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Hi. i’m really impressed and interested in this theme! But before purchasing i have a question. is this theme support woo commerce? i’m trying to make web page that shows blog posts and selling items at the same page. so if this theme support woo commerce, it will be awesome for me and gladly gonna purchase this theme.

Thank you for your awesome theme and your answer :)

I filled out a ticket 3 days ago on the support page. Would love some help please.

Hi, I’m really sorry but I’m on my holidays till Monday and I’m not able to respond to it right now

Hello. I dont know how to create a home page as the one shown in the live demo.

Anyone can guide me in having a slider and a grid with latest recipes as in the live demo? thanks

I have a question regarding the cookingpress theme. I would like to know the url structure. My current structure is mywebsite/recipe/recipename. I would like to purchase it, but I want to keep the same structure.

You could just adjust WordPress Permalinks settings to use ‘recipe’ instead of ‘post’

I’m looking at purchasing this theme but I’m a little concerned with what appears to be lack of current support. Is this the case?

I sent you my ticket about the fields not saving in February. I got reply after 2 weeks that you will release updated version and you also said, “I can’t tell you exactly how soon but that’s just a matter of days, not months.” on March 9. After that, I did not hear anything from you since. It’s July 1st now. Its been so many MONTHS (not days)! I have been waiting for the issues to fix! Disappointing!

It is possible to control the content? Only registered users can read the blog and see the video?

Sorry but that’s out of theme support range

OK, i’m understand. Please, tell me if this solve my problem:


or you will be wiilling to add additional functionality for money?

From the description it looks like it will, but I haven’t tested that plugin. I’m not planing to add this kind of functionality

Are you going to do the updating template?

is it possible to choose more than one category from the front end form?

thanks for a great theme, with great opportunities for customizing. :)

Hello, When I write a caption (leyenda) on the photo appears in the preview code. What is due? Thanks

Hello, When i choose the widget “Cookingpress Popular Posts” i see the same posts that the widget “Cookingpress Recent Posts”. What is the problem? Do i have to change anything? Thanks

IMHO, this CookingPress theme has passed it’s expiration and smell like a stale dish. There were no updates in last 6 months! Is there any plan to release new version anytime soon?

I will be changing many recipes over from the theme that I have now – food recipes. Do I have to cut and paste the ingredients one by one into the recipe builder, or can I cut and paste them into the main section with a little bit of html coding? The former will be a lengthy process.

Can we expect updates for this theme please? Or is there any way I could export the data into some other theme?

There has been no updates in a long time, and there are a lot of bugs with the current version :(

Please help

When I attach a media file to the “Post Content” on the Add Recipe page, my href isn’t formatted properly. When I view the “text” tab in the Post WYSIWYG, I see this (the < > has been replaced with [ ] so that the editor doesn’t mess with it):

[img class=”\”alignleft” alt=”\”OLYMPUS” src=”\”http://ourladiesluncheon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/MYIMAGENAME-300×225.jpg\”” width=”\”300\”” height=”\”225\”” /]

hi, I need a help please! I was checking if my recipis is corrects in Rich Snippets Testing Tool I saw that if the photo appear the stars of rating no, and if the stars appears the photo no. What I need to do to my receipe appears with photo and votes in Schema.org?

hi, I placed a ticket but nobody gave me an help I’m still wating for an answer! very disappointed!! :(

Can we atleast get an answer if the theme will be updated in the near future? If not, I will move on to some other theme

Yes, there are a lot of unanswered questions here. It’s a shame as I would like to buy the theme.

I am getting an error which apparently is linked to the fact that the code for this theme is not compatible with php 5.3+ ... the theme worked fine up until a few days ago when my hosting decided to upgrade their php , here is the error : Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in /home/useraccount/public_html/wp-content/themes/cookingpress/backend/purepress-functions.php on line 200

Anyone having issues with this too?

Hi, please just remove the sign “&” from lines 187-209, so each “&$output” should be ”$output”

this solved the issue, thank you.