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MORE problems…

The MENU looks fine in Firefox… in Safari the last item goes to in a second line… is there a way to fix this without making it look bad in FF?

To go around the issue of the ugly bullets I was getting (something with the ul specs which I could not pin point) I created text widgets for social list and copyright… again looks ok in FF but out of wack in FF

I attribute the same ul issue to the contact form problem I mentioned before… I get 1. Name 2. inputbox 3. Email 4. inputbox… etc hardly presentable!


Could you give me a url to check on the problems. The demo is good in safari. I can check why this is occurring after checking the site. This way i’d be able to give you accurate solutions.


Thanks for your reply. This is the temp site

breaking my head sooo many issues am considering a fresh start in a new wp installation

Hi – I really LOVE the theme.

My issue is that the Pagination shortcode doesn’t work in the Nivo Slides Page Template. If I use the Nivo Slider to the left of the text and I try to put in the shortcode it doesn’t work. Can we add some code to the template_nivo.php to make that work?



Hi Linda,

Could you download WP Page Navi plugin

Once you activate it’ll give you the pagination buttons instead of navigation links.


Hi, have started on a new wp installation… the ul problem I had before is solved… the MENU ISSUE in Safari continues (last item appears on a second line, though ok in FF) Also, not able to show complete text on the main page accordion slides… no matter how long or short the text is the last words get cut off. Would appreciate any help!! Susie

Hi Mondre,

Site is coming along much better in the new installation, its looking good

bullets and cufon problems solved themselves out..

although 2 other issues persit, have not been able to fix the menu in Safari (last item goes down to second line)... or the slider text getting cut off as I mentioned in my last comment…

If you have a chance, perhaps you could through some light into these new issues:

I would like the posts section to show full posts (without read more) have edited post-summary.php and deleted all excerpt-related code … as you may see here ... changing this file does not do it, could you let me know which other file would need to be modified?

Can the image size on the sidebar gallery of a Post Page be modified? would like to have larger images in 2 columns say 180px wide and can’t quite figure it out… changing the 50px width and height in the css infobar portfolio grid img does not alter anything

I really appreciate if you could give me a hand, Susie


Is there a way to convert this theme to RTL ?


Yes, you’ll need to edit style.css file and change the text direction of content classes. I’d recommend to contact a CSS developer on this.



text on the main page accordion slides gets cut off… no matter how long or short the text is, the last words do not show up


my posts section must show full posts (without read more) have modified post-summary.php and deleted mentions of “excerpt” … issue persists

it seems to me these are direct THEME ISSUES so please would you be so kind as to through some light into what files need to be need to be modified?

thanks temp url:


You can edit /includes/featured/home-accordion.php

Line 121 grabs the excerpt text.

Line 122 displays the excerpt with specified number of characters. Currently set to 200. You can increase this value.

Or display the exceprt to line 122 with


instead of

echo shortentext ($theExcerpt, 200);

2. You can either display the full contents or excerpt using theme option > ‘Post Options’ > Display Blog List as – Full Post

No need to modify file.

3. The CSS hover menu item that exceeds the width ( hover overlay )

You can edit the /css/menu/superfish.css

Add the following code to line 101


That’s adding property to the following class

.menu li:hover, .menu li.sfHover,
.menu a:focus, .menu a:hover, .menu a:active {


Can you please tell me how I can change the background on the Skin or where the items for the Skin are located so I can modify them? Thank you!


You can edit /skins/

Choose folder relative to your skin choice. You’ll find background image and css style file in each folder for them.

Let me know if you need more info.


Thanks for your reply, but these issues persist

MAIN SLIDER have tried your suggestions of modifying /includes/featured/home-accordion.php using “the_excerpt();” removes the text all together… changing value in line 122 “echo shortentext ($theExcerpt, 200);” does not solve it, the text (5 lines long) gets cut off… have tried 300 and all the way up to 800… any other ideas?

