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And this only in space administrator or in page complitly?

I don’t understand what do you mean ?

Hallo, with upgrade of 10/10/2011 the Datepicker don’t work. please fix it :)

I like the look of the new update. One issue though, I’m not too sure which is the best way to update when my php has already been built around the old version.

Also the Datepicker isn’t working on the demo.

can you fix your table, so we can use for sorting, searching and pagination must be working

Thanks for this product, it’s perfect. Et merci pour tes tutos :) (Le monde est petit ^^)

Hello Grafikart,

I’ve got this template and it is great one,

I’m just facing an issue with the settings part .. is it supposed to be for preview only, I mean you choose the right class to use and apply it in code or it should be working live, which will be shipped for the end product and saves the user choice in cookies or something to apply later when end user back to the application ..

the issue is that I’m using this for a client and the settings part needs to be applied every time a page refreshes …

Thanks for your help,

The settings pannel is for demo purpose only.

If you want to apply a specific color scheme you have to use class (dark/black) on elements (this is explained in the documentation file).

It seems that once you collapse the sidebar, it stays collapsed. If you expand the sidebar and click a link, it collapses again. Can it be made to stay expanded after the user expands?

It’s not working on the demo (cause of the minification of the script) but works on the fille you’ll download.

does not work select multiple !

Ok I use the plugin uniform.js (it’s causing too much problems :() I try to find another plugin, I’ll tell you when it’s fixed.

i have problems with checkbox… i cant get is checked by jquery $(”#asasasasas”).attr(‘checked’); and if you configure it is checked then you cant click it to unchecked

Indeed I’ll fix it asap (this is a bug with uniform.js, the plugin is not working with the last version of jQuery)

This work now (I didn’t fix the demo but the files are working)


there is an issue when you set multilevel nested lists and collapse the sidebar it shows only the first sub ul item and show the rest of uls content as well ignoring the assigned li

for example
  • Sub Menu Item1
    • Sub Menu Item1 – sub1
  • Sub Menu Item2
    • Sub Menu Item2 – item 1
I get this as following when collapsed sidebar :
- Sub Menu Item1
-- Sub Menu Item1 - Sub1
-- Sub Menu Item2 - Sub1
so it is missing the proper for the second ul, it works correctly when not nested though,

Also in login page there is a minified “min.js”, can you provide an original copy of it not minified ?

Thanks a lot,

I’m looking at it this week end I’ll inform you as soon as it’s fixed.

It has been 2 months since then .. any updates grafikart ? ..

I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong.. but it’s stopped working in all versions of IE… any idea? <- preview.

I have a problem on login page when I browse by IE8 . IE8 doesn’t work background-color : transparent . Could you tell me how to avoidance this problem?

Hi, The Drop Down list does not work in JQuery dialog boxes. Can you advice? Many thanks, Steve

Hi, is there any update to make to responsive? Many thanks!

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