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Sorry, it wouldn’t let me add to my post so I’m reposting my question:

Hi Pete,

My ‘add media’ button has recently stopped working for me in WP 3.5 and I’m wondering if you might be able to help. I haven’t changed my theme in a while and have WP 3.5, which was working up until recently. I haven’t changed or added anything to my site since my last blog post.

Four things I have done are: 1) Deactivated all of my plugins 2) Cleared my cache 3) Installed most recent update & regenerated thumbnails.

The add media button still doesn’t work for me. Is there any way to fix it?

The latest version of theme which fix issues on Wordpress 3.5 is available to download.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.

Hi Pete, I did upload the latest theme and replaced files successfully and it still doesn’t work.

Please make sure all your plugins support WP 3.5 try to disable all plugins.

Upgraded to the latest version finally. Works SO much better on the android OS, THANK YOU!!!

Hello, great template… Really minimalistic & hightech at the same time. Respect!

Can you please help me to setup the autoplay for mp3 song on the home page. In core settings everything uploads great , even “listen current music” but when I refresh front end – there is no audio icon(*like the one next to social icons on the demo site) Please tell me where to look in the code to make this work.

Also, all content windows for pages in wordpress are only able to display plain text, without even
html tag.(text/html selected) for example I had to go into the default template code and make a div there in order to make this text break. Is there any way to fix this html issue . I have an another site that I’ve updated to 3.5 the other day and adding content via pages works normally…

Thank you in advance

Ok… I did that now, converted a song into .m4a and .ogg along with .mp3…. uploaded via “choose file-save” 3 times for each format. Still no audio icon after reloading homepage. (Auto play Background Music enabled ofc.) is this the code ?

Disregard everything please… problem solved :) Thanks for uber high tech template… good 1

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Can we please expect an update with additional social profiles soon, such as LinkedIn and Pinterest?

I second TOscar’s request, thanks!

Where in the code can I resolve this random part?


It is located in the top left corner of my homepage. Reviewed header.php and a few others and can’t seem to find where this is coming from. Thanks.

Did you make changes on theme code? or try to disable all plugins.

Ah thanks.. yeah it was due to the plugin Robots Meta

I just updated to the newest version. I am using the Flow homepage – after the update, I cannot click on the links on my homepage.

Can you please help.

Please reduce your logo width or menu items. There is not enough space so it pushes menu down.

Is it possible to add a scroll bar to this page for easier navigation of the images?

Or some other way to allow scrolling?

Open Core admin > Blog Portfolio > Enable Flow gallery scroll bar

Hi PeeraPong, kindly seeking your help regarding the Music I did uploaded mp3, m4a & ogg format but the music is not playing, it has the icon, option for autoplay is enabled. I upload the correct format as per you Manual saying. I hope you could reply as soon as possible. My URL

Thanks! Nesty

Hi PeeraPong,

Nope, I did not make any changes on the theme code, I just uploaded the Music file as per instructions. only the wp copyright is enabled, I did try to deactivate it and try the site but it is still the same. Hope for your kind prompt action :)


No, I checked your site code and there are some changes that cause the issue.

Did you try to disable all plugins? If so please re install FRESH Wordpress and theme. Some files are broken.

Hi PeeraPong!

Done, but still the same. Please for your support.

Thank you!


I was wondering if there is any way to use an image as the background of the website.

Sorry it couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

Hello, I bought the theme! I would like to know why the visualizzione Homepage slideshow style “flow” does not show the reflection of the photo at the bottom.

Open Core admin > General > Enable/disable image reflection (for image flow)

LOGO NOT SHOWING UP AFTER UPDATE I just updated to the newest version and the logo is not showing up….only a question mark—-then when I click question mark sometimes it shows up and sometimes not. I’ve tried to load it and delete it several times to no avail. Please help.


I’m curious if there is a way to use existing images that have already been uploaded to the WordPress Media Library and use those to create Core Galleries? I have an existing WordPress installation that I am going to use with the Core theme, and I would like to avoid re-uploading all these photos if it’s possible.

Sorry currently it doesn’t support that.

Hi, you can disregard the second part of my question about content page not being able to break text… it was a css issue that I’ve solved with inline styling of

Can you please just help me solve the music player problem – icon not showing-linking with uploaded song. thanks

I replied your previous comment.


I uploaded the latest theme and replaced the files as your instructions dictated and the site still isn’t working. The Dashboard does not respond at all when I try and make changes (which is the same problem I was having with the old theme version after updating WP).

My site is , although I have reverted back to the old theme files because I lose all my custom styling when I use the new theme files (which doesn’t allow me to make any changes and therefore cannot re-style appropriately… or make any kind of changes at all for that matter).

Please let me know where this issue stands because I have some important updates that I urgently need to make.

Thank you very much.

No, it don’t think so since others 7,700+ customers update to the latest version of theme and works on WP 3.5

I think you update it incorrectly, you might forgot to upload some files because you made changes on theme code.

For some reason, the main slider just gets stuck on “loading, please wait.” Any idea of what I can do to fix it?


A heads up to folks having the same problem as I am… I believe that WP changed the structure of the database with the newest version so be careful about downgrading WP to a previous version… I haven’t tried it, although I was tempted to as my site is currently unable to be updated in any way.


Also wanted to mention that when I switch to a default theme I am able to make changes, add pages, change the menu, etc.

When I switch back to either version (the original theme files as well as the new update) of the Core Photography theme I am again unable to make any changes… when I click Publish/Save/Etc the page just keeps loading and loading and loading.

At this point I would suggest that this theme is currently incompatible with the latest WordPress update.

Please advise.

Thank you very much.

I completely replaced the theme folder per your instructions and I continue to have problems. Please advise as to how to proceed.

So in other words, there aren’t any custom changes at the moment but the theme still is causing problems.

I figured this out… it was because I had the old Core theme folder still in there… I thought I could just rename it for the time being… but it was causing problems… my apologies.

Hello, I have purchased this beautiful theme. Great job! But I have some issues to solve.

1 – The blog page is slowly to open and most of times the page is not responding.

2 – Is possible to have the menu on footer ?

3 – Is possible to create the kenburns effect in this theme, like Artemis?

How can I do it? Please, see my blog page.

Shirlei Herrera

1. It’s issue from your server connection as you can see demo site works pretty fast.

2, 3 Sorry It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers. Generally speaking, if it’s not in the demo then it’s not in the theme.

Thank you for your support. If there is some tips to improve my blog / site, please, let me know.

Shirlei Herrera

Hi peerapong, is there a way to automatically call lightbox for each image posted into the blog and/or pages? Since I’ve got few pages and posts where pictures are inserted manually (so without a gallery template) I found it really frustrating to call the shortcode for each image: [lightbox type=”image” title=”” href=”” youtube_id=”” vimeo_id=”“]

Looking forward to your reply I thank you for the great support as always ;-)

Thank you for your suggestion. I will release the update which add gallery shortcode in the future.

That would be perfect…thank you! ;-) Oh and by the way…I would really love you if together with that update you could give us the possibility to set the blog as homepage…pleeease! :-)