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Love the design… Diferent and Unique!!!

Thanks JavierDesigns :)

Bravo, it’s nice to see something different.

Thank you cacurtis! :)

Finally!!! And as I can see, even better than I expected. Just a few quick questions, before I buy

- if images are 750×499 size, will everything be resized normally? (for the front page slider, portfolio and gallery?

- how are images put in portfolio? With category?

- is there option for subcategorys?

- if I understand, every image for portfolio and gallery must be entered as a blog post? And wil lbe excluded in blog section?

Thanks a lot for your answer. cunfek

Hi Cunfek,

1) The mainpage featured section , galleria slideshow and lightbox pop-up images aren’t resized dynamically and is displayed just as the original source. Other images such as thumbnails in portfolios, post featured images, sidebar gallery thumbnails are dynamically resized to fit. This ensures better control over the images in the frontpage, portfolio pop-up lightbox and the galleria slideshow which is designed to display large images.

2) All portfolio styles excluding the Galleria Slideshow requires a category of posts. You can build any of those portfolio styles independently by calling it through a page. It’s a two step simply process explained in the Help Guide. This makes it very flexible and can be displayed in any order or hierarchy. The Galleria Slideshows are generated through image attachments inside Pages.

I’ve also included a custom portfolio widget for the mainpage accordion and another for the sidebar which can either fetch a category of posts or page image attachments to generate thumbnail lightboxes. There’s lots of options in this way for them.

3) Portfolios can be listed subcategories and independent from each other aswell.

4) You can simply have a ‘Blog’ category ( you can name it anything ) and add your blog posts to it. Viewing the category will generate a blog list.

Thank you. :)

Thank you for your reply. As I promised, purchase has been made. Now I go and dig into it to build up my web page.

If I will have any further questions, will post here,

Kind regards cunfek

Congrats. Finally something different. Would like to see it using more of the available space. Seems a bit small. At least on my 24” display.

Still considering, but will probably end up buying anyway.



I wanted to make something different so there was some sacrifices done. You can still populate all of the sections alot.

Thanks :)

design looks nice and different, i have a few simple questions,

1- Can we create video gallery similar to other still galleries, and can we use youtube, quictime, flash files, and change the dimensions for the small video preview box

2- Can we use the slide show or accordion … styles in other pages other then home page? I think homepage looks great, but the other pages left side looks empty and dull, it would be great if we can use the same style in home page (slideshow part)

3- Can i add some background picture for the body (right side) and also add more skins?

4- And i agree again the home page looks great but i feel we can use more space in other pages, left side simply takes lots of space, and if you can not put any slideshow or stills like homepage it ruins the design, just look empty. just considering this issue, or if there are more alternatives that would be great to see


Hi prospectmedia,

1) Yes, video links can be activated for lightbox. I’ve updated the portfolio with video links now. You can check how it displays in the portfolio thumbnail gallery. Every other link is a video lightbox. You’ll just need to fill the video link input in the Post section and can be filled in with youtube, quicktime, vimeo and flash files out of box.

2) The Nivo Slides, Galleria, Static images and some of the Page templates designed to display images which use the sidebar. Its active in the demo.

3) You can customize the CSS to modify the skins which is easier than adding the skins. Adding more skins will require PHP coding. To edit the skins you can navigate to skins folder and customize the style.css in the respective skin. To add background images you can add a CSS background image to body class of the skin.

4) Some trade-in was done in terms of design. Thanks for the suggestion. You can check if the Nivo, Galleria or static image page templates work for you.


Hmm.. i’m stuck with pages. Can’t get for example “contact” page to appear on main side above. Or portfolio. All I have, is “home” and nothing else.

Can you point me in right direction?

What means to Fill the TITLE and CONTENTS for example in contact page?


If you mean the menu – you can build it using Wordpress admin > Appearance > Menu. Make sure you’ve selected a primary menu. This will be picked up by the theme.

Title and Contents refer to the Page Title and Page Contents.

To build the Contact page.

  • Create a New Page
  • Select Contact Page template from the template drop down
  • Anything you enter to the Page contents area will be displayed on the wide sidebar area. I’ve used the map shortcode to display a map.
  • Publish!

Hope this helps.


Yes you have done it, finally WP! Well designed :)

As soon as I have a project that fits, I’ll be back :)

Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the encouraging words. Appreciate it! :)

Wow! this theme is one of a kind, you really brought Wordpress to a new level. :)

Thanks danyno! :)

I want to second the kudos for making a design which isn’t just a wide slider and three boxes underneath.

I will be eager to find a project that needs this and will be sure to buy.

Thanks lekun :)

Great design! Very unique! Good job!

Thanks jason! :)

I will echo those before and say this theme is not only refreshing and original but completely stunning and incredibly well thought out. Fantastic job!

Thanks cidney! :)

OMG I can’t wait to get hired for a project where this is appropriate. I Absolutely am in LOVE with this template. so well done and so unique. such an amazing use of wordpress!!!!!!! Great work!

Thanks wahkeenasitka! :)

can i get this layout’s ONLY HTML version….??


The CSS HTML version for Coral is available here link


Thank you for your amazing work! I love this one and the other 2 I have bought from you :-)

Hi voncms,

Very happy to hear. Do let me know if you need help.

Thanks :)

Witch name must I use for the mo en po files to translate your beautiful theme. I’m really like it en will use it.


did you see my second question about te renaming of the .po file?


You can make that file as nl_NL.po and you’ll also need the mo file created using a free app like POedit

I just tested and works well. You can define the wordpress config file with

define ('WPLANG', 'nl_NL');

If you can contact me i’ve generated an updated file which had some missing fields to the PO file. Please send a mail via my profile and i’ll send it to you.

Happy Newyear!


Thanks, it works. I’ll send you a mail.


Hi there,

I’m impressed! I just have two questions for you:
  • is it possible to assign the full-width style to a single post?
  • is it possible to add more separated portfolios (with associated menu links, ie. portfolio1 and portfolio2 with different styles)?

Thank you.


1. I’ve provided a fullwidth page template which can be used with Pages. All Posts will have sidebar.

2. You can have as many Portfolio pages in any order or hierarchy.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks :)

Hi there, Took the plunge and bought it! Now all I have to do is learn Wordpress!

Best wishes

Hi meezer,

Let me know if you need any help.


Okay… So I too am having a confusing difficulty building the site menu… I’ve never used the Menu builder under ‘Appearance’ – so this is new for me.. But I have built a menu and added pages to the menu and it’s not showing up:

If you want to log in, you can see I’ve built a menu and everything… and none of the pages in the menu are showing up. Quite confused.

In regards to the login, please send a mail via my profile if you want me to create some sample blocks.


i sent you an email a few hours ago with the wp login info thru your profile page. did you receive it?

Got it!

Brilliant and very unique design! I’ve bookmarked it, will buy when I’ve saved up enough money to buy it.

Thanks :)

ps.. you really need to update the PDF for this, because it gives absolutely no information whatsoever about building the pages & menus. and that’s really the most important thing.


Everything marked Template are Page templates in the Table of Contents in the PDF . Pages 21 to 29 are about them.

I’ve given a user guide from wordpress dot org on building the menus. It’s very easy. Mostly about drag and drop after adding the menu items. Make sure you select a primary menu.

Let me know if you need help. I can build a sample menu if you contact me via my profile with login info.