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Awesome theme, quick question…

How do we get the colored circles in preview to show-up for categories in sidebar on our site. Thanks for your time

A little notice: To change color of the sidebar badges widget you need to provide color when create an event category.

Nevermind… might be a little bug you have to just reset colors once and they pop up

A little notice: To change color of the sidebar badges widget you need to provide color when create an event category.

Hello, is it possible to have an idea about the differents homepage layouts available, numbre of columns, with timelein or not, sidebar or not, etc… Ans what about ads management, built-in option or not? Thanks a lot

Hi! For the home page you can use any template that is available for this theme,you just need to create a front page with your desired template, after that go to settings -> Reading -> Front page displays and choose your home page.

Hello, regarding to your demo’s pages/features, it’s seems possible to built a masonry homepage with slider on the top content and 3 columns: 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/4 without sidebar. It seems also possible to change background color for posts content. Am I ok ?


Hi! It is possible to build similar home page, like in your description, but without masonry. About post color is possible only with custom CSS. Cheers!

Hello again. I’m getting a strange issue or the members page. There is a gap every other line. Could you help please? Here is a link to the page. http://fruitcraft.co/characters/

Hi! To fix this issue you need to make all members boxes to be the same size, editing description text, or you can write custom css for your case will be: .members-section p{min-height: 321px !important;} Best regards!


is it possible to create a masonry page or a page like the portfolio with a slider at the top of the page?

Hi, it’s only as a customization. If you want a customization, contact us.

Can I change the main colors of the theme? I would like something more clear and bright, is anyway to do this inside the theme’s panel?

Hi, Our theme is built with a powerful framework, that helps you to customize this theme easy and fast. Best regards!

Hi, demo import doesn’t work well. I sent you an e-mail about installation. I hope you can support as fast as possible and also I hope you can develop a demo import feature like almost every theme in Themeforest.