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Have you made any progress on the problem with the short code slide show not working on a static image page?

Did you check the page?



Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay.

I’d like to check on this using login info. I already have login info sent by you. I’d like permission to use it to check on this problem.



Pardon for my lack of knowledge, I have encountered 2 more difficulties at 2 different sites. Please advise.

Difficulty 1

When I click open “Staff and Students”, I am unable to click open “Principal’s Message”. However instead of clicking “Principal’s Message” when I click on “Recent News” and “HEADLINES”, “Staff and Students” are opened automaticalling.

Difficulty 2

I installed news_announcement_scroller widget and placed it on the Mainpage tabs, the following script errors appeared.

v_font=’verdana,arial,sans-serif’; v_fontSize=’11px’; v_fontSizeNS4=’11px’; v_fontWeight=’normal’; v_fontColor=’#000000’; v_textDecoration=’none’; v_fontColorHover=’#FFFFFF’;// | won’t work v_textDecorationHover=’none’;// | in Netscape4 v_top=0;// | v_left=0;// | defining v_width=180;// | the box v_height=100;// | v_paddingTop=0; v_paddingLeft=0; v_position=’relative’;// absolute/relative v_timeout=3000;//1000 = 1 second v_slideSpeed=1; v_slideDirection=0;//0=down-up;1=up-down v_pauseOnMouseOver=true;// v2.2+ new below v_slideStep=1;//pixels v_textAlign=’center’;// left/center/right v_textVAlign=’middle’;// top/middle/bottom – won’t work in Netscape4 v_bgColor=’transparent’;

Please advise.


1. It’s working good for me. Could you let me know browser specifics to check on the problem.

2. I’m not sure why it’s occurring. Could you ask the plugin author if he could give you info on it. The above code is from the scroller plugin you’re using.


Hi !

I bought your beautifull template a few month ago and everything xas all right since updated wordpress 3.3.

Now I’ve got an issue with my galleries. Here is an example for this page (and it is the same on all the pages wich are using the portflio style) :

Do you know how I could repair this problem ?

Thanks a lot !


Hi Laurence,

Could you disable the plugins you’re using and check if there’s a conflict somewhere. Looks like a conflict. You can reactive them back one by one to see what’s causing it.

Let me know if this doesn’t solve it.


Hi following on my previous post, number 1. I realized, when I view in Firefox and Internet Explorer, it worked fine however when I view in Google Chrome, I face the limitation of not being able to click on the 2nd time. Please advise.

Hi- I’m looking to purchase your template…just a few ?’s

How hard is it to make the front page similar to your fullwidth slideshow page, Change main BG(where grey is) to an image, place a frame background I have behind slideshow images on homepage, and get rid of the black bar on left with logo sideways and just make the logo straight in top left corner and make all white there and rest site centered. And lastly make all remaining pages the fullwidth size: And add different smaller gallery slideshows to each different page with my frame behind the slideshow. ( I don’t really want the side by side look) But I love the main look if I can get it there quickly.

Is this too much? ...or possible & easily with your template. Multiple galleries possible to place (shortcode) throughout the pages where needed?

let me know…asap. And I’ll get started. Or if you can help just a smidge here and there where files might be…I can change things pretty good myself.


Sorry for the delay.

I’ve provided a fullwidth template page which you can assign as the mainpage.

You can either build upon this template file to add elements or modify the mainpage.

I think your described customization can be made by making some changes to the file structure and modifying CSS .

Let me know any specific elements you want change and i can provide location where they are.


Hi Again,

Have you made any progress with the static image page and the shortcode for slidegallery not working properly?


Hi Daniel,

It’s working properly now.


I am loving this theme, thanks! I tried to create a child theme but the front page feature accordion is not rendering correctly though I have imported the style.css file as instructed on the Wordpress Codex article on Child Themes. Can you recommend anything else? It is good practice to make modifications on a child theme in-case you come out with a significant upgrade, I don’t want to lose any custom coding I do.

Thank you!


You can edit the includes/featured/home-accordion.php


<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_directory'); ?>

and replace with

<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>

This should set correctly when using child themes.


by the way, if you’re having problems with the featured images and resized images (utilizing timthumb.php) rendering in secondary sites in a multi-site install, replace the function wpmu_image_path in custom-functions.php with the following function. Also, not sure if this matters, but I moved it from the bottom of the file to above the resize images function.

//Convert an image path to WP MU image path. Very useful to auto resize image attachments. function wpmu_image_path ($src) { global $blog_id; if(isset($blog_id) && $blog_id > 0) { $imageParts = explode('/files/' , $src); if(isset($imageParts[1])) { $src = '/blogs.dir/' . $blog_id . '/files/' . $imageParts[1]; } } return $src; }

Hi, I just bought the Coral theme and it won’t install on WP. It says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

I unzipped the folder and there is a style.css in there. What’s going on? Thanks.


You’ll need to extract the files and upload the folder called ‘coral’ to wordpress theme folder.

The folder ‘coral’ has two files. style.css and screenshot.png ( just to make sure you’re uploading the correct one )

Let me know if you need more info.



would really appreciate some help here… 1. I am using the theme in a Spanish language site (my cufon font includes all latin characters) ... the paragraphs are rendered ok (with accents) but not the titles… accented letters in headers simply do not show up. How can I fix this?

