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Hi, I purchased this theme and really love it. I am having trouble with the galleries. When I install them on pages using the gallery template option, they work fine. When I try to put them into a post the gallery appears on the page but when I click an image it takes me to a page with the image on it large without any link to any other page. I have to back step out to get to another page. I have also tried installing a nivo slider plugin to use some of the short script you provided on the core live preview page for creating a slider but images just don’t show up. My address is and the posts I am talking about are under blog.



Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Please follow the theme’s instructions in /manual/index.html it will help you get through all theme features.

Just re-posting this once more since my order finally went through..

Is there anyway to move the logo above the menu items? Your ‘Core’ logo fits well to the left of the menu, but a longer (wide) logo in the same location tends to put the design out of balance. Additionally my back-end gallery provider allows for a logo in a centered header, so I’d like the two sites to mirror the logo position, if possible.

I’m more than happy to dig through and edit the CSS file, but I just need a starting point. :)


Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Hey! Just bought this amazing theme.. But unfortunately it seems there is something going wrong.. I’ll really appreciate your support. The deal is: when I click at CORE at the panel sidebar, a message appears with a huge error code. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thank you for your support and sorry for my (brazilian) English.

Provide detail of error message you got please.

Hi there,

Just wondering how do I go about increasing the blog area? I would like to post larger photos to display in the blog section, but I think the space is limited to 645 pixels or so? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out:

Hello, the captcha for the contact form does not show letters, why.

Provide URL of your contact page please.

Sorry I checked your site and captcha font works fine? Mat be try to clear browser cache.

Also, could you continue on previous thread instead of starting new one please. It’s really helps tracking our conversation and your issue.

I try to use the theme on a macbook pro but then the slider is to big so I can not click on the menu.

Example :) if you have a macbook pro.

There is not enough space for your menu items.

If you are not familiar with Wordpress custom menu below are some tutorials.

Can you place custom captions for each image UNDERNEATH the images in any of your lightbox displayspages?


You can enable image title and it will displays under image in lightbox mode.

Hi For some reason I find that the menu does not work in google chrome or older versions of safari with this theme any ideas?

The url is

Please reduce your logo width or menu items. There is not enough space so it pushes main menu down.

How big can the pictures be with the ” Display full blog post content on blog page – YES ” ?

I am having alignment issues with my iPad in vertical orientation : (

Gallery image upload issue on WordPress 3.4 is still an issue. I used your rar. file, but the error is still there.

Any news on when a fix is up and running?

Please login with your purchased account.

Hello, i have installed the theme on localhost with mamp (the latest version) and the fullscreen gallery only show up the first image, when change to flow or columns show up all the images.

Any clue?

Thanks in advance

Please enable fullscreen thumbnails using Core admin > General


I found “Enable Autoplay for Fullscreen Slideshow”

Hello I purchased ur theme a long time back now I want to know what is the perfect size the logo font (business name) should be uploaded in pixel wise? Kind Regards

It’s depend on how many menu items you have too. But I recommend the same size as standard theme logo.

Hi, I just purchased the theme, I love it. I’m having a problem creating the blog page. For some reason my blog page display a slide of my logo. I have followed the instruction on how to add a blog. Here is my link to my blog, any advice is greatly appreciated!

Sorry what do you mean “display a slide of my logo”?


Thanks for your response. While waiting for a response I’ve tried several things. 1. Uninstall WordPress 3.4.2 and installed 3.3.1. 2. I didn’t upload and photos that were not used for the galleries via Media menu. I ftp it into the upload folder. This removed the logo from showing up on my blog page. 3. I followed the instruction to add a blog page several time and it did not work, still shows up blank. After hours of play around I got it to work. Here’s how I got it to work. I had to set my Reading Settings to “Your latest post” to get the blog page to work. If I uses “A static page” (Front page: home, posts page: my-blog) them the blog page is bank. Here a link to the screenshot of my reading settings. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you

For the twentieth time, I’ll ask…

I would like to know the answer on the problem “password protected pages”. There is a Fix? Why do not you answer me? Other people have reported the same problem. Why do not you help us? I have given login to the my site and ftp.

I am having trouble with password protected pages, it gives me the following error: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/orciari/public_html/ in /home/orciari/public_html/ on line 34

Thanks for your reply

I saw on an earlier post that you were considering updating the theme to allow the flow gallery to auto rotate – is this possible yet? If not would it be possible for you to post the code needed so I could do this manually? Many thanks

Peerapong, I am waiting on two support tickets in themegoods, also I am hoping you can help me with downsizing a full screen homepage slideshow to not be bigger than 900×600 pixels.

Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out:

I tried the theme on my new ipad2 retina with the chrome browser and it doesn’t work very well,

I tested theme with the latest version of Chrome and it works fine.

I do not know how to make thumbnails on this page,

You can enable it using Core admin > General.