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Any Advice on how I would be able ?

Sorry, that is not the easy as you think to explain.

Where can I find this item Translation Ready?

You can find “language” folder in pluguin / cooks-page-widgets/ where you can find .po files, open this in pot editor and translate all the strings in to your language. You can also find a readme file in the language folder.

plug translated into ru, but displays English http://japandvorikmgn.ru/kontakty/ contact

Did you follow the readme file which is in plugin language folder?

Official info about translation: http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Open kaya-cooks-page-widgets-en_US.po file and save new copy as kaya-cooks-page-widgets-es_ES.po for Spanish.And then use translating program to translate it to Spanish language.


the footer on the static frontpage is stuck in about the middle of the screen. Anything I can do ?

Thanks for the reply.

Did you check with Chrome ? because I now tried 3 different PCs with Chrome and all of them display the footer not at the bottom. it got this way as soon as I changed the frontpage to “Static”

I now found out that the footer is stuck to the bottom when I’m not logged in to the backend.

Thanks anyways for the quick reply :)

Thank you :)


is it possible to remove the header title – and slide arrows – from the draggable slider selected ietem ? link: http://cafebres.myhostpoint.ch/foodmenu/spaghetti-carbonara-mit-gruenem-salat/


Right now, there is no option like that, we will add this in coming updates.

Time being use this code:

add this code in theme customize > Global setting > General Setting > Custom CSS

.single-portfolio section.sub_header_wrapper { display: none; }

Hello … kaya-cooks-page-widget plugin ( version 2.1, latest )made some kind of css conflict with /wp-admin/widgets.php page. ( disabling kaya-cooks-page-widget , the page widget.php display correctly )

Best regards

fixed the issue.


Thank you

Hello again, page builder seem’s not working on custom post type: foodmenu and portfolio. Is working on page and normal posts

If you do not see the page builder for Custom Post Type (portfolio), go to “Settings>Page Builder” where you can select portfolio.

Let me know you need further help.

thank you.

Hello, can not reach change log page of the theme

Now its working, please check it out and let me know if still face the issues.

checked now .. same “This site has been archived or suspended.”

Please check it out now..


I already contacted you once concerning the footer that doesn’t stick to the bottom in chrome. I now see that the resolution is very high when the footer doesnt stick to the bottom in chrome -> only chrome. do you have any solutions to solve this problem? thank you

I just added this line: min-height: 100%!important; instead of the existing one. i think it was min-height: 200px!important;

this section looks now like this: .home #mid_container { opacity: 0; padding: 0px; min-height: 100%!important; }

Good, I will check it out adjust it in theme file.

Hello, woocommerce 2.4.0 is out .. template page need to be upgraded.

cooks/woocommerce/content-product.php versione 1.6.4 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.4.0

cooks/woocommerce/single-product/tabs/tabs.php versione 2.0.0 il file non è aggiornato. La versione di base è 2.4.0


We are working on updates and will be done in coming updates.

Hi. I had purchased Globex in 2013 and now I am back to getting that business started so I tried to update from a message in my email and it’s no longer on themeforest.net. I tried to open a ticket with you via support but it asked for purchase code and I can’t get that from my Downloads page since Globex is no longer there. How can I update this??? I have opened a ticket with envato so I can get my purchase code. I don’t know why you would stop support on something I paid for, let alone why you wouldn’t let others buy this theme


silenx Purchased

Hi kaya .. in the last update i noticed a super slowness on theme customize process .. can you check? ( i can’t open theme customizer ) with other version no problem

I just checked my demo in dash board and customizr I can not see any issue as you mentioned, can you email me your wp admin access and we will check it out.

Hi Kayapti,

I have wrote in your support forum regarding the frontpage issue. Can you kindly look into this? It is kind of urgent and I apologize for the sudden asking. My support username is oliveasia.

Thank you, Chris

I just replied and explained how to do it.

Hi Just a pre-puchase Question.. I want to use http://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-product-designer-for-woocommerce/full_screen_preview/11433688 with the theme will it be compatible

It should work all popular plugins, I hope it should but not tested yet.


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many jquery deprecated what can i do?

Sorry, we are not understanding what you are trying to tell us, any screen shots please?


Lex2014 Purchased

Where i can send you the screnshots?


Or you can just upload the screenshot in any third party websites and give the url.

Hey there! Great work guys..

Is there an easy way to choose a homepage style in one of those 10 styles ?

Hey there! Great work guys..

Is there an easy way to choose a homepage style in one of those 10 styles before installing?

yes, that is very easy, just select the page from “Settings > reading > Front page”

Thank you! Presale question, i will make this sute for a customer and they want to edit todays special menu by themself everyday. Is there an easy way for a person who knows nothing about wordpress? I mean can my customer edit it in easy way without even calling me ? Im asking bcs i cant see the admin panel before buying it. Is it possible to access admin panel ? If not can u show me with a video or scrernshots?

Yes, you can create menus and customize it easily from wp admin dashboard.

you can check this video:


There are other videos:


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Hello, i found responsiveness issue on windows phone with edge browser, can u check? thank you

Can’t see the same issue with windows PC?


silenx Purchased

With edge mobile there is something related to footer, that don’t stay at bottom of the page( but i can’t try it now ). I also tried edge on a win10 virtual machine: when you stretch edge in width, responsive menu doesn’t show up like all other responsive feature ( column etc ). Do you have the same issue on edge desktop?

Hello, After an update to the latest version of wordpress, my pages are not displayed. I have the menu, background etc … but not the content of my pages. With another template all appears well. Thank you for your help

Please login with buyer account to get support.

And please provide us the issue page url to check it out.


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Hi! How to download my video background on the home page?

Sorry, not getting what you mean, can you explain it clearly?


Darishka Purchased

on the main page, I close my video, but it does not appear on the site background