BLOG modifying Theme options > ‘Post Options’ > Display Blog List as – Full Post does not work … I get excerpt posts (with read more)...

Thanks again



your suggestions did not help,

- have tried both posts and pages

- have disabled the only plugin installed

have ran out of ideas of what else to try to show the full text (longest line is 205 characters)... it works in your demo, why is it not working in this site?????


still stuck with this…



The featured description is an excerpt of the full post contents. the_excerpt function gives text with HTMLs stripped.

I’ve tested and increasing the value gives me results from the home-accordion file.

Could you try the following. I’ve tested this.

edit /includes/featured/home-accordion.php

Replace line 122

echo shortentext ($theExcerpt, 200);


echo get_the_excerpt();

The above will give you an excerpt from the post.

Please note that you can control what’s displayed in the excerpt by editing the post and clicking ‘Screen Options’ – from the drop down options tick ‘Excerpt’ check box. An excerpt field now appears under the post contents where you can enter text to be displayed as excerpt. If this field is left empty it’ll display text from the contents. ( Note: Wordpress excerpt doesn’t display full post )

2. Theme options has functions to display either full post or summary of posts that’s displayed in archives. ( post list ) It’s a straight forward function that will either display fullposts or the excerpt.

From your previous comment you mentioned about editing the file, it could be altered in another way. Could you download the theme again and compare the original file /includes/post-summary.php with yours. Do check and let me know.

Hope this works for you.


It worked, thanks

Really enjoying the theme, thank you!

A few questions:

1. How can I make “Big Title” blank? Just leaving it blank causes it to default to the Coral demo text.

2. Is it possible to remove the text on the Featured Accordion Slides completely?

Thank you!

Hi again,

Any chances of getting some help with these issues, please?

1. How can I make “Big Title” blank? Just leaving it blank causes it to default to the Coral demo text.

2. Is it possible to remove the text on the Featured Accordion Slides completely?

Thank you!

Hi Imaginem I liked Studio Zen so much I bought Coral. Is it possible to integrate ecommerce capability into this theme? Like Woocommerce for example? Thanks Giles


I have 2 questions.

1) Is there a possibility for a pagination to be added to galleria? Attached items are getting too long and it would be much nicer if a pagination could be added.

2) I have tried everything to use the list shortcodes but to me the code doesn’t seem to work.

Any solutions would have been most appreciated.

Hi Mondre! I was wondering if this is possible… I would like to use different sets of Nivo Slides with captions in pages other than home. Is there a way to indicate the category of each set? I have not been able to get the captions working… is this possible in a regular page? Could you tell me how? Thanks for you help!!!! Susie


I’m trying to use Coral in spanish but accents are not shown on the titles. For example, instead of ‘Información’ I get ‘Informacin’.

I guess this is a problem with cufon but I don’t know how to solve it. Can you help with his?


Hi Imaginem,

I figured out how to set up e-commerce in Coral, thanks anyway. But I have a couple of other challenges:

(1) I have a Nivo slideshow (left side main page) but no captions showing, even though I add text in caption area of each image (Media library). Is there another place I should be adding captions?

(2) With Nivo activated main page accordion has disappeared. How do I get both side by side?

Also, I would like to change Nivo to accordion (left side main page) but cannot see an option for this.

Thanks! Giles

CORRECTION ! I FIGURED IT ALL OUT ! Sorry for all the redundant messages!


Hello again,

This is my third inquiry to the same problems. I noticed that you are answering forum questions in your other templates, so at least I know you are okay (I was beginning to wonder, lol).

MY QUESTIONS : How to remove the “BIG TITLE ” permanently. I’ve done a work around to remove the “Big Title” by simply entering two blank spaces. BUT I ’m still looking for a proper way to remove it. I haven’t found that yet. Suggestions?

My second question How to remove the excerpt on the Home Accordion I’ve solved by in the Home Accordion PHP . So I think that’s fine..

Thank you!