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hi, i want to make specific blog posts just in one category (and exclude it from general posts at homepage). I don’t know how to do that.. Can you help me?

Hi! It’s a really great theme, and have a lot of functions. Thanks man!

I found one mistake and I have one advice add this lines to style.css

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .comment-notes, .form-allowed-tags { margin-left:0; <—it’s a small error repair, especially on smartphones. } #mobile-nav { width: 100%; <—it’s a a advice, better look for me :) }


Cheers and thanks once more!

Ok, thanks!

Hi, please update the theme for Wordpress 3.8

Hi purethemes, My print button with the plugin Printfriendly doesn’t work anymore with your theme :( Do you have an idea ? Is it a problem of compatibility between the theme and the plugin (there were several updates recently) ? Thanks !


Great theme! I have just installed your theme but it was empty. Do you have the template file so it looks like the demo?


I believe it is called the import file? thanks

I got another question, I dont seem to be able to get the codaslider to work on any page. How do I set it up?

I’m looking to purchase a theme for a food/recipe blog, but I want one that is retina ready. Will there be an update to CookingPress for high res?

I’ve purchased the CookingPress theme around one week ago, want to use it with Wordpress 3.8 but I cannot get it running. I’ve opened a support ticket one week ago, didn’t get any response so far which is rather poor. My problem is that the installation just went fine but as soon as I start to enter ingredients for a new recipe after entering some characters for the first ingredient a progress indicator appears in the text box of the ingredient that never stops. I could also enter thepreparation but if I save the recipe neither the ingredients nor the preparation are shown so I could not even do a workaround to use this theme. I hope that I get support soon, otherwise I’ve to switch to another theme and probably have to forget my invested money in CookingPress :-(

Hi all, Can anyone tell me what is going on here? Is here any support? I see that some people buy this theme but the author isnt care about this. I saw that he answered “ok thanks” a few days ago. So! I want to but this theme but Im afraid of not working. We have to complain at themeforest? How he accept money and doesnt help us?


Hi all,

first, I’m really sorry about the situation with this theme, I know many of you are frustrated with the lack of support here. I could tell couple of reasons why, but there’s no excuse for that. The theme was abandoned some time ago, and currently has lot of issues with latest WordPress (please notice that it’s not marked as compatible with WP 3.8, also remember that support on ThemeForest is not mandatory)

However the good news is, for the last month or more, we were working on rewriting this theme from the scratch. It will be released very very soon, this time as independent plugin that will allow you to switch theme anytime you want and still use all features of CP. It is compatible with latest WP, and uses a lot of up-to-date features. It’s of course compatible with CookingPress data, so for users who had a big list of recipes added via CookingPress, it will allow you even to use other themes and don’t lose any current data. Theme is also made from scratch, and it’s based on Bootstrap 3.0, which means better responsiveness and many other exciting features.

I could tell more and more about it, but I just need to ask you about little more patience, till we update the theme with new version (it will include the plugin) and from that moment we will be back to support and expand this theme, and other that will use possibilities of our new recipe plugin. It will be worth waiting, I can promise.

I’m sorry once again for the lack of support on current version.

Lukas from Purethemes.net

It’s been great to hear back from you again! Thank you Lukas! Do you have a definite date for new version?

Deadline is on February 3rd :) Cheers

Really? Awesome! That would be great! Please don’t delay this time! Thank you!

Thanks Lukas for that information. After being frustrated since I didn’t hear anything concerning my problem with CookingPress this are good news. Is this new version intended as an update to CP or as a completely new product? The reason why I’m asking is because it will be interesting for customers (like me) who purchased CP and want to run it with latest version(s) of WP if we have to pay extra money for that?


It will be as update to CookingPress, so anybody who already bought will have it for free, but we have plans to create many themes designed for recipe blogs that will use this plugin. Thanks

I am having exactly the same problem as wpoechgraber – I purchased the theme last week but can’t use it as I am unable to add a recipe.

When I try to add ingredients the process indicator starts going and never stops, when I publish the blog the intro appears but not the recipe or instructions.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated as I am excited to start my blog but disappointed as I can’t do so at present with this problem.

Great to hear a new version is being created! But in the meantime some help would be amazing :)

Many thanks

oh.. just reread Lukas’ post so guess this is because it is not compatible with WP3.8 which I didn’t realise so I guess the only thing to do is wait in anticipation for the new release

Hello, I just bought this theme and it surely will look fantastic once I get the hang of it!

I experience some trouble with image size though:

Warning: getimagesize(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/~ykbbevis/testlyx/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/testphoto.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in

Here is a link to my screenshot:

Appreciate help!

Thank you!

After the last postings and that CookingPress it is not compatible with Wordpress 3.8 I took the time, downloaded WP 3.5 from the archive, installed it on my local machine. I followed the instructions written here http://lookncook.fr/wordpress/wp-content/themes/cookingpress/Documentation/index.html#!/installation_guide where it is stated under 2. Before you install the theme, make sure you’re running latest wordpress version which reminds me why I didn’t look if CookingPress only runs until a certain version :-)

Basically it works now so I can enter a recipe with ingredients and instructions, I can see it when I publish it. I’m also having problems like vegolyx that I get a Warning with getimagesizes but it is a little different.

I’m not sure what to do now, run CookingPress with WP 3.5 and try to fix the problems with the image size or wait until a new product is released which could be in some days, weeks or even months?

Hi, I’d advise to wait,we have a deadline on February 3rd and we’ll try our best not to miss it ;), and it’s not really safe to use old WP versions.

Thanks for the Info, I can wait until that because at the moment I’ve hosted my Cooking-Blog at Wordpress.com and I want to transfer it to my domain to have more freedom in using themes and plugins. It doesn’t matter if I transfer it now or in 2-3 weeks but I don’t want to wait 6 months or longer.

Sounds good purethemes, I keep cookin until that :)

can I ask that the new version will support RTL? I can send you the RTL CSS for 1.3v if you like…

also – is there any plan to answer the open topics on your support site?

Is this integrated with BuddyPress?

Hi, no, it’s not

Is it possible to enter an invisible copyright notice on every post but to be printable with print friendly plugin?

I noticed that this theme does not include a Bookmark or Favorite hyperlink or button on each recipe nor anywhere they can file their bookmarks or favorites.

Will this be considered as an additional feature in the future? Instead of having only the ability to print the recipe, it would be nice for our readers and guests to be able to start their own “Recipe Box” to file their recipes. So…in the header next to Submitting a Recipe would be a heading called Recipe Box (for them to login to).

What do you think?

Thank you.