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Wow! Very impressive theme! Just sent a few links out to a few individuals to spark their interest and see if they want to switch over. Good luck with the sales!

Thank you very much ;)

Great theme! Really loving it! I may be using this theme for any of my up coming client project

Thank you ;)


Great theme I’d buy if only it worked properly on the iphone/ipad as you can’t move the slider!! Could you change it to keep home style one but add a next/previous button or alike underneather the slide for touch devices.

Sorry to be a pain but the client I have in mind have touch devices in their studios

Thanks Vic

I tested on my iPhone and you can actually click on photo to scroll instead of scroll bar which is harder to use on touch screen device.

i believe this is the ultimate portfolio template :D

Thank you for your kind words ;)

Hey, Love the layout, just purchased it. Have NO idea how to use it. Is there a tutorial or a forum somewhere where I can read through how to implement this into my site?



Thank you ;)

There is the theme’s manual in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Nice theme! On your demo page, I noticed a small issue in Safari. . .when on the Contact page, the dropdown menu doesn’t work. When on other pages, it works fine.

I’m using Safari 5.0.5 on Mac OS X (10.5.8)

Good luck with sales though! I am meeting with a client next week and this might be perfect for them.



Thanks I will check that.

Can the homepage be made the portfolio page? Is that something easy to do. Design and layout are spot on. Great work!

Could you describe more about “be made the portfolio page” please

Sorry for the confusion, I was wondering if the portfolio page could act as the main home page instead of the slider.

I see but the homepage is fixed by 3 gallery styles (like live demo site)

Very beautiful krub
gd luck with sales! :)

Thank you krub ;)

Clean and nice – i like it. Good luck with sales.

Thank you ;)

Very nice and innovative theme! Bookmarked :)

Thank you ;)

Hi there,

Beautiful theme. Just notice that when you’e on contact page you can’t see or click drop downs from other pages. You get a quick view but can’t click.

Also, is this compatible with all mobile devices??

Cheers, P

I checked that. It seems like the issue between maps and Cufon on only Safari browser. Will look to the cufon discussion board for the solution

Great Theme! Is it possible to become the xml to import the hole demo page? Than i will buy it also (i’m not realy fit in WP and a xml helps much) Thanks! Johannes

Sure. Once you purchased, contact me via my profile page please ;)

hello great theme! Congratulations! One question: In the homepage, is that possible to have a direct link from the images to a single post? Regards

Sorry currently it’s not support that. But I will add it into the future if there are many requests from customers ;)

Hi Again,

Thanks, but everything on wordpress says I can’t upload a customized theme. Am I missing something? Does it have to be a wordpress site to use this template? Layman’s terms? I can figure stuff out, but I am not graphic design or programmer savvy.

Thank you for taking the time.

Hey, is it possible to use this theme with videos? Thanks, Will.

Could describe more please? You can always add videos to any pages or posts on the theme.

re: The ipad/iphone issues

Thanks for the comment and I appreciate that, but to the user it is not that obvious as they would see the slide bar try to use it get frustrated and the fear is that then would leave.

It would just add those extra touches to this excellent theme if options could be added to not use the scroll bar but use arrows or similar but keep the other effects.

Just a thought, I can probably code it myself.

Good luck with sales by the way.


Thank you for your suggestion ;)

Wow you guys crank out themes super fast. How big is your team if you don’t mind me asking?

Best wishes on your sales

Thank you and that’s the big secret story :D

Lol. Right on. :)

Well best of luck with everything

Blessings from the US

Thank you ;)

Great theme, really love it. You have really gone the extra mile to add all the features that some photography themes leave out. I have given it a glowing review on ThemePassion.

THank you very much for the review ;)

I know the secret! He is a one man team and never needs sleep. Coffee is the only fuel he needs. :)

Another great one!

LOL Thank you ;)