it ?? Thanks

Hi, could you show me URL to your site? I’ll provide CSS code needed to move the logo

I have a problem with the mobile version of the cookingPress theme. If I set the sidebar to the right the mobile version is broken.

Unfortunately it need’s some more time consuming fix, so until it will be fixed please use left sidebar, sorry.

Hi, great theme, but No HTML files (html themplates) in theme!

here: ThemeForest Files Included: HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PHP Files – it is written that you must have, but the theme files (pure HTML, CSS, JS) are not included!

Please send me files.

Kind regards, Ljube

Hi, unfortunately there’s just no HTML version of this theme. The description refers to documentation that is in a theme package. No one adds HTML templates to WordPress themes

Your theme looks really nice but according to the comments it is not responsive, or only partially. When will you make the responsive version available? You did not answer this question, and I’m sure most buyers like me would really love to know. Thank you

Hi, I’m working on update, actually completely rewriting theme, but that unfortunately takes more time than I’ve assumed..

I recently purchased the WordPress – Cooking Press theme. How do I adjust the right sidebar so that my ads are adjacent to my content?


Hi, that would require custom modification

Hi, super theme! But I have two problems on my website. www.jederkannkochen.de 1. When you open the website with an ipad you see there is a problem with the CodaSlider on the start page. The pictures doesn’t fit after the second picture. With IE, Firefox, Safari on a pc everything is fine. 2. Sometimes the thumbnail picture for the previous and next page on the bottom of a recipe are not correct. For example here: http://www.jederkannkochen.de/knackebrot/

Thanks in advance

Hi, I’m aware of this problems, they will be fixed in the update I’m working on, but it takes some time to do it. Thanks

Hi. I have a question. Recently two of my posts lost their sidebar, footer and the logo image at the top. Also my wordpress toolbar doesn’t appear at the top of the screen. I can’t figure out why this happened or how to fix it. The site is www.comfortablefood.com and the posts are: http://comfortablefood.com/southwest-skillet-chili-mac/ and http://comfortablefood.com/chipotle-chicken-chimichangas/

Also – my posts on facebook used to show a thumbnail preview, now they don’t – is that a cookingpress issue? Thanks so much.

Hi, the first link works without any problem, footer and sidebar are there, the 2nd link however doesn’t open, just blank page. If that used to work and suddenly stopped you had to change something, maybe you’ve added some plugin?

Ok, thanks. I actually just re posted it like 10 times, and now they both work – one other thing a LOT of my thumbnail previews aren’t showing up on facebook, is this a cookingpress issue? They used to, but now they don’t.

Hi there, I have the theme installed on my Wordpress site. Is it possible to remove the coffee stain from the recipe posts leaving just the torn page background? if so, how and what do I need to amend? Thanks Craig

Hi, just remove ”.purerecipe.tearedh #recipe-content:before” from style.css line 1672. Thanks

Is there anywhere in the instructions that explains how you use the Allergens? How do i create entries for recipes to say Wheat Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free and make the recipes searchable by these categories?

Allergens are just another taxonomy, you can add them under wp-admin -> Posts -> Allergens

I have managed to add Wheat Free and Nut Free, but how do I select that when posting a recipe so that the side bar drop down search menu will show them to select? Sorry, I am not that clear.

Hi! In the Slider Manager there’s an option: “Slide link”, but it doesn’t work. What can I do to fix it? I’m using the Manual Slider. (Site: www.cocinaqumama.com)


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hi I am about to purchase the theme. I need it to be in Italian. Is it ready with translations?

If not, what’s the best way to translate it?


Hi, there’s no Italian translation but there’s a pot file you can use to translate theme, more info here http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme.

Would it be possible to add shop functionality using woo-commerce?

Hi, I didn’t test it with woocommerce but my guess is it won’t work nicely

Hi. It’s me again, I want to make my logo image larger in the header, and move it so it’s inline with the left side of the slider. Is this possible? It won’t let me get much bigger than 420×70 and I’d really prefer it to be around 700×100. Thanks for your help. :) www.comfortablefood.com

Hi, that would require some more serious modification as menu would need to be moved also, and slider adjusted if I understand correctly

I don’t want to move the slider, I just want a larger logo . ..