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Like this one a lot!

Few general ideas & wishes for further themes or updates:

Fixed image & embed heights in category templates are tough to deal with when blogging a lot since you never know which part of the image will be visible ( You need to crop images to have full control but it’s an additional bit of work. Been there with some themes already, you end up posting less. It’s a little barrier which could be avoided.

I wish the page building capability would also work for blog entries. I’m still waiting for a theme aimed at art directed blogging. So far most creative guys only have an about page which needs a bit tweaking, it’d make much more sense in the daily routine to incorporate something like your mighty tool for blogging.

Hope you can draw anything valuable from my feedback.

Cheers Ronny

Nice one, Good luck with the sales mate!

nice work again…

Clean work , congrats ; wish you the best with sales :)

Looks great, good luck friend :)

Beautiful! I’m seriously considering this.

One Q: can the logo on the homepage be repositioned to either side or is it fixed in the middle?

Thanks for interest :)

it has left, center, right options for logo ;)

Great works, I have made an amazing website with modernize. My question is: it will be painfull to change my modernize site theme to co-porlio theme? wish you best sales


Thanks for interest on this one :)

It shouldn’t be much pain but you might need to re-assign some value for blog and portfolio page. But blog post and portfolio post should be the same. BTW , gallery page item need to be set again. We changed its’ structure.


Good luck with sales buddy!

Very nice! I have a few questions:
  • Could a custom homepage layout be created with a sidebar and shortened slider?
  • Could the main menu be moved to the right of a left aligned logo?
  • Can shortcodes be used like widgets in the sidebar?
  • Can sliders be used on the portfolio detail pages?


1.) sure you can do that.

2.) yes, you can change logo and menu position to left, center, right

3.) yes

4.) in portfolio post already support slider thumbnail. Check this out >

Thanks for interest :)

One more question: Does the Good Space theme have the same updated responsive framework and layout building capabilities as this new theme?



nope, responsive framework is different but page builder is the same ;)

Thank you guys so much for kind words! :)

Truly appreciated! :D

Is there an option to remove the white date box to the left of the blog photo/excerpts?

Can you work with over 450 fonts like the Green Earth theme?


we don’t have an option to delete but we can guide where the code you need to handle with :)

and yes, the font list is the same as GreenEarth

Thanks for interest :)

I messed up the “Logo Top Margin” and “logo bottom margin” numbers and cant get my logo to come up. What do they need to be for my logo to come up and/ or about what size should the logo image be?

Great Theme :D

Thank you so much for choosing our theme.

And really sorry about the logo problem. We put the fixed in the update queue already. BTW , you can go through our support forum. We have a quick fix in there :)

No worry the fixed version is available now :)

You can download it again.

Exactly what was broken in the earlier version of the theme that has been fixed now? Please also confirm the recommended logo dimensions.


Yep, we just put the fixed version. You can download it again ;)

ideal logo size is 300×70 as demo.

Sorry for any inconvenient :)


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Thanks so much!


First off great looking theme!

Few questions:

1. Is it possible to add links to the titles in the services section on the home page?

2. Does your gallery have a bulk image upload function? Will it allow for bigger than a 4 column layout?

3. Can I set the image size for slider images?

4. For drop down menus, can I make so that the top menu title isn’t clickable, but only the drop down items? (home that’s clear)

5. Do you have any functionality such that I can have some entry content on a post or page and when its clicked it reveals the rest of the content? For example, if I have a staff page and for each staff member I have their picture and bio and all I want to show is the picture and title, but if you click on the picture or title it will show the entire bio to prevent having a really long page. (hope that’s clear as well)

Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you.



1.) yes, you can place the code like

 <a href=""> </a>
in title input box.

2.) you need to upload images via ‘media>upload’ first and we have 1-4 columns layout for gallery. so the bigger is 3 columns? we have it >

3.) width is fixed as full but you can adjust height.

4.) yes, actually this can be done via wordpress menu manager itself. create a new custom menu and put the link as ’#’ so it won’t go anywhere.

5.) for staff, if you’re mentioning to the personnel function in this theme well, it doesn’t support that. but if you see the portfolio function in then demo site ( those portfolio item can be page too not only portfolio post. Is this what you need? ;)

Thanks for interest :)

So you don’t offer a boxed layout? Just full width?

Yes, it’s only full width…

Thanks! :)

Great theme – very impressive. Just a couple of quick pre-sale questions before I go ahead and buy it:

1. Could a form (e.g mailing list opt in) be embedded in the homepage slider?

2. Is this theme compatible with the Shopp WP plugin?

thanks! :)


1.) nope, the slider doesn’t support contact form in caption area.

2.) I’m not sure about this but Woo commerce should be fine ;)

Thanks for interest :)

Gorgeous Theme!

Can the main background be changed?

Thank you! :)

yes you can change easily via admin panel ;)