Discussion on Cooper - Creative Responsive Personal Portfolio

Discussion on Cooper - Creative Responsive Personal Portfolio

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menno23 Purchased

hi, can you send the cooper html site incl. the images and video (index 6) please thanks

Hello. Sorry, but it is prohibited by Envato rules.

hello i use cooper template on my personal site


i added html5 video on page, we can play the video on large screen but on responsive screen we can’t play & control the video

please let me know,how can i fix it?


HI, I’m coming across a lot of issue trying to fix your outdated coding practices.

Please provide me with an email so we can work these issue out.

If not, I’m going to have to request a refund.


Hi, I applied flexbox to the sections containers, and now the parallax stopped working.

How do I fix this?

Hi, how can I remove the main “cooper” sidebar from the pages without it breaking the page?

When I remove it, the scroll function breaks a bit, and there’s a big yellow stripe down the side of the page.


I’m looking at the source files for your template, and the CSS for the template being display on theme forest seems to be very dated – it’s using floats and clearfix hacks.

IS the version I’m purchasing using Flexbox and Grid?

Hello, I have a question about the main header.

I would like to use a more sloppy logo, but the logo does not rotate in the mobile view and then protrudes into the content.

Can you program a rotation of the logo? I am happy to pay for this adjustment!

Many greetings Michael

hi! how it’s going? i buy thinking about this is wordpress theme but is not, please can you refound money? i will buy wordpress theme

Hello. Ok, buy a WordPress version ( https://themeforest.net/item/cooper-creative-responsive-personal-portfolio-wordpress-theme/19301592 )and create a request for a refund through the Envato system – in the comments write the code for the HTML version and for WordPress. Thanks

Hi, does anyone know how I can update the following files?




Hello, How can i remove “Border” from piechart at Skills page? (canvas pie chart have black borders)


Hello. This is not a border – this is a svg background.

I want to buy this and customaze by adding admin dashboard that control front end ,and deliver to my customers is this allowed.

I will be intergrating the whole code to run with laravel back-end?

Hello. Sorry, but we did not work with these frameworks. Thanks

I know you did not work on those, what I am s asking you is this

I am a developers therefore I want to buy your template, after buying it I will intergrate it to work according to how I want for example I want to add frame works and admindashboard that control the website

what I want to know from you is that on buying and I have intergrated it is it allowed for me to distribute intergration to my customers, as it will be have new codes and 70% intergration.

I want to buy Templates that I will add frame works and and develop them according to my customers need, I need templates as they will save me time

Hi , I recently purchased the cooper website for my portfolio. But when i downloaded all images were missing. My purchase code is 61af94a7-5da3-4d3b-88a9-29dd52d229df Can you please give me a link where i can download cooper website with all images

Images used in the demo are not included in the archive of the – for the license restrictions. They are replaced by dummy placeholders. You can buy and download it here : https://unsplash.com/ , https://www.shutterstock.com/

Hello kwst, I didn’t knew that images are not included , Can you still please give me images because once another author also gave me images later on. Without images how can i publish it ?

Sorry but no . If another author sent you images, then he violated the rules of envato and the rules of the license . It is forbidden.

I bought your theme years ago and now my pages go to 404. My main page loads fine but now suddenly I cannot access other pages. I updated all the plugins and no improvement. Why is your theme doing this?

hey! i have probelm while installing the theme on my wordpress Ftp it says to me that a css style document is missing.. ? how can i fix it please?


I liked your html template http://cooper.kwst.net/ and congrats for good work. I am gonna purchase it but beforehand I have some question pls answer me it is very urgent. so first question is there are exists 6 type of demo page when I get template do I get all of it? second question is I am going to develop its backend in laravel so in description says php files also included so can I delete that php files and use it as a clean template?

1.All files are included in the archive .
2. Yes of course – php file are used only for the contact form .
Thanks .

Hi You have done a great job. Can you suggest me any cms that goes well with your theme? So that i can do editing by myself? I’m not a programmer.

Hi, the hamburger side menu stays open after expanding it and doesn’t close when the cursor moves away. You have to click the X to close it manually. Is there a way to alter the code to have it close when the cursor moves away from the menu?

Hi, how can I code the portfolio grid items to launch the slider instead of the enlarged image file? I like the gallery layout but the slider in the single portfolio page for ease of seeing all images enlarged without having to open and close each image. Is there a code to change the action of the image icon overlay on a multi-item grid page to open a slider?

Hello. Give me your mail or write here : support@kwst.net

Hi, on the opening page/section, how can I replace the website name and tagline with a logo jpg?

Hi, 2 questions: 1) How do i remove the up/down page arrows div from the Home/opening section code? It started showing up after I customized parts of the index page and css code. I still want it in the other sections, just not then splash section. 2) Is there a way to have a different Home section format for mobile devices? I use the Impulse style for desktop, but want a different home/opening page for mobile (ie: image, slider, etc) Thank you!

1. Remove div with class “arrowpagenav”
2. In file scripts.js add this code :

        if ($(window).width() < 1064) {
        window.location = "index2.html";

Great, thanks so much,


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