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Hello, I like the theme very much, before buying it I would like to know if is fully customizable (fonts, colors,...) and if it is possible to display the dots under the slider. Thanks!

Thank for your interested. It’s fully customizable (fonts, colors,...) and if it’s possible to display the dots under the slider. If you have any question or problem you can contact use we will help you. You don’t worry.

Hi, I have question. I am from Poland- i need latin support unforutnelly i cannot find any option to enable that or if it isn’t possible i would like to change it font to Tahoma and menu text to Oswald. Another question is where i could change font size? And the last one: how can i change colors (not skins like red, green etc.) for example i want to change color of buttons- where i can find that or what i should edit?

We used font-face in this theme. You can change font in css file style themes/pos_corau/css/global.css. If you need we can change it for you. You can make a ticket we will change font for you

Hi there

I have a small problem, i try to install it in 2 diferent ways:

1- install portuguese prestashop then the theme, too many problems

2- install quick start and then change language, disable EN, Fr keep Pt.

The french flag show portuguese flag, so i have 2 portuguese flags.

I try to install 1 clik upgrade and upgrade the prestashop, i have a blanck page nothing happens, and when install 1 clik upgrade have the same, if i clik go back the modul is instaled but dosen´t work.

Is this normal?

Could you can provide more details of your website ? We will check it for you.

Hello can I create a custom.css for the theme in order not to loose all the changes once the theme is updates? Also, how can I enable png transparencies for the slider? Many thanks!

You can make a file custom.css file for styles update. You can create png file without background then update for banner slideshow images

Thank you. but the problem I am having is that everytime I upload a png it get’s automatically converted in to a jpg. Are there settings within the template I need to change in order for this not to happen?

PS. Ignore. The problem was caused by the Prestashop settings. For anyone having the seame problem go to preferences> images> and then tick “Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format.” save the preference and this will solve the problem. Now I just have to find a way to reduce the banner size and here I need the help of Plaza Themes :)


Sorry, We have a holiday. Could you provide your website info ? We will check and help you later. Thanks !

Hi, I have purchased your theme and I have several problems:

-I can’t switch product between list and grid. -The prices are not showing on the product list page.

Thank you in advance.

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and fix it for you later. We have a holiday. Thanks !

Hello: a new problem: nothing displays in static blockFooter3 (1 and 2 are fine). Can you help?

You should have access now!

Many many thanks for all your help, everything works perfectly now!!!

goodmorning, if possible to change the US value in €? and, How can change the english menu in italian language?? many thanks Andrea

Localization > Currencies > Edit Dollar You change Symbol of currencies > Symbol of euro

Click a product > tab “Price” – Tax rule > Click Creat > Add name taxt > Click Enable > Save and stay

thanks for your prompt reply. I realized that the language is in English even though it has the Italian flag.. is possible to reimport the language? in Localization—-> Languages, I’ve only french an english language whit italian flag. many thanks

Hi, is it possible to use full width images as backgound in sliders. At the moment there’s only small image but I need to remove background and use different image for every slide.

This slider doesn’t change background for each slide. You need use background images. If you want change background image for each slide you can contact us. We can custom it but you will be charge an addition

Hello, Is it possible to change the font from ‘Questrial’ to another font? The current font is not compatible with Vietnamese language and I need to use a font which is. If yes, is this change simple or complex?


It can change to another font. It’s easy. If you need we can help you change it. You don’t worry.

im interested on your theme, just 1 question? can I use it like catalog only??

Thank for your interested. You can use it like catalog if you want.

Congrats!! great template, i have a question, its posible put in the megamenu 4 column inside the categories?, in the demo you only have 3 as the maximum set.


It’s possible put in the megamenu 4 column inside the categories. You can config it in the admin panel.


On the site is indicated software version 1.6, 1.5.6, 1.5.4 … In the zip file there is the pos_corau_quickstart_1.5.6.1

I downloaded the zip file. ThemeForest on the website but there is the release, how to have the theme version 1.6?

Thank you for your answers


You can install template in template folder. You don’t install quickstart package.

Hi, We have updated theme compatible with prestashop 1.6. You can download latest version and update for your website

Ok thank you !

I have more questions ..

1 – How to display products on the module randomly, for: Featured products with slider on the home page and module Product tabs (does not display the first products database)

2 – In my test site in the breadcrumb I have / too that appears on the left of the screen. How to remove? here is a link as an example:

Thank you in advance for your answers!

1. If you want display random product. You need custom because it isn’t available.
2. open file find line: 703 change

.breadcrumb .navigation-pipe { text-indent: -999px} 
 text-indent: -99999px; 

Ok thank you. Last question: For product Module tabs that I have one product that appears in “sale” how to solve the problem? Your theme is great! Thank you Site test :

(Module product tabs)

Hi, Sale products set by attribute like this image

Is there a quick view option ? Are you planning to implement one? Thank you!

Thank for your interested. We will think about this

Thank you for 1.6 version !

here is my contribution :)

Random products for the module posfeatureproduct Open the file that is in /modules/posfeatureproduct/ posfeatureproduct.php

In public function getSlideshowHtml() {}

Change the line: $products = $category->getProducts((int) Context::getContext()>language>id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 8));

By: $products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()>language>id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10),null,null,false,true,true,($nb ? $nb : 10));

Thank for your contribution

Hi there

I bought this template but now i have a few questions….

IS there any Social integration for this template? like facebook, etc… so people can click in like.

And products appear to big if you only have +1 in category, in the bottom any turn around this?

Best Regards

If you want add social for your website we can help you do it. You can contact us.

Hi, I’ve installed the theme on a multishop, but it works only on the main shop and not on the second one. The issue is the pos extensions module. Can you help me? Thanks

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you


I have started to edit the pos corau theme, I have created an “about us” link in the megamenu module (adding a link from the cms block). When I click on that link I get redirected to the About us page but the link in the top menu doesn’t get an active state… Could you please help me out on how to fix this?

Thanks a lot.

Hello thank you for yor reply. I have already created a CMS link and added it to the top menu. The problem I have is that when I press on that link even though the correct content is loaded the link is not active, it doesn’t change color in order to show that it is selected.

You can make a ticket and provide your website info. We will check and fix it for you