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Hello Anps, hope you feel well. I don’t remember. Can you tell me the shortcode to make client logo box?
Thanks a lot
Best regards

[logo link="LINK URL 1"]IMAGE URL 1[/logo]
[logo link="LINK URL 2"]IMAGE URL 2[/logo]

Is there a way of removing the comma on the price part of the pricing table?

I would like to write £POA but at present it shows as £POA,

Unfortunately the is not easy way of removing the comma sign. You will need to go to coolblue/admin-functions/shortcodes.php, search for pricing_price_func and remove the comma there.

Thank you for your help with this, it has worked a treat :-)

Glad we can help, best regards

I have been working on my new website with the Coolblue theme and I have noticed that the portfolio pages are no longer accessible.

When clicking the link via the home page or via my page titled ‘clients’ the page shows as ‘Page Not Found.’

Could you advise on this further please? The web address is promoforce.co.uk

please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and provide access to wp so we can support quicker. Best regards

Thank you for your support, I have sent you the details as requested.

Hi, issue fix, please don’t forget to rate :)

Hi Anps,

What’s up with your unusual silence regarding our portfolio gallery issue??! Please update us (see our emails – last one from yesterday). We’ve been waiting to get somewhere with this for two weeks now! And please don’t send us once again the instructions, as they don’t match our WP screen and so we can’t apply them. Instead, log in to see it by yourself. Then update us; we’ll move from there.

A usually-very-happy client of ANPS who is getting increasingly frustrated on this one… Please make me happy again.

Hello, sorry for late replys, we will get on your issues asap, one our devs got sick. Thank you for your patient.

See our email exchange from this morning. You are asking us to upload the latest version (which seems to be v1.2.6) but we already have it on our WP??! I hope we are not going back to the kind of back-and-forth-exchange that got us nowhere over the past two weeks. It looks like it though; hopefully I misunderstood your request and I’m worrying for nothing… Please reply to my latest email.

Hello, sorry for the latest delays, we are having some issues with the support system and we got new support staff, in addition we are updating the support system itself, we now market your ticket as urgent, so it will be addressed as such.

Thank you for your patient

Hi, I’m having that issue with installing the revslider from external source – can you please help.


Hello, please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com Thank you for your understanding


any idea how to fix that on main ?

Hello, please contact us on support@anpsthemes.com and do provide the purchase code.

Thank you and best regards

Thinking about purchasing this theme but I have a couple of questions:

1. Can a color be assigned to background instead of a pattern on boxed layout?

2. Can Google fonts easily be used with this theme?


Color cannot be assigned from theme option, you can however assign background, but for the color you would need a bit of tweaking for which we can guide you to it.

Yes we do support google fonts

Best regards

Can someone help me out and tell me the shortcode of the statement box please?

Thank you!

Hello, please do submit a ticket on http://anpsthemes.freshdesk.com/

Thank you

Hi Guys!

I just bought and installed this nice theme. I’ve imported the dummy contents as well as the RevSlider demo. However, trying to rename the slider as “first-page-slider”, I got an Ajax error message as follow:

Begin -— Settings (slider_settings) Error: Duplicate setting name:load_googlefont #0 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/settings.class.php(273): UniteSettingsRev->add(‘load_googlefont’, ‘false’, ‘Load Google Fon…’, ‘radio’, Array) #1 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/settings.class.php(769): UniteSettingsRev->addRadio(‘load_googlefont’, Array, ‘Load Google Fon…’, ‘false’, Array) #2 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/settings/slider_settings.php(109): UniteSettingsRev->loadXMLFile(’/home/pnolana/p…’) #3 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/base_admin.class.php(343): require(’/home/pnolana/p…’) #4 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/revslider_admin.php(452): UniteBaseAdminClassRev::requireSettings(‘slider_settings’) #5 [internal function]: RevSliderAdmin->onAjaxAction(’’) #6 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(505): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #7 /home/pnolana/public_html/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php(85): do_action(‘wp_ajax_revslid…’) #8 {main} {success slider_params not found”} -—End

Any suggestion?

Thanks for your collaboration and support. JP

Very glad to get compliments from satisfied customers. Please do not forget to rate our item as this greatly helps us to improve our services.

Thank you

Done.. ;)

Thank you very much!

Hi there can you please tell me what is wrong with my theme that I bought? I need to instal the revslider but every time I try to do that it gives me an error: ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN… Please help me as I need to get this website finished. thank you

Thank u so much can u also maybe help me: I wanted t change a word in the frontpage. But when I changed “recent projects” the recent projects disappeared on the homepage. What is the coding to ave it back up again – the wrong coding looks like this now: on home page [/recent_projects]8[/recent_projects]

just that line?? what is the correct line

the correct line: [recent_projects]8[/recent_projects] you had on ”/” to many :)

We’ve been having many errors with this theme lately. Everything has been updated to the latest versions and we are receiving these PHP errors. Please advise,


Hello, please do open a ticket on http:/anpsthemes.freshdesk.com and we will be glad to help you resolving your issues.

Thank you and best regards

Hi Anps, I’ve had this theme since 2013 and am still happy with it today!

I recently purchased an SSL certificate for my site and had to make a few small tweaks to the theme in order to support the upgrade. I wanted to pass this info along in case you wanted to include similar changes in your next update.

External Fonts Change links for external fonts from http://fonts.googleapis.com to https://fonts.googleapis.com. Updates were needed for the following files: functions.php and header.php

YouTube Videos Change links for YouTube videos from http://www.youtube.com to https://www.youtube.com. Updates were needed for the following file: admin-function/shortcodes.php

Other? There may be additional external urls not mentioned above that should also be updated.

Thanks again for your hard work on this theme—clean business themes are very difficult to find!

Thank you very much! We will consider this


I need to add a portfolio item, but the documentation and my wp does not at all look alike. There is no way at all to upload the gallery as shown on docs. Please assist and regard this as urgent. We paid for this theme and should get the correct documentation? I need to upload this portfolio items today. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your response. Appreciate it. Very nice theme, just really urgently need help – something is very wrong

GREAT AND FAST SUPPORT! Really appreciate all your help! Thank you so much!

Glad we could be of service, thank you for the nice words and do not forget to rate ;)

Best regards