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I can’t believe that I have submitted 3 or 4 support tickets over the last three weeks and have not received a single response. I am ready to change my theme. Is there no support at all?

I recently published this post: The cooking press recipe and food theme for Wordpress is initially impressive and robust. It is developed by Purethemes. My initial impression of the theme’s functionality was good. Upon further exploration, however, the theme revealed a couple of severe shortcomings.

The first of these was the recipe ingredients section. As with many recipe themes, if you write your ingredients in the spaces provided (usually with ingredients and amounts separated by tabs), it produces a rather impressive looking outcome when the page is published. The problem is that if you ever change the theme, the content disappears. With many recipe themes, the developer will provide shortcodes. This will allow you to write the content in the main body section at the beginning of the post. If, and when, you change the theme it can be done quickly and without any loss of content. This doesn’t seem to be the case with the cooking press theme. I could not find any shortcodes. This certainly wasn’t for lack of trying.

This leads me to the second problem with the theme. There is absolutely no customer service or support. I left the developer several questions over a three week period without a single acknowledgement or reply. In my opinion, this was absolutely unacceptable and terribly frustrating. I read posts in which other webmasters were claiming the same thing. In light of this, I was forced purchase another theme after 4 weeks.

In light of this, I would advise against buying this theme under any circumstances. In my opinion, support is paramount when buying anything on line.

I bought this theme a few months ago and I submitted a few tickets for the issues. He did not reply to all tickets also. He only replies to other tickets/supports/comments at http://themeforest.net/item/nevia-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/discussion/4118819. As you can see, he replies regularly to all issues in the above link from last few weeks. He even replies to another issues in other themes as well. I don’t know why he could not reply to our issues for this theme. :(

Compatible with Wordpress 3.6 ?

I wanna buy cooking press theme and use for Rtl(Persian language) and Ltr both two language, and I have a few questions: 2)Do you have document guide to how i can change such as constant things to my language such as elements in Figure “unique recipe creator “ and etc… I just need to name of file for change 3)I wana show picture of my complete recipe like this link : http://www.gluko.gr/vegan-mousse-sokolatas/ how I do it? Beset rearguard

Hi! Before I purchase: I want to use the home as a doorway to another homes. So, I want the slides of the slider of the home to be the link to another page (like landing page). Is that posible? Can I have more than one sidebar and assign ir to the page? To customize each page? Thanks!


I am running the theme on my website http://apanirasoi.in My problem is that “Difficulty Level” is not working. It is enabled with 3 options; easy, medium and difficult. I am able to set the difficulty level when writing recipe post but it does not display when post is published. Kindly help.

Thanks, A.

The theme is not working as stated in the description at themeforest and I am surprised to see lot of people facing the issues. We all trust Themeforest and I seriously don’t understand why themeforest does not return back the money and ban the provider.

Hi, I used cooking press theme version 1.3 and wordpress version 3.5.1.

issue. I want to disable responsive function. (website view = mobile site veiw)

I try to remove all ”@media screen” sections from css files and

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=Edge;chrome=1” > <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”> this code in header.php

but It didn’t working.

website url – http://dollscooks.com

Could you check my website? Help me please..

I’ve opened several tickets in the last weeks and not been answered. I’d like that it returned the money, since I bought the theme because it had support and is not so.

I’d like to applay the excerpt view – but I’d like that in the homepage – the text will be the “summary” text from the “cookingpresssummaey” metabox and not the text from the main post. how do I do that?


I am trying to convert my website http://apanirasoi.in to an iphone and ipode app. I have used many plugins and the problem is same. Here I am giving you an example of my favorite plugin, mobiloud. The demo app seems working fine and wonderful but I do not see the post content , I just see the post image and name. When I click on the image , I do not see any post content. I think that is because of the short code being used in the post. Can you please have a look into that and suggest what can be done ? Here is the link..


@emiceru @djhood61 @Zingoos I have open a ticket with Themeforest. We should all contact support and ask for the money back as this theme is not working and on top, no support at all.

I have a Indian Vegetarian Recipes website http://apanirasoi.in . I am using cookingpress theme currently. It looked good in the beginning but down the line I am facing many problems. It is heavy and lacks support of customized homepage and support has become non-responsive.There were many problems that I had to resolve myself. Like lack of customized homepage. There is another big problem that the theme is not mobile friendly. It uses a short code , that is not rendered normally in the iphone, ipad and mobile apps. This is quite important as down the line it is going to become a differentiator. I have written few times about this and other problems that I faced , but havent got any response. Can you please provide a solution to make your theme mobile friendly ?

Thanks, A.

I am little surprised to see that there are number of people here who are complaining about the same thing , that the theme is not mobile devices compatible. It would be great if you can work on that direction. Mobile and tab users are growing very rapidly. I have seen in last 6 months , they have grown from 5 – 10 % to 20 – 30 % on my website. It is the future and we cannot ignore it. Please make your theme mobile devices compatible thoroughly.

Thanks, A.

I purchased this theme some time ago and had problems. Themeforest said that they wouldn’t refund my money, because they didn’t experience the issues that I described (ie. slider, responsiveness, etc.). The agreed to credit my account if I purchased another theme, which I did. I don’t understand the denial. It is a bad reflection on the developer and Themeforest to keep this theme ongoing issues and lack of support.

Is there any work going on to make this theme responsive ?? Is there no support or no one to answer any queries here any longer ??

Is it possible to develop this theme with all its features and functions as a plugin in order to implement it in another theme, and how much would that costs? The work is quite urgent, please tell us how to contact privately. Thanks.


Can you have a look at my website http://www.recette-gateau.com ?

As you can see, all the recipes are stick together. There is no space between each other.

Thanks to help me :-)

Can you please confirm if it works with WPML? Need to know before picking the theme.

Can you please confirm if it works with WPML? Need to know before picking the theme.