2. I need to display post excerpts on the main page… only been able to display titles… is there a way around it? (am afraid am php ignorant)

thanks in advance! Susie

Hi Susie,

1.You can generate a full character set of the cufon font from the following url

You can overwrite it with the font file found in js/fonts/

2. This will require some customization if it about more than what the theme currently supports. I can point out sections to modify if you go through a wp developer.


no replies in almost a month???


I’ve answered to the question above.


“1. I am using the theme in a Spanish language site (my cufon font includes all latin characters) ... the paragraphs are rendered ok (with accents) but not the titles… accented letters in headers simply do not show up. How can I fix this?”

Hi, As I mentioned in my previous comment, I generated and uploaded a new cufon file with all the latin gliphs needed… that is why paragraphs do show accents… BUT there appears to be something preventing headlines from showing them… any ideas?

“2. I need to display post excerpts on the main page… only been able to display titles… is there a way around it?”

You mentioned in a previous post that that you have a widget used in another theme… you said it needed customization but would work, and offered to share it… any way I could have that file?

alternately if you could point out the sections that need modifying, I would ask a developer friend to walk me through it

appreciate your help!!!


1. You can generate any font you prefer using the following url

The font currently used in the theme is quicksand.

You can generate and overwrite the new font in the folder /js/font/

2. Can i have a look at the website to get an idea of your requirement.


Thank you for helping :) I’m a happy customer!


You’re welcome Daniel :)

Hey Mondre,

I’ve purchased your theme “Coral Wordpress Theme”.

I have three questions: 1. This is the website I am designing: (Template: “page galleria sidebar”) I’d like to add a description (naming the artists, director and tell something about the story) below the picture (on the right) or the thumbnails (on the left). Is that by any chance possible? 2. Can I somehow block a picture from being used in the “Coral Sidebar Gallery”? (The logo should’t be displayed next to the pictures of the show.) 3. I’d like to add a single picture on the left side (black) e.g. on the “Vita” site. How can I do that?

I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance. Ava

Hi Ava,

1. You can add captions by filling the Title of the image attachment. Help Guide page 24.

2. The Coral Sidebar Gallery can display images from a Category of posts or Page attachments. I’d recommend if you can upload the images you prefer to display and selecting this page using the widget. This way you can isolate others and display only the ones you require.

3. You can do so using the Page template ‘Page Static Image’


Hi, is there any way to add captions to the featured image layout? For example, I need to add a caption when I mouse-over the image on home page and on the Page Static Image templates

Is it possible? Thanks!


This can be easily done using jQuery and HTML .

I’d recommend if you could contact a WP developer. i can provide info on the locations to change if needed. It won’t be a major modification.


OK, can you provide me with the locations so I can look for a developer? Thanks



Could you also try copy everything from




just to try. If it doesn’t work you can contact a Dev, that’s the file required to change for the mainpage Nivo.



Like Susie coralstar 222 I had the problem of headers not displaying correctly, especially symbols like the EURO -sign. I did exactly as you described. So first I downloaded the individual font files @ and thereafter I had the shoqolate generator create the missing glyphs. It worked well for the EURO -sign that is now properly displayed but I lost my headings-font for regular text. Please take a look at:

I think the glyphs set that comes with Coral is not available on either or choqolate. Can you think of a solution?

Thanks a lot

Hi delinature,

The active font will need to have all the characters. I think your solution is to load two fonts one regular characters and the other one with the Euro symbol, if so it won’t load that way.

Could you check the google fonts if there is a font having all the characters you require. The one currently in use is Quicksand.

Let me know if i missed the question.


Hello?! Still there Mondre?


I’ve answered above.


Thanks Mondre, but it’s not helping me. I used the Google fonts and afterwards generated them with choqolate. These are the glyphs I created, including glyphs for the USD and the EUR , but still the EUR -sign doesn’t show up. I cleaned my cash a couple of times, but also this doesn’t help. Any other suggestions?

Uppercase Basic Latin uppercase letters (A-Z). (26 glyphs) Lowercase Basic Latin lowercase letters (a-z). (26 glyphs) Numerals Basic Latin digits (0-9). (10 glyphs) Punctuation Basic Latin punctuation (!@#%...). (33 glyphs) Basic Latin Basic Latin glyphs within the Unicode range 0×0020 to 0×007E. (95 glyphs) Latin-1 Supplement Latin glyphs within the Unicode range 0×00A0 to 0×00FF. Includes punctuation, currency symbols, numerals and common accented characters. (96 glyphs)

Hey Mondre, let me clarify, I am using the same cufon font for titles and paragraphs, what would prevent accents (which appear in paragraphs) from showing in titles? Am using all caps titles now as a way around this but if there is a way to show accented lower case letters in headings I would be happier. I solved the recent posts issue with a “advanced recent posts”... so far been unable to center the image, the theme does not read their css… Also having isues with: - contact items appear with numbers - social info and copyright (appear as list items) - mini gallery on front page aligsn vertically instead of horizontally

This is the temporary url Look forward to your speedy reply Susie


- copyright info appears as bulleted list

- contact form shows as numbered list

- social list (fb, twitter ect) has disappeared

- google map refuses to center

- front page mini gallery aligns down instead of across… etc, etc…

been twicking css for 3 years or so, but this template beats me… it does not respond, why????? please help!!!!!!