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Congrats , this is fantastic. Wish you the very best with this one.

Kind Regards,

Thank for your kind words !

why are you not attempting to design themes like or for INDIAN customer.

We will design themes like or . Thanks !

Good job congr. :)

Congrats…! Good Job, Best of luck with sale.

Thank for your kind words !

Great theme, perfect job ! Thank you to Plaza-Theme to help me about this theme !

In french : Merci à l’auteur pour son aide lors de l’achat et de la personnalisation de ce thème. Tout est parfait. Merci beaucoup !

Thanks !

I think it is a great theme but I have some questions before buying it.

-Does it have custom email templates?

-If you update to new version, Is it included on the price you pay or do you have to buy it again?

-Does it have social icons module such as facebook, twitter…etc?

-Does it have a css module to avoid modify css files?

Thank you very much in advance. Best regards and congratulations again for this theme.

- It can custom email templates.
- If we update to new version you can download and use without need buy it again
- If you want add social icons we can help you do it.
- We haven’t a css module to avoid modify css files.

It is not translated to Spanish?

I am interested but I wish there was a translation in Spanish

It is support translate to Spanish. You can use it for Spanish. If you have any question or problem you can contact us:

Hi. I’m really intersted in buying your theme, it’s wonderful, but it lacks some things, and i want to ask you if you can do this for me : 1. Cloud zoom . Prestashop’s basic zoom is simple and arouses no interest.Can you make it have cloud zoom? 2.Social Icons : i saw you made social icons for some user, can you make it for me too? 3.The 3 buttons under the slider. Can i customize and make them be 6, say?

Thanks a lot ! And congratulations for this beautiful theme! This, and another 7 themes are battleing for my website, and yours would have been bought without doubt, should these things have been acomplished.

It’s possible to change 3 to 6 box in the static block.

Hi. I purchased the theme. can you please make now avalible the cloud zoom effect and social icons? Thanks !

Hi, We’re making cloud zoom effect. when it complete we will update for you. You can make a ticket

Hi there,

I purchased the theme and downloaded but could not find psd files in zip. Where are those located?


you can find link download PSD files in “readme.txt” file

thanks, you are wonderful. Please let me know when you make website for several other prestashop themes as well. I will be your member. I also have another point about this theme banners. I tried to change photos on main banners and created my own .psd images without background but when i uploaded it, code converts it to .jpg and so put white background. Then i checked your photos and wow those are .jpgs without background as if .png!! how could you do that ?? :) and how can i upload my photos without background there, just like yours on demo.

This banner slideshow you can use .png image file. It will displays transparent. You can use .jpg file because it doesn’t support transparent

Hi there,

Wow this is a beautiful theme… Thanks!

I was wondering. How do I translate it into my language? Danish

Thank you.

You can follow steps:

1. Download the language package from Unzip and upload on your server
2. Once installed Go to: System -> Manage Stores -> Create store view. Enter the data and save.
3. Now go to: Configuration -> Current Configuration Scope (Select your language from the dropdown) and on the right side under “Locale options” choose the desired language.

Thanks, I will try that.

Thank you for the fast answer :-)

The theme is magnificent, bravo.

I find the page of ’ my account ’ slightly too simple and it is strongly it’s a pity. Under prestashop, I have the impression that the translations are not well managed with the back office of prestashop. I have difficulty translating without entering the source code : it is normal?

The note is very long, but if we remove the part note of prestashop, information about the creation of a product I do not find it very detailed for the creation of megamenus or banners.

Thank you

You can translate in the back office : go to the back office of prestashop -> Localization -> Translations


I am new to this and this is the first theme that I have bought in here. I am a bit confused. I don’t know what license i shall use.

I am making a webshop and are going to sell clothe, shoes etc. to people/customer who will buy it from me directly online. I will of course charge money for the clothe.

Do I need the Extended License or is the Regular License okay for this?

Thank you very much!

you can purchase Regular License for your website. After you purchase you can use this theme for your website.

Great:-) I have done that!


Hello, I installed your theme. I don’t see any ajax filter on the left block and I can’t switch product between list and grid with ajax, I have to refresh the page before. this is my site:

Please help. Thanks

Oh, sorry. I forgot to config blocklayered. It’s work already. Thanks

Nice theme, but when I try to modify the css the css still the original. I’ve disabled the cache and delete the old one… but still like the original even though I open the file in a IDE and the file looks correct (with the modification I did). Can you please help me out?

If your server has cache you need disable cache server. If you don’t disable all cache when you change it doesn’t change.

bonjour j’essai de télécharger par le quick install mais j’ai erreur d’instalationà 78% Impossible de créer l’image “Shure_SE210_Sound-Isolating_Earphones_for_iPod_and_iPhone” pour l’entité “product”

You need check your connection. If you can’t install you can make a ticket we will check it for you

j’ai envoyé le ticket merci

je n’aipas lID du ticket

Is it possible to add a new typografi to the menu? And is it possible to move the top bar to the left and not the middel?

It isn’t possible to add a new typografi to the menu in the left of top bar.

Can you change the product page layout so it can look like this? Thanks !

Thank for your interested. If you want use this layout. It’s possible to change